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Sharessa Mathews
Player: @DeathAndDecay
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Mastermind
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Sharessa Mathews
Known Aliases: "Death's Mistress"
Species: Human (Undead)
Age: 24
Height: 5'8
Weight: 105lbs
Eye Color: Natural Brown (Glows White / Pink)
Hair Color: Black (with a strange Pink pigmentation)
Biographical Data
Nationality: Canadian
Occupation: Lorekeeper / Teacher
Place of Birth: Toronto, Ontario Canada
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: All Undead (Mother, Father and Sister, all zombies under her command)
Known Powers
Known Abilities
A Paragonic Level Control of Necromantic Magic.
No additional information available.

Sharessa is a walking corpse who, underneath her exterior, is a sadistic and evil woman who will do anything to ensure she lives forever. The player behind the character does not restrain language or graphical depictions of her actions in any manner, unless the situation warrants restraint. As such, Sharessa is defined as a Mature character, not because of 'Zomg Cyberz".

(PROFILE UPDATED - November 25th 2009)

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Her first and primary affiliation is to the organisation and school that she founded, the "Dawn of Darkness". Even before the school's opening however she holds true to the one virtue of the Rogue Isles... "Always look out for yourself first." Beyond herself however, she holds close a few select people of whom she would give up a great deal. These people though are few and far between... and many seem to disappear into the nether.

Outside of her own circles, her first and seemingly only loyalty is to Ghost Widow, of whom she sees as almost family, a sister in Undeath. To call her loyalty to her patron and teacher 'Fanatical' would likely be an understandment. Beyond Ghost Widow however, Sharessa seems to care not for Arachnos.


On the surface Sharessa is a polite, smiling and seemingly always in the mood for a good laugh. She calls those she meets Sir, Lady, Lord, Miss and Mister, showing respect and humility where she can. When she laughs, it is very rare indeed not to hear the hints of insanity and pure madness hiding behind it.

In truth, Sharessa hides a sadistic and cruel mind, tempered with a strange kind of love for those she holds close. She has been known to spend days torturing others for nothing more than her own pleasure, though her victims have often crossed her in some severe fashion.

The hints at madness are more hints at her enlightenment in her undead state. She, above all else, loves life and loves living day to day. Though now she does not sleep, she is now immortal, free from the world's cares and responcibilities. Free to see all of eternity and even beyond the end of the world. If anything, her madness and insanity stem from the realisation that no matter what happens, she will still 'live' another day.


Though a specific breakdown of Sharessa Mathew's abilities might be vague at best, her powers seem entirely focused on Necromantic magic. While she bears an affinity for powers of the Nether, it is only because of its close tie to the Necromantic Path that she possess these powers at all.

It is through her 'creation' that she was given command of the powers of Death himself... the ultimate control over the dead but now bound to the mortal world. Dead flesh and bone infused with necromantic energy, whether it be her own or another's, has become her puppets. Where there is dead or unliving flesh, she has ultimate power.

Her control of the undead is limitless, able to alter their forms (yet still obeying their overall mass and substance), control the physical and even mental actions of. As her command of the Necromantic reaches even beyond this world, even the minds and conciousness of intelligent undead are not beyond her reach.

All of this is tempered by her "Void", as it has become to be named by others. Often described as "as if a ship caught in a raging maelstrom" to those that wield Necromantic or Nether energy. It gives them a supernatural 'pull' towards her, drawing their minds but not their bodies. Undead however, feel this pull like an almost literal magnet, drawing them to her at an alarming rate... what this strange 'void' is, it seems to devour offensive Nether and Necromantic energies, whether Sharessa herself wishes it or not... making physical contact with other necromancers and the undead a risky proposition.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Sharessa's single-minded focus (whether that focus is willing or not) is her greatest weakness. Her powers extend only to the Necromantic and the Nether, and not beyond. She seeks very little defense, believing (rightly so) that she is immortal and unable to die... this isn't to say the prospect of being defeated long enough for someone to accomplish their aims has not happened repeatedly in the past.

