Shifting Seraphim

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The Shifting Seraphim
Player: @Regit Seye
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Souma Mimura
Known Aliases: Sara Messinger, Seraph, The Shifting Seraphim, Wings
Species: Half-Demon/Succubus
Age: 17
Height: 4' 10"
Weight: 99 pounds
Eye Color: Red/varies
Hair Color: Silver/varies
Biographical Data
Nationality: American Citizen
Occupation: Hero/Student
Place of Birth: Marin, California
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Involved
Known Relatives: Father, Hiroki Mimura; Mother, Alison Mimura
Known Powers
Succubus "Perfection" Aura, Abyssal Magic, Dream Weaving/Walking
Known Abilities
Personal Illusion Creation
Longbow, arrows; Tactical equipment, harness;
Known to have somewhat benign deceptive tendencies

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Born the child of a Hell-forsaken Incubus and a human woman, by all rights, Souma Mimura should have been born a Cambion, the half-breed demons made famous by the legend of the wizard Merlin. However, something went wrong, though it wouldn't be evident until she reached puberty. At birth, all that could be observed was that she was not stillborn- which would have been the hallmark of a Cambion. Her parents, Hiroki and Alison, gave her a magnificent childhood, though an odd one. She had everything she wanted--Hiroki had had quite some time to accumulate the catastrophic wealth at his disposal--she had her family, and her friends, as well- until she began to hit her teens.

When her body began to react to the change in her hormones as she approached puberty, her body added a few details to the list of awkward changes she went through. Her skin darkened to a rich purple, her body adjusted itself for the wings growing out of her back, and twin, curled horns spiraled from her forehead, among other things leading to her current appearance. Along with all this, however, came the urge to feed sexually--a terribly confusing compulsion for the young girl. Too scared to admit it, much less act on it, she hid her needs, as well as the spreading black marks over her body as she resisted the urges.

She made it five weeks before she was found out. As she approached the fifth week, the marks crawled onto her face, and it was no longer anything she could hide. Her father noticed at last, but was as confused as she was. This was not typical of his breed; if he didn't feed, he simply weakened until he relented and made his way to someone's bed. There was nothing like this with Souma- rather, the young girl became more and more frightened as her skin became sensitive, her morals felt like constraints and even her own family began to feel her sexual nature pulling at them.

Three weeks after she was found out, Souma's parents received a phone call from her middle school. Souma had been very quiet at school for a few days, flinching when called upon in class and avoiding any contact with anyone she could manage. As well, one of the other boys in class had been following her around despite her best efforts to avoid him. When the two were confronted, the apalling truth was discovered. It wasn't clear who had forced themselves upon who, but somebody had and Souma was paying for it.

She was withdrawn from the school almost immediately, and her father began some copious research. His conclusions a month later were, essentially, the following: she had somehow been born what amounted to a full succubus, but rather than waste away without sustenance, she became directly compelled to seek it until her body took over and found it for her. On top of that, the natural sexual magnetism she normally possessed increased exponentially as time went by, making her task- when she finally was forced to act on her needs- much easier.

Her father pulled a few strings, and eventually found the resources and skills to accomplish what he wanted for his daughter- an angelic artifact designed to hamper as much of her nature as it could without actually compelling her to act any particular way. The artifact was fed by, and precluded access to, her natural magic power, but also kept it mostly hidden from detection. As such, the golden chains and looped anchors would also allow her to pursue a normal life as much as possible, undetected by any but the most sensitive magical sensors. They also provided a foundation onto which she could create an illusion- something she proved quite deft at- so as to pose as a mutant human by hiding all but her wings, too obvious to attempt to conceal.

So was her childhood passed- hiding her nature at a new school, flitting from relationship to relationship as they inevitably failed, either due to lack of depth or perceived betrayal as Souma was forced to find sustenance elsewhere. Eventually, she developed a reputation- and she could take it no more.

She'd been reading about Paragon City for years, about its triumphs and losses, its heroes and citizens. More than anything else, the fact that it was protected by those different than those around them called to her. She knew she wanted to get away from those who knew her, or thought they did. Her perceived exploits had reached the point that she'd been nicknamed "Hardcore Souma" after a character in a Japanese film and comic book. This wasn't a place she wanted to be- Paragon City, though, was.

She put her talent at quickly acquiring new skills to use, mastering the basics of archery in less than a month. She also subscribed to a gadget-of-the-week club, and after their first delivery- a set of web grenades- she left for Rhode Island. In a misguided attempt to preclude connection with her former life, her father had a new identity forged for her- Sara Messinger, a winged mutant archer whose life was otherwise very similar to Souma's. Thus "protected," and with a new facade, Souma arrived in Rhode Island, and began her life as the Shifting Seraphim.

