Shina Daikaze

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The Wind Ninja under the moon in Talos
Shina Daikaze
Player: FrigidIcePrincess
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: Jonin
Personal Data
Real Name: Shina Daikaze
Known Aliases: The Wind Ninja
Species: Human
Age: 22
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: Japanese
Occupation: Ninja
Place of Birth: Mount Tokachi, Japan
Base of Operations: Village Hidden Among the Clouds
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mother [deceased]

Father [deceased] Brother [deceased]

Known Powers
Holy, Natural
Known Abilities
Ninjutsu, Reconnaissance, Throwing Mastery, Heightened Intelligence, Heightened Senses
Kunai, wind-stars
Shina Daikaze is the last living member of the Village Hidden Among the Clouds
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Shina was born July 26th, 1985 on the slope of Mount Tokachi in Japan. On that mountain, there existed a village called the Village Hidden Among the Clouds, or for short, the Hidden Cloud Village. At an early age, Shina was a good learner of the ninja arts and picked up a fascination of the things her father and older brother were practicing. She entered into training early, at age 11. She advanced in the fields of knowledge, tactics, and reconnaissance, but lacked the strength and control of her chakra to completely use her ninjutsu. She trained hard everyday, observing her father and brother and replicating, though poorly, their skills. She got by as a genin, but continued to fail to pass any examination to proceed as a chunin. By age 15, she was ready to give up. She was alone on one of the many paths the mountain offered, and was confronted by a band of thieves. She tried to defender herself, but to no avail. She thought that she was to about to die, when she didn't. To her astonishment, there stood, in all his form and glory, Fūjin the God of Wind. Now, after this confrontation, the God began speaking to Shina and a conversation ensued. By the end of the conversation, the God had given Shina a gift, but wouldn't tell her what it was. In the blink of an eye, he was gone. Not sure if any of that was real, Shina headed home. Later that year, she partook, for a final time, in the Chunin examination. This time, things were different as she finished on top of everyone else. She gives crdit to Fūjin the Wind God, but no one believes the story. A year later, while she is on a mission, her village is razed to the ground, killing any and all villagers and ninja. She returns to this atrocity and upon finding her family massacred, retreats into hiding. Years later, she turns up in Paragon City, looking for the perpetrators and seeking revenge.


Shina has a very laid back, yet always attentive attitude. She enjoys relaxing, but at the same time, a good battle always gets her blood boiling. From the time that she was young to the present, she has always been a diligent student and always remembered her lessons. She has also always been quite fond of riddles and jokes. Every now and then, in the midst of battle, she'll tell a joke or ask a riddle. She is a natural born leader and doesn't mind taking command to ensure victory. More often then not, though, she is seen as jovial.

Shina and the Wind God

When Shina met Fūjin the Wind God on the mountain that fateful day, she was granted a gift, but didn't know what it was until later. Fūjin granted her some of his strength, more or less, an increase in chakra and the ability to use wind more powerfully than others. Whenever she is in trouble during battle, she prays to Fūjin, asking for a strong wind in her favor. She took on the alias of the Wind Ninja as tribute to Fūjin.


Natural Skills

Shina has always been a leader, learner, and teacher. Those abilities were her's naturally, with no training needed. She can lead a group to battle and position her team in the right places to make sure of victory. She has is also an astute learner, always observing and learning. She tends to have a book or scroll with her no matter what. Shina also possesses the ability to teach others the ways of battle, tactics, and leading. She enjoys helping out heroes, ninja, and other people.

Ninjutsu Skills

As Shina is a Jonin, she has mastered her element of wind and can utilize it in many ways. She has developed her own wind-style jutsu that can heal an ally's health or chakra or hurt an enemy's power, health, chakra, or speed. Because she has mastered the winds, she tends to be extremely fast acting and reacting. She can, through her secret jutsu, extend her speed to other allies.

Learned Skills

Shina, though strong in ninjutsu, is very weak in taijutsu. Her physical attacks are weak, so she learned how to use a variety of throwing weapons. The kunai and several types of wind stars are at her disposal in battle. Her favored weapon is the wind star.



The kunai is the basic tool any ninja can and should use. It can cut, be used as a climbing device, or can be used as an attack weapon. With her wind jutsu, Shina can do all of the above, and multiply the magnitude of its power. Her aim and precision are so high that she barely ever misses.


The wind star is a large weapon that Shina likes to use during battle. She has 2 types, a smaller wind star, where she can throw one or several at an enemy, and she has one nearly twice the size that she can powerfully throw, cause a great deal of damage. She can enable these weapons with her wind jutsu, increase their speed, range, and effect.

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