Though slow to anger, once it was accomplished very little can distract her from the source of her anger. More than once in the past she has been the victim of calculated distractions by her own very anger.

A final 'weakness' as it may be seen in the Isles, is her first instinct to attempt a verbal solution to any problem that arises. Even as chaos breaks out she usually attempts to calm the situation down with a few well placed words... even if the situation seems unlikely to be fixed by them. Only when she's aware of the futility of words in a situation does she simply throw herself and her minions into combat.


Sharessa keeps very little on her person save her clothing and a few necromantic foci.


Character History - "From the Grave to the Isles"

Sharessa Mathews was a young woman living in Toronto, Ontario just trying to live her life. She worked at a small office as a secretary and to her credit did her job well. She was concerned for the enviroment but not overly so, recycling and doing what she could in her own life to help preserve the peace and tranquility around her without being fanatical about it. One afternoon she was walking back to work from her lunch break, when an out of control semi-trailer truck ended her life on the streets of Toronto. In the final moment Sharessa had looked up, had seen the truck coming, and was unable to move.

In the next moment, Sharessa found herself floating in what could only be defined as eternal darkness. In all directions a lightless black existance stretched, unending. She soon came to realise what had happened... she was dead, killed by the truck that she could not seem to avoid. She started to weep, curling into a ball in the darkness as she floated weightless. For a great time she wept, unable to believe that she would no longer be able to see her family, her friends, nor able to live her life. It was a horror she could not grasp, nor wanted to accept.

In the soundless, empty void she floated... until a robed skeletal hand came to rest on her shoulder. Sharessa opened her eyes to see what was touching her, and in a brief gasp of horror she spun and gazed up into the face of Death himself, the Angel of God. "It's time to go..." he said as she looked to him... but the horror fled her mind and in words that to this day still escape Sharessa's memory, she began begging. With every word and promise she begged to the angel, trying, as small of a chance as it was, to be allowed to return to her life. Whatever words Sharessa spoke to Death, they had apparently worked... to a degree.

Death nodded and turned his back to the young woman saying to her, "If you return, you will find no love, no compassion, and you will be without emotion or care..." but the chance at life once more was too much of a temptation, Sharessa agreed. "Then our deal is done then... go my Mistress... to the earth with you once more." and with those words Sharessa watched as the darkness slowly enclosed around her body, a swirling billowing black smoke that clouded her vision... and make her entire world go dark once more.

Sharessa opened her eyes to find herself staring at the roof of her own coffin... and in that one moment, that one vision, her mind snapped. With the strength of the damned she tore herself from her coffin and through the earth. She did not know how long she had been dead... but she was 'alive'. She was confused, lost, without focus... she did not know what to think nor what to do... until the one thought struck her mind. Home.

That single word drove her, and she ran, franticly pushing herself harder and harder. Though she did not realise it at the time, she had run at a full sprint for nearly 20 minutes across the city. When she arrived home she opened the door and called for her mother and father, calling for her 'Mom' and 'Daddy'. Her mother was the first to come down the stairs and begin screaming... but it was not the screams of joy, but the screams of horror that escaped her mother's lips. Sharessa tried to calm her, tried to show her that it was really her... but her mother simply wouldn't stop screaming.

In the next moment her father ran into the kitchen, and he too joined in with his own exclaimations of horror. Sharessa franticly tried to explain what was going on, that everything was ok... but neither of her parents would listen. Her father bolted from the room further into the house, and her mother reached to the counter and grabbed the largest knife she could find, screaming for Sharessa to stay away from her. A voice called down from upstairs, a young girl almost 14 came running downstairs, calling out to Sharessa.

