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Silk Edge
Player: @Boy Toys
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Brute / Corrupter
Threat Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Luna Caballero
Known Aliases: Naipette
Species: Human
Age: 21
Height: 5’7” (5’11” with heals)
Weight: 120 lbs
Eye Color: Amber
Hair Color: Magenta (Dark Brown)
Biographical Data
Nationality: Congolese, US citizen
Occupation: Corporate Spy
Place of Birth: Kinshasa, Congo
Base of Operations: St. Martial
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Nina Caballero
Known Powers
Known Abilities
No additional information available.

((Luna Caballero is one part of a gaming Duo, colloquially known in our gaming group as the Naipettes. The idea was to try out the Duo-team option.))

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Operative for Sin Enterprises [1]


Nina and Luna as kids(F)

Luna and Nina Caballero were the twin daughters of retired Mercenary Carlos Caballero and an unnamed St. Martials strip….errr…Exotic Dancer. Raised by their dad among mercenaries in his Bar in Congo after their mother died at child birth, both girls were exposed to military training from a young age. After they reached their teens, the family moved to Miami’s South Beach as the girls began college. After her first year, Luna, dropped out (or kicked out, all depends who you ask) because of her reckless nature and party attitude. Soon after Carlos’s death, both girls moved to the Isles where they sought employment at Sin Enterprises.

Or at least that’s what the twins want you to believe.

Esperanza Maria (Luna) and Isabella Alina (Nina) Montilla Knight are the future daughters of Esteban Alejandro Montilla [2] and Alessandra Mhia Knight [3], a former and a current Sin Agent respectively. Situations based on past events (or present, depending your perspective) convinced the twins that the only way to save the future was to return to the past (or present, again depending on perspective). Things did not go according to plan.

After several complications, realizing that this was not really their past but a parallel version of their past and that returning to their time was quite impossible, both girls decided to live out their chosen new identity.

Guided by the advice of Dr. Rachel Cohen (Razormind) and Alina Westhall (Abyssal Witch) [4], Luna returned to college, studying to be a Social Anthropologist, while continuing her role as a Sin Operative. She has lessened her party attitude, but not much.


Luna is loud, obnoxious and foulmouthed, giving the impression that most people have of her, that of an irresponsible party girl. In truth she is actually shy and very self conscious of what others think, to the point of not giving her self enough credit or simply resulting to drinking as a way to cope with her self consciousness.

Abilities Profile

Martial Arts

Swords-fighting Her mother, Mhia, trained Luna since she was young. Unlike her mother who preferred single sword fighting, she excelled in the use of the double weapon (katana and wakisashi) fighting style. She will usually try and attract as many attackers at once to use their numbers against them while using twin blades to cause as much havoc as possible.

Archery training Trying to get her daughter to practice the internal aspects of the arts, Mhia taught the basics of Kyu-Do (Japanese Archery). Although the mental aspect never stuck, Luna became a proficient archer.

Resilience Between the rigorous training, the drinking binges, the reckless lifestyle, and what some simply refer to as dumb stubbornness; Luna is able to simply brush off beatings that would floor a regular man. Unfortunately, most of the time she will get in over her head, so her toughness is called into play.


In a way, Luna has always been jealous of her sister, a first class Kinetic, while she dismisses the usefulness of her own power.

Paracognition Luna is able to “see” the lives she leads in alternate timelines. Although she dismisses it as having a legitimate excuse to daydream, others in the organization see the possibilities of this power as a way to predict events based on past actions.

Lately this power has shown a new aspect. Luna has been able to remember experiences and training her other parallel lives have and has been able to apply them. How this develops is still to be seen.


Standard-issue Combat Katana, (F)

Twin Laser Sabres Luna uses a pair of Laser Sabers she brought with her when they came back in time. These are pretty standard in her time, but here she has simply told people that they are Rikti based and are experimental issue. Their compact size permits them to be hidden in plain clothing without the need of special harnesses.

Collection of Blades and Swords

Although Luna used to fight with a pair of swords originally belonging to her mother, this almost cost the twins to get caught. After realizing that the danger of using a recognizable weapon, Luna started acquiring a large collection of superior quality fighting blades so she could switch between them. She varies the ones she uses according to the mission requirements, her outfit or just basically how she feels at the moment. These range from Traditional Katanas to simple Machetes to basically anything with an edge. She also carries on her an assortment of throwing daggers at all times. Recent events have made her cautious of never being unarmed.

