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Sharon posing, just before engaging the Family
Sharon Payne
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Mastermind
Threat Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Sharon Payne
Known Aliases: Boss Lady, General
Species: Human
Age: 32
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 120 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black with strands of purple
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Mercenary
Place of Birth: San Diego, CA
Base of Operations: Sharkhead Isle
Marital Status: Believed to be single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Known Abilities
CQC, Advanced Squad Tactics and Stratagies, strong understanding of machines and technology
Custom built 7.62 automatic rifle, short range teleporter, various grenades and high explosives
No additional information available.




Sharon served in the US Army where she excelled on the front lines in the Middle East. When her tour was finally up and she returned to the civilian lifestyle, she found there was little need for her skills as a soldier in corporate America. In order to get by, she wound up finding work with the Sky Raiders. During a raid by a detatchment of Longbow agents, Sharon was captured and sentenced to do time in the Zig for 'treasonous' crimes.

She wasn't there for very long before Arachnos staged a large operation and broker her out, along with many others while following up on his 'Destined One' program. Sharon had little taste for such prophesies, and struck out on her own. Of course, she hasn't forgotten who helped her out in her time of need and gladly offers her services to Lord Recluse whenever his agents call on her.

Since hitting the free streets of the Rogue Isles, Sharon has been busy contacting many of her old squadmates from the Army. With many of her trusted friends from the military, she has been able to build up her own mercenary team for profit. Even after her team was put together, she realized there were bigger and better jobs out there that could only be handled with an even larger team. With the help of a few other contacts, namely Colonel Raven and the Neutron Scourge, the 501st Shadow Regiment was founded.


More to come!

Sharon's Squad


Tex, surprisingly enough, isn't from Texas. He does have the strong southern drawl and at heart is a country boy, however. In truth, he calls home Tulsa, Oklahoma. Tex is one of Sharon's 'Shoot and Looters.' A front line soldier to the core and a crack shot with any firearm you put in his hands. While he excells at sharpshooting, he prefers mixing it up a bit at closer ranges with a standard H&K MP5.


Every outfit seems to have one. The Pretty Boy from Southern California. However, this Pretty Boy happens to be from Boise, Idaho. But his strong fashion taste and constant grooming would have made him fit in nicely strolling along Ventura Blvd. Another of Sharon's Shoot and Looters, Hollywood is often seen charging headlong into the chaos of combat. How no one has messed up his pretty face with his wreckless attitude yet is a mystery that even Sharon can't figure out.


Despite the off monikers of some others on her team, Doc is aptly named for his medical skills. While many field medics are content to end their studies at merely stabilizing the wounded in the field, Doc chose to go the extra mile and learn how to perform emergancy field surgery if it was needed. Thanks to some of Sharon's more useful inventions, Doc has been able to make leaps and bounds as a field medic. Hold onto a grenade too long and loose a hand? Doc can fix it. Doc's so good, he could probably reassemble you as good as new no matter how many pieces your body gets blown apart into. So long as you can find them all...


A rough and tumble beast of a man from New York, Bronx has learned the finer arts of stealth that belies his physique. While he's easily large enough to handle the hand to hand aspects of combat, he's honed his skills where many people don't even know he was there until it's too late. Flash bangs and a crack shot means if you didn't see him before the grenade went off, you'll be dead before you know what happened.


Brooklyn earned his name fro his love of Brooklyn style pizza. Truth be told, he never set foot on the Eastern sea border until Sharon called him out to the Rogue Isles. Despite that, he's a cold and calculating man who analyzises each possible outcome before making a decision on a course of action. While Sharon is in charge, Brooklyn is known for planning many of their missions.


Out of Sharon's Squad, Duckfoot has the most comical name hands down. Sharon met Duckfoot when her old Army squad were holed up for a week WAY behind enemy lines. A small team of US Navy SEALs were sent in to get her and her squad out. Duckfoot was one of that team. After that encounter, they found themselves running into each other on countless other missions and became fast friends, despite Duckfoot's womanizing and lewd behavior. Sharon was known for giving many of her closest friends little nick-names so it came as no surprise that Duckfoot would get his as well. So when it was discovered that Duckfoot had webbed toes, it only came naturally to call the SEAL, 'Duckfoot.'

Despite his comical name, there is very little comical about the way he fights. Once the scent of burnt gunpowder hits his nose, he becomes a man possessed. A veritable killing machine that can't be stopped. Woe to the person who even thinks to attack Sharon and earn Duckfoot's wrath...

The 501st Shadow Regiment

More to come!

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