With a frantic pace Sharessa's sister Nicole ran down the stairs and screamed out in joy, her arms opened to hug Sharessa. She couldn't be happier to have her sister back... however as the two siblings rushed to meet each other their mother threw herself between them and slammed the knife through Sharessa's chest. She looked down at the handle of the knife hanging there in her chest, watching as while no blood seeped from the wound, tiny black tendrils of smoke slipped out in all directions slowly. Her mind could not seem to grasp what had just happened... her own mother had stabbed her.

As she stood, staring down at the knife that did not cause her pain, a loud thundering burst echoed through the home as she felt a wide impact strike across her entire back. Sharessa slowly turned as more black smoke poured from her body, and she saw her own father, a shotgun in hand standing at the kitchen door. Sharessa tried to cry but in a single agonising moment found that she could not, and finally she let out an anguished scream of rage and confusion. The black smokey tendrils shot out from her body, tearing away shelves and cabinets, and striking down both of her parents where they stood. In the chaos and the confusion, Sharessa's mother had tried to shield her sister Nicole... but as the tendrils passed through flesh and bone, they had also struck her sister.

Sharessa fell to her knees... she looked around her and saw what she had done... she hadn't ment to, she didn't want to... there had been nothing she could have done to save them. While she could have dealt with the death of her parents, her sister, the only one who was going to accept her... she could not grasp having killed her. What sanity was left in her mind disappeared and she began running...

Where she ran, she even forgets till this day, the travel and her capture lost in time as madness took over her mind. What she does remember is coming to her senses in Longbow custody, being deposited in what the prisoners called, "The Zig". A detention center specialising in people like Sharessa... those with unexplainable or otherwise super powers. She spent some months within the walls of "The Zig", taking some time to come to her senses and piece together what had happened. She had little direction in her life now... not knowing where to go or what to do... not that she could really go anywhere.

Character History - "Arrival, Temptation and Enslavement" (Level 1+)

After many months within "The Zig", one evening Sharessa heard the sounds of chaos from outside of her cell. The sounds began to spread as the facility erupted in a cacophany of sound and violence. Minutes later a heavily armed Arachnos squad opened the door to her cell, calling out her name questioningly.

"Sharessa Mathews?" the digitized voice asked her. She slowly stood, nodding to the figures before her. As she nodded many of the figures broke away and disappeared deeper into the facility. She looked to the caped figure questioningly, who only tapped his massive Arachnos mace into his hand.

"If you can reach the dropship in the yard, you're free... courtesy of Lord Recluse, Chosen One." he slowly said before fading from sight directly infront of Sharessa's eyes. She wasted little time in escaping during the midst of the ensuing chaos.

A short while later she found herself aboard an Arachnos Dropship, Fort Darwin spanning out below them. She was told that if she could survive long enough, grow powerful enough, she would be able to repay Lord Recluse for his generosity. Sharessa said nothing in responce, only stepped out of the ship as it touched down.

Staring out across the landscape of Mercy Island, Sharessa began to wonder what she had gotten herself into. This city was worse that any part of Toronto she had ever seen... she heard gunfire constantly, buildings were burning, and the screams... so many screams of agony and pain...

The sounds seemed to become music to her ears... she closed her eyes, listening to the sounds around her, drawing them in like a sponge. When she finally opened her eyes she found herself staring up at the most awe inspiring thing she had ever seen in her mortal life.

A tall, muscular, dark and handsome man hovered in the sky some two dozen feet above her. His eyes glowed a bright red, black leather encasing his entire body as he seemed almost suspended in the air by a pair of massive demonic wings. She stared and yet did not realise for a moment that he too was staring down at her.

The creature dove to the ground infront of her, towering above the petite woman. As he landed he folded his arms across his chest, staring down at her intently.

"What is it you desire?" he asked her, his voice deep and authoritive.

Sharessa could barely form words, she was in awe, confused and grasping for anything she could. Without almost a single word from her the figure continued to stare, his flaming red eyes clawing their way into her soul.