"Infiltrating" the Youth League

The one thing her father required of her was that she had to join a super group. More for his own peace of mind than anything else, he wanted her with people who could watch out for her, knowing that despite the relic, she was still recognizable as a source of demonic, as well as psychic, energy. She asked at the registrar's office, and was given the super group roster. She flipped to the back and started from there, and the League was one of the first youth-oriented groups she saw. That was all she was looking for, and she asked the registrar to make contact.

Sara Messinger's interview went almost flawlessly- its only real problem was that she wasn't Sara Messinger. It didn't take very long for the truth to come out, either, due to the influence of Lorna Pyrel, a snow nymph and Avatar with the Youth League. The woman radiated sexual energy, which- to the literally starving Souma- was overpowering, and it was noticed quickly by the astute Misako, also an Avatar. Although at first mistaken for a fear or adverse reaction to magic, due to Souma's concerns regarding the possibilities of a sorcerer capable of binding demons within the group, an attempt made by one of Souma's new friends, Tara Gregory to defend her from further investigation made it clear that she was hiding something. Threatened with the full penalties of what her actions could cost her, she chose to reveal her identity and origin to Misako. She had already done so with Tara, and has since shared those details with most of the frequently active members of the League. She and Tara were put on temporary probation as a result of their actions in attempting to hide vital information regarding Souma's nature.

Conflict and Tragedy!

Souma's first few months in the Youth League were, to say the least, interesting. While she rose quickly through the merit-based ranks of the League, achieving Champion status in a very short amount of time, she was caught up in a lot of intrigue- or at least it felt that way to the young woman. While she cared for, and spent a lot of time with, Tara, she was befriended by a boy more like her than she knew at first. He was Alexander Arcane, and- as it turned out- had much the same heritage as she, but had turned out as expected- a Cambion. He knew much of what she went through, and did his best to assist her through the difficulties the relatively insecure Souma dealt with. This, though, caused Tara to become jealous, resulting in tacit competition between the two for Souma's attention. In the end, Souma began dating Tara, and Alex went his own way, much to Souma's disappointment.

Her time with Tara wasn't entirely healthy, however. The other girl was even more insecure than Souma, and while the half-demon tried to keep her girlfriend happy, a rift between them grew wider as Souma was strained to meet Tara's needs and the other girl felt neglected. Souma caught Tara attempting suicide, and did her best to talk her friend out of her depression. Finally, while Souma was working on a solution to a situation her friend, Miranda Carter, had found herself in, Tara went to Pocket D and enlisted a powerful demon to help her commit suicide. Souma found out only in time to arrive and see the act occur. The demon vaporised Tara's head right in front of Souma, and the girl went into shock. Her teammates gathered, following her to the club in response to her panicked departure. At last, Souma noticed Tara's body regenerating itself slowly, and started screaming at everyone that she was still alive, and carried her body back to the base, where she managed to fix herself. This in no way lessened the trauma of seeing her girlfriend die before her eyes, however, and Souma entered a state of disassociation from reality. Her friends began to accost Tara for what she had done, accusing her of staging the entire thing as a bid for Souma's attention, and she was given a choice- seek mental help or leave. She agreed to seek mental help, but when Souma- unable to look at Tara without reliving the scene all over again- broke off their relationship a couple days later, Tara changed her mind and left the group. Souma was left feeling terribly guilty over the whole affair, but was comforted through its entirety by a new friend- Jessi Thompson, a hero with the All-Star Teen Sentinels known as Mini Marble. Jessi, whom Souma had befriended shortly before the incident, had been incensed at what Tara had done, and- though being a terribly shy person- had yelled at Tara for what she saw as selfish, heartless behavior. Souma and Jessi, already fast friends, began dating not too long after Tara left the group.

Meanwhile, two of Souma's best friends had their own difficulties. On the one hand, Jessica Westwood, the Warshade hero known as Shadowy Penumbra, had been first critically wounded in a Rikti attack- and then healed, only to find that the one who had healed her, Miranda Carter, had lost her sanity in the process and vanished. Shortly thereafter, Jessica's Nictus left her, feeling that it was complicating her life rather than improving it, and Jess found herself powerless.

The hunt to cure Miranda's condition, and find her, took months. By the time Miranda was retrieved and brought to the base for treatment, Jess had discovered latent abilities startlingly similar to those she wielded as a Warshade, and had returned to active duty as Bright Umbra. Souma assisted Miranda's treatment by locking her in a dream, a talent she'd developed for just such a purpose. When the treatment had been administered, and still Miranda slept, she took Luna Tanera, the heroine Lunarwind, into Miranda's dream, a stressful experience for all involved. In the end, Miranda was awoken, and her memories sealed temporarily to allow her to adjust to them gradually. The venture created quite a lot of strife, however, when it became known that Luna had suggested that Miranda attempt to banish Souma. Despite this, Souma has tried to maintain a peace between her and the other girl, and it holds- though it is tentative at best.
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