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Shrike 300.jpg
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Corrupter
Threat Level: 30
Personal Data
Real Name: Athenia Drakopolous
Known Aliases: Confidential
Species: Amazon/Human
Age: 31
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 190 lb
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: dark brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Venusian
Occupation: Science Police
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Known Abilities
electronics, metallurgy
Athenium-forged Hawkpack solar powered wings, LawMistress Rifle, Riot Shield Drone, Hermetic Beacon, variety of other gadgets and traps
No additional information available.


Character History

The Amazon gene is believed to have appeared first around 300 BC in the Mediterranean, a double X-Chromosome triggered mutation bestowing its owner with increased strength and stamina. As the gene spread from mother to daughter over the following generations, small pockets of matriarchal culture developed and grew and hid themsleves from the surrounding patriarchal world.

According to Amazon history, their existence did not become publicly known to Man's World until at least the middle 21st Century, apart from the occasional visitor who usually spread misleading and contradictory stories about Amazon culture. What is certain is that by the 26th century, the ruling class of Forest Amazons established a colony on Venus to further isolate themselves, using divinely inspired anti-gravity and force field technology to create their floating cities, and to enable less elegant mining outposts on the surface.

It is traditional for Amazon girls on the brink of womanhood to undergo an initiation ceremony involving sensory deprivation and psychotropic herbs. During this experience they hunt the Gods themselves on Olympus, and learn more about the woman they are to become, depending on who they catch.

Athenia Drakopolous was expected to catch Hephastus, consort to Aphrodite and the blacksmith of the gods, due to her early aptitude with technology. She did as expected, but also claims to have spent some time with Aphrodite herself during this ritual...

Either way, she rose successfully in the ranks of the Science Police, from ShrikeMaiden to ShrikeMistress. She was charged with the particualrly troublesome case of Xenii Zixx, a mutant delinquent from the Venusian surface mining towns. Troublesome in that Xenii was able to enslave others to her will through eye contact and vocal commands, and had been using these mutant gifts to run amok and plunder her home town. After a series of experiments, including an operation to remove Xenii's vocal chords (first used after the male uprising of 2350), the ShrikeMistresses had constructed an Athenium tiara that contained Xenii's powers - the MindCuff.

ShrikeMistress Athenia was taking Xenii to the Martian Penal Colony when they encountered a time storm, or were struck by Nike's spear, depending on your point of view. They crash-landed in early 21st Century America, and in the crash, Xenii's MindCuff tiara was damaged. Xenii directed them to the safest place to hide, the Rogue Isles, where she has been establishing a small criminal empire with ShrikeMistress as her bodyguard and personal assistant.


Shrikemistress is rarely seen without Xenii Zixx, her ex-prisoner and now jailer. Primarily, Xenii does not trust her and will not let her out of her sight and mental control for long.

They have worked with the street gang known as the Dark Widows, and more recently joined the larger group known as the Shadow Hunters.


Shrikemistress is quite aloof and disdainful much of the time. She is not happy with the 21st Century living conditions she must endure, and looks down her nose at Man's World in general. Her attitude is similar to how a present day time traveller might view Elizabethan times. Compliments to teammates are often begrudging and somewhat backhanded, although not deliberately malicious. During work she carries herself with a military bearing, in her spare time is relatively quiet and stoic about her lot. Her long held ideas of superiority of the ruling Amazon class of which she was once a part are slowly being eroded.


Shrikemistress has no superpowers, but is in peak physical condition for an Amazon woman in her early thirties who engages daily in vigorous exercise. She is capable of Bench pressing around 250lb, and can leg press 650lb or so.


HawkPack - a set of lightweight flexible Athenium wings adorned with solar panels that charge the batteries. The underside give off an electrostatic field that counteracts gravity, allowing the user to glide effortlessly and manouvre precisely if skilled enough.

LawMistress - an advanced small arms rifle capable of firing a variety of non-lethal rounds, thunderflash bombs, Athenium tipped stun bullets and magnetic repulsor charges. The LawMistress has also been adapated to fire incendiary charges at Xenii Zixx's prompting.

Hermetic Beacon and Handset - field medical devices that emit a blue flame that can heal minor wounds.

Riot Shield Drone - a simple robotic drone capable of following a signal device on ShrikeMistress' belt, and projecting a protective magnetic field around itself and anyone nearby. Due to the poor quality inductor coils available in our time, the drone has a tendency to burn itself out.

Tartaric Jar - a simple mechanical trap that emits a powerful herbal emetic (vomiting agent), used for non-lethal riot control.


Shrikemistress claims to have roped and caught Hephaestus during her initiation, and has an excellent understanding of machinery, from the most simple mechanical devices to complex electronics.

She is an accomplished blacksmith, able to forge the legendary Amazon alloy Athenium from its component parts, a task which no male blacksmith has ever achieved due to the intense multi-tasking involved.

She is a skilled pilot of the Hawkpack apparatus, able to fly and manouvre comfortably through confined spaces.

She has a good working knowledge of chemistry, and has used this to make explosives and flammable agents, various medical compounds and even high quality Amazon body oil and perfume.

Shrikemistress has a very basic knowledge of unarmed combat, but is unlikely to be able to hold her own in a fight against superhuman opposition without her weapons. Heavy duty close combat is the province of the more miltaristic HawkMistress branch of the Venusian Military Police.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Shrikemistress' skills with machinery are limited by the components she is able to acquire in the early 21st Century. She also currently acts under a series of mental blocks placed their by Xenii Zixx, most notably she is now unable to harm Xenii in any way.

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