"I will give you everything you can desire... money... protection... I will help you realise your power... but you must swear loyalty to me." he said with a slow methodical tone. Sharessa's mind grew clear for a moment, she needed a home, protection... and if this creature could tell her anything about what had been happening to her... she would happily serve him. She agreed.

The creature introduced himself as Solrac, Lord of the Dawn of Darkness. He explained to her that in ages past the Dawn of Darkness had been a powerful group of individuals who looked after one another, gaining power for both him and themselves. She swore her loyalty to her that evening, swearing to serve him until her final days. He formed a collar around her neck made of pure darkness, enscribing on it his name and mark of property.

Sharessa found Solrac to be an interesting individual, the production of a series of Circle of Thorns experiments in combining entities. As it turned out, Solrac was part demon, part human, part vampire and a great deal of other things. Sharessa wondered, however briefly in her madness, what she had gotten herself into.

Despite his overly perverted methods and behavoir to her, his actions seemed to be of genuine care, which only seemed to grow with each passing week. More members continued to join the Dawn of Darkness, most the young who were being freed from The Zig and arriving in Mercy much like she had... but it seemed after a few nights they would all disappear, taken by The Snakes, The Infected and the other horrors in the Mercy Island night.

A few months had passed when Sharessa was given the title of "Chosen" amongst Solrac's band of minions. Given a uniform to mimic the appearance of her Master, she began accompanying him on mission after mission. It was on these missions she met another servitor of her Master, a demon prince named Nalrok Ath'Zim, of the Ath'Zim demonic line. The royal prince seemed to take a liking to undead thrall, and the two began conversing when her Master was not looking.

Though Sharessa could still think, move, and choose her own actions, she had long ago discovered that Death was right... she would find no love or care... she seemed purely incapable of feeling those things. Her only focus in life was the protection of her Master Solrac.

Sometime later Nalrok disappeared into the underworld, going unseen for a great long time. Yet still more members came and joined the Dawn of Darkness... very few surviving more than a few days. Sharessa had long been the single most active and loyal member of the Dawn of Darkness' membership... and she would continue to do so in the future that was to come, as her Destiny... or perhaps Fate... began to take control.

Character History - "A Slave No More" (Level 30+)

One evening Sharessa, now growing greatly more confident in her own abilities, heard a loud disturbance from across the Dawn of Darkness estate. Taking to the air she streaked across the complex only to find the closing remnants of a dark portal... where it had gone, she did not know, it's power was beyond her understanding even as trained as she was. The one thing that did become apparent was that her Master Solrac was missing.

While having never seen such a portal before, Sharessa continued each day as the one before it. Putting herself to relentless study, the disappearance of her Master not something she found all too concerning. Not from any lack of care, but because he had disappeared before for stints of time before... but each time returning.

In her Master's absence, Sharessa began frequenting the club known as Pocket D. She befriended the owner DJ Zero, solving a few problems and dancing the evenings away at the same time. She learned more of social interaction in the strange place, or rather how the undead could interact in the social setting...

It would be several weeks before Sharessa would see her Master again... and in that time she grew even more powerful. Her mind grew in confidence and in strength of will... though she had never removed the collar that Solrac had placed on her neck that first night. When he finally did return, he told her of marvelous things he had seen and done in the worlds beyond... and promptly set about recruiting for The Dawn of Darkness once more. This time, with Sharessa's aid.

Together the two of them brought in many young would-be-villains, many of whom stuck around or survived longer than those that came before them. After an evening of successful recruitment, Solrac told her of his appreciation for her efforts... he offered her a large briefcase of money, to which she immediately turned down, saying that her loyalty was not funded by her personal gain.

Solrac smiled down to her and nodded. He told her that he needed a second-in-command, and that she had proven herself worthy and loyal. Sharessa thanked him, and for another week the two worked together to bring The Dawn of Darkness back into prosperity. Unfortunately or Fortunately, whether it be Destiny or Fate, had not left the young corpse-girl alone.

