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Sierra Squad had it s humble beginnings. It began under the leadership of a promising agent of Arachnos, Operative Winters. He and several other well-known Arachnos operatives, under Ghost Widow's Faction banner created a team of Arachnos agents, trained in their respective fields to take on jobs that many other groups felt were too unmanageable.

Over the months of searching for the right memebers they began searching for teammates in the ranks of the Destined Ones. Offering sanction and redemption for past crimes against Arachnos, Sierra Squad began a new mercenary operation taking in a large host of talented and skilled villains to help them with their tasks.

Soon, though, they began to question their purpose. Unguided, the group began to feel as their true calling was to be a force for Arachnos in Paragon City. They began preparations for work as a Special operations group when suddenly the Situation changed for the worse.

Several groups within Arachnos began to see Sierra Squad's actions as an annoyance and saw them as good competition to other squads trying to begin the same operations in Paragon. Within weeks the news had spread to Arbiter Daos that Sierra Squad had plans to betray Arachnos with various plans to set explosives in major buildings in Fort Cerebrus and then flee to Paragon for Safety. Various items of evidence were planted to support these claims.

Arachnos Acted against the Squad and sent teams of agents to attack them in their department center in Fort Cerebrus. Ghost Widow was notified by several Arbiters but it was too late for her to prevent the wheels in motion. She sent aide to evacuate the squad but many were injured in the process. Several had escaped in the chaos and some fled to Ghost Widow for reinstatement in Arachnos.

Zero to One

The SitRep

Sierra Squad is one of many small squads in Ghost Widow's faction.

Will You Serve The Proud?

If you're a mutant, advanced robot, or anything like that, we believe you belong in better and higher position in Arachnos. Sierra Squad is for Arachnos soldiers.

((OOC Information))

Yes, yes. I know what you're thinking. "Another Arachnos VG? That's original!" But, we're different. I swear!

We are a Light-Comedic Villain Group who try to do Squad-Like Role-plays. Our role-play events are a little bit different than others, as we try our best to expand the In-Game universe with an inclusion of Text-Based dangers and interesting twists to the environment. Thinking of us like the A-Team of Arachnos is a bit of a stretch, as we are a team of Underdogs! This Underdog feeling is essential for Sierra Squad, as it allows it's members to rely on each other. When the team converges together to topple down dangerous foes gives people a certain accomplished feeling; that's what we strive for in all of our events.

When we do these events, we try our very best to make sure everyone has a spotlight. Character evolution is important to us, and we want you to feel proud of yourself for overcoming an obstacle. What we don't want, are people taking their spotlight.

What We're Looking For

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