She has to hold those knives some how(F)

One constant knife she always carries is a small Shiv hidden in on of her boots. She never uses it or even shows it to anyone, it holds a sentimental value to her. It was her first knife, a gift from her uncle Ryan.

Uncle Ryan’s 6th birthday gift(F)

XB-23, S.E.’s Heavy Combat Bow 'Skewer'™

XB-23, S.E.’s Heavy Combat Bow 'Skewer'™ (F)

(Taken from the Sin Enterprises Sales Catalog) The Skewer’s sleek design is perfect for those times when you need a quiet weapon on the battlefield. Carbon fiber and titanium construction give it a light weight feel while the patented finger trigger disassembly and assembly make it compact enough to hide in casual clothing.

It comes standard with 5 different arrow (piercing, fragmentary, incendiary, and explosive) types and in 3 different color (Urban Stealth, Sleek Black, and Jungle Camo) styles. Optional interface to HUD available.

Spec Ops Gear

With access to the Sin Armory, Luna has picked up equipment relevant to her roll in her missions. From the I-Shades to the Scrambler/Transmitters to the Doc_on_the_Go to the Tracer Launcher; Luna tends to go into missions with enough gear to get her through, and enough to have her team mates wondering where she hides all that equipment in the tight outfits she uses.

Standard-issue HUD display Sunglasses(F)

Allies and Known Associates

Although her mother is still a Sin Operative, Luna, under orders, has avoided any communication with her or her father previous to his death.

Bella Nova (Nina Caballero) Nina and Luna used to be inseparable, but as they grew up and when they moved into the Isles, they grew apart. Nina got married to Victor Morgan[5], another Sin Operative.

Abyssal Witch (Alina Westhall) [6] Alina has become the mentor and confidant of Luna, as her counterpart was in the future. Luna holds her advice in high regard.

Razorsong[7] Since Luna can no longer train with Mhia, she has asked Razorsong, associate of SE, to continue her training. A harsher teacher than her mother, Luna knows she must work twice as hard to prove her worth to this new teacher.

Razormind (Rachel Cohen) Sin’s Psychiatrist, Rachel has helped Luna cope with adjusting to this new life. Luna see’s her as an example of professionalism she should emulate.

Flambard (Donald Brook) [8] Luna and Don have a special relationship. Luna hates Don and Don could care less.

Sin Wraith (Sean) Sean and Luna have been arguing since the first time they met. He seems to know just what buttons to press to get a reaction from her. Even with all the arguments and insults, Luna actually like Sean. Problem is that their schedules just don’t seem to match.

Caprice Duskfire Caprice took Luna by complete surprise. What started as simply joking around and drinking turned into something more. Luna’s not sure what she and Caprice has but for the time being, she’s simply happy she has someone that actually appreciates her for her.

Death Rush [9] Luna had a girlish crush on Suzie Q when she was younger. Obviously Luna realizes that this timeline’s Suzie is not the same one, but that doesn’t make it any easier on her.

OOC, Design Notes and Spoilers

Design notes

I made Luna originally to test out a brute’s solo potential. Made her a Duo cause a close friend and I usually run the same gaming hours (till daylight savings came around….damn you daylight savings.)

She originally began as a Ownmygawd-Valley-girl, but actually evolved into something a bit more my taste, not like there is something wrong with Ownmygawd-Valley-girls. Ok, yes, there’s a lot wrong with them but that’s not the point.

She is more like Deborah Morgan, from Dexter. Foul mouthed, quick temper, tomboyish, sassy. Basically that’s Luna.


Luna started out really trampy tomboyishly. Now she is more in the lines of wanting to look more like a Bond Girl, taking into account her new role in Sin E.

Boot Fetish

This started out as a joke that took it’s own life. Originally she always wore combat boots, but as the character developed, combat boots where replaced with Thigh highs, stiletto’s and High heal boots. Then someone mentioned as a joke that she simply had a boot fetish. Now every time she meets someone new that wear’s boots, she comments on them, and every outfit now has boots included.

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