A week after Solrac's return, the same noises roused Sharessa from her studies as had occured before. In the same manner she investigated, and just as before she caught the closing dark portal that she had seen before. With a nod she returned to her tomes and studied, ignorant of the fate that lay before her.

As the weeks continued, the membership of the Dawn of Darkness began to disappear and fade. Without the Demonic Lord of the Dawn as a figure amongst them, those that had sworn loyalty to him departed for new Masters. And yet Sharessa remained. As the highest ranking members of the Dawn of Darkness, the remaining members came to her for action... with the limited powers she possed to manipulate the organisations administration, she did what she could to slow the departures... but inevitably, many of The Dawn's members left Sharessa behind to pursue their own aims.

For the next month it seemed Sharessa's ranks continued to slowly dwindle away. When finally from the darkness and shadow the figure of Nalrok Ath'Zim pulled himself into view. Still bearing Solrac's collar, Sharessa welcomed his return and once again resumed her discussions with him. He found her to be much stronger of will, seemingly no longer a puppet of the half-breed demon who used to try and enslave his own actions.

Together the two began to piece together what they could, though they seemed to be able to do very little until one evening a new power seemed to grasp her mind, and as the remaining membership of The Dawn of Darkness watched, Sharessa tore the estate asunder. Nearly everything that Solrac had created, she destroyed in a single evening. When the evening was finished, the estate lay in ruins, and Sharessa's neck was bare once more, the collar of darkness ripped away by her own hands.

In the moments after she proclaimed herself the new Mistress of the Dawn of Darkness, officially taking the power of her absent Master... who had not been seen in three months. She was a slave no more...

Character History - "The Angel of Death" (Level 45-50)

Now free from the confines of Solrac's collar and his looming shadow, Sharessa begun to create a new future for the Dawn of Darkness. While the membership came and went, key figures began to emerge within the group that assisted in holding the Dawn of Darkness together. Also on her order of business was to investigate her own past, and invest in her future.

During the next several weeks, over various instances and encounters, Sharessa's behavoir began to become more prominent... her lack of emotions, of care and compassion. For the first time her friends began to see the girl who lay beneath the corpse... the insanity that gripped her. Her relationships began to faulter, until finally Sharessa herself began to notice. She tried to force herself to behave in her old manner, but no matter how hard she fought, no matter what she tried to say, the words simply would not leave her mouth.

So long as she acted in an emotionless manner, being painfully blunt and undiplomatic with those around her, she found she could remain in control of herself. For the first time since her arrival in the Isles, Sharessa was afraid. She tried to keep to herself, but she found whatever controled her insisted repeated visits to social centers... and encouraged Sharessa's exploration of killing, slaughter, and creative manners of death.

As another evening approuched it's end, friends and associates approuched Sharessa to speak... it was then that Sharessa lashed out at the entity inside of her with every last bit of mental and necromantic strength she possessed. Sharessa body was torn in fits of madness-laced laughter and painful screams. Friends ran to her side, demanding to know what was wrong. Sharessa managed to mouth aloud that "...It's inside me..."

Not quite knowing what she ment, non-the-less they challenged whatever entity was effecting the necromantic woman. The familiar dark smoke that Sharessa commanded sprang into existance around her body, swirling around her every limb and piece of skin as she floated into the air. When the smoke had finally covered every piece of flesh, Sharessa's screams suddenly stopped.

When the smoke disappated, floating in the air was a sight they had never seen before. A woman, similar to Sharessa in ways, stared down at them with glowing white eyes radiating holy power and strength. Partially grown and malformed feathers covered the body, and moving slowly through the air from across her back, the woman seemed to hover on a pair of partially grown feathered wings, only its bone structure and muscles visible apart from a few immaturely grown sickly feathers.

Those gathered understood little of what was going on, but nevertheless did they stand defiant against the creature before them, demanding to know what was going on. A vampire, long held as a steadfast friend of the young woman stepped forward to order the creature to speak it's name and purpose.

"I am Zadkiel... Angel of the One True God, abomination..." she said, her voice crystal clear, as if each word a note in a wonderous melody. She repeatedly called the vampire an "Abomination", and proclaimed her possession of the girl known as Sharessa.

Friends soon answered distressed calls through their comlinks... vampires, apprentices, villains and hero associates arrived. None of them had considered what they were looking at... but as they each asked their questions, the entity called Zadkiel seemed to answer them with absolute truth and clarity. It seemed her development or 'growth' had been interupted by her manifestation on the mortal world, as she explained, hense her horrific appearance.

She herself had been a part of the original deal Sharessa had brokered with Death himself. Sharessa was to be the carrier or tutor for a new angel, an angel Death intended to first assist him, and then replace him so as he could ascend to become even closer to the Lord God and leave the mortal realm behind. Sharessa would teach the angel developing inside of her about the mortal world... about death, the way humans and other races face it and the effect it has on the lives of others. Zadkiel would also be there to ensure that, for whatever reason Death had bargained, Sharessa would never feel love, care or compassion.

As the assembled crowd of Sharessa's companions and associates demanded to know why Death had given such a stipulation, a familiar swirling black smoke began crawling up the angel's legs. Zadkiel grasped at her torso in a near panic, screaming out in her pure voice that she would not be contained, not forever. As the angellic voice let out a scream, it was suddenly silenced as the smoke finally covered her entire body.

Where the smoke normally would disappate to reveal Sharessa in a new set of clothing, this time Sharessa's body fell from the air where the smoke still hung, handing on the ground with a firm thud. Sharessa's arms tried to brace herself against the ground to pull herself up, but her efforts to seal the angel had taken so much of her will, that she was unable to force her body's flesh to move. Her friends and companions quickly rushed to her side.

That night, a vow was made by those present to find someway to kill the angel developing inside of Sharessa. She worked day and night to both strengthen her celestial binding of the angel Zadkiel, and to strengthen herself to make stronger bindings possible. It seemed to be a race against time... with each day Zadkiel grew stronger, and so Sharessa had to as well. It became obvious that the angel knew everything that Sharessa did and would come to know, even as she would experience it.

On occasions Sharessa did discover she could force Zadkiel to exert considerable force of will to take control when Sharessa allowed her... leaving the Angel weakened for a few days. Constructing a binding circle in the estate of the Dawn of Darkness, Sharessa saught the help of her companions and the membership of The Dawn of Darkness to question and study the angel.

It was many weeks later when almost on a spur of the moment, Sharessa's companions came to her and pulled her aside... telling her to let the angel out... they were ready. A force a dozen strong, vampire, mutants, arcanist and heroes of all walks stood against the nearly formed angel. When Sharessa finally broke the seal, the same black smoke encompassed her body, Sharessa's final words of luck cut off as Zadkiel once again took over her body.

Zadkiel let out a sigh, extending her hands and drowning the entire area in darkness. When light finally reached the eyes of the assembled attacked, they found themselves not anywhere they had known... but in the very plane of Limbo... the reach between Heaven and Earth. And it was hear that they would face her, as she claimed, within the eyes of the Lord God.

To the horror of the liberators, they found the angel not only able to command the powers of holy magic, but she could command Sharessa's own abilities as well. Zombies, Death Knights and Liches pulled themselves from the sparse ground of Limbo itself, waves upon waves assaulted them as Zadkiel rained down both Holy and Nether bolts from the sky.

The fight raged on, legions of the dead arriving to strike down the attackers. With each moment the Angel's rage began to grow. Unlike how she was to be, her early-manifestation on the physical world had forced into her a few traits of her host... Sharessa's frustration and anger boiled inside of her until it was too great. Zadkiel dove from the sky, a sword of glowing holy power appearing from Limbo as she dove down towards the crowd below.

The opening was all the gathered attackers needed. Together as one they focused not on the undead that charged, but the angel. Mental blasts and evocated fire slammed into the divine being, sending her first backwards in the air and then to the ground. Those who could do so best, threw back the undead horde's advance, charging their lines in a noble sacrafice to buy the others time.

With sword and spell they attacked, Zadkiel defending herself with sword and spell as best she could... but seperated from the legions that followed her, wounds began to appear... the necromantic and divine energies no longer tieing Zadkiel to Sharessa's animated followers. As the strength and focus of the attackers grew, Zadkiel began to faulter... eventually brought to her knees, weak and helpless.

"You... can not... beat... Death... abominations... heretics... betrayers of the Lord our God..." Zadkiel began to say, as the undead army encircled the remaining fighters and the kneeling angel. Formed in a perfect circle shoulder to shoulder and weapons at the ready.

As Zadkiel finished her statement, each undead, zombie, knight and lich, stood straight and spoke in a single voice, gripped in madness... Sharessa's voice.

"...I have beaten Death... no one else will have that honor but me..."

From Limbo itself, a figure, a shadow of darkness and Sharessa's own soul, stepped forward. The attackers once again readied weapons, uncertain of what to think... but proceeded to watch as the shadow stepped forward and wrapped it's hands around Zadkiel's neck. As the angel screamed out in horror, black smoky tendrils stretched in all directions, covering everything in darkness.

When light returned, the assembled force of savoirs found themselves where they had first confronted the angel... Sharessa standing strong and confident as she always had before. The group quickly discovered that those that had fallen during the battle now lay uncontious around them... people dispersed, taking friends and companions to nearby hospitals. They had helped Sharessa defeat an angel... as servant of God himself.

It was some days later that privately, Sharessa revealed to her sister Ani that she could now assume the angel's former body, giving herself wings and a supernatural appearance. Ani did remark, somewhat comically, that the angel did have bigger breasts than Sharessa did. Despite a gentle bonk to the top of Ani's head for the comment, Sharessa adopted the angel's partially-developed body as her own, using it almost exclusively to her own body... seeing it as a perversion of everything she was, and as a badge of honor proving her victory over Death himself.

Character History - "Free From Death"

Character History - "Death Never Gives Up What He Takes" Level 50 Finale


Sharessa has in recent time been accepted as Ghost Widow's personal apprentice at the Midsummer's Night Rave where the woman herself made an appearance. As a test, Sharessa was given command of a small group of Ghost Widow's followers, including the Widow Queen herself to fend off a massive Rikti Invasion. Succeeding in driving the invasion force away, Sharessa was accepted as the woman's apprentice.

OOC Information

Sharessa was my first character beyond level 3 in CoX, and has been my primary character since then.

The name "Sharessa" was not my first choice in names... originally I wanted it to be "Shar", named after the Faerun (D&D) Goddess of Darkness... when that didn't work I tried "Sharess", another Faerun Goddess, to which was also taken... having been working on a name for nearly an hour, I added an A to the end and it finally worked.

Sharessa was never intended to be so short... I swear I thought it was set at 5'2. (Update! With the various Issues and Booster Packs that have come out since, Sharessa has now been made to the height of which she should have originally been. Amen for character customization!)

The inspiration for Sharessa comes from my own fascination with immortality. No I won't be jumping into bed with a corpse or something else equally as disgusting, but exploring the idea of immortality and it's mental effects on a person have always been something I've found fascinating. For that reason I guess I've always loved undead characters... from the Forsaken in W.o.W. to the Death Knights of D&D, they have always been my favorite characters to work with and play as.

Her personality traits evolved over time, beginning as a weak confused girl with no grasp of her powers, to the Necromantic Juggernaught that she seems to now be. With every level her story and outlook evolves, and her RP changes. This is the same for all of my characters... I dislike starting off powerful in an RP sense.

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