Silly Streng

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Silly Streng
Player: @Major James Ashe
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: The Croatoan Cut-up, The Madcap Marrow, The Pumpkin Prankster
Species: Magic pumpkin
Age: Confidential
Height: Varies
Weight: Varies
Eye Color: Two big cutout triangles
Hair Color: N/A
Biographical Data
Nationality: Grown in the USA!
Occupation: Hero, prankster, and professional finder of trouble
Place of Birth: A pumpkin patch in Salamanca
Base of Operations: Salamanca
Marital Status: Single (and VERY available, ladies!)
Known Relatives: Scattered throughout grocery stores nationwide
Known Powers
Numerous magical abilities including fire generation/control, shapeshifting, flight, teleportation of self/others, and making self/others invisible
Known Abilities
Quick wit, charming personality, and never-say-die attitude
No additional information available.

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Silly Streng is a sort of "happy accident" character that combines two concepts I'd been wanting to work with for a long time: a crazy jester/prankster character, and a character that used the pumpkin helmet from the Zombie Apocalypse event. His zany personality is largely inspired by classic cartoon characters -- particularly early-days Daffy Duck -- as is his shapeshifting ability (his "va-va-voom!" female form is an homage to Bugs Bunny's penchant for vamping it up).



Silly Streng remembers nothing of his life (if he had one) before the day he woke up in a pumpkin patch in Salamanca. He has several theories about how he may have come to be, the simplest being that he is in fact a magical pumpkin, animated by a spell gone awry. Alternately, he's suggested that he may have once been human, and was transformed into his current form by placing a cursed Jack o' Lantern over his head, or that he was wearing a normal Jack o' Lantern mask and was cursed by a Red Cap who mistook him for one of the Fir Bolg.


His magical abilities are numerous and varied in both their strength and nature:


To say that Silly Streng's personality is mercurial would be an epic understatement. He is, in a word, nuts (though, as a friend once put it, "in the nicest possible way"). He has a myriad voices in his head, none of which know how to self-edit, so there's never any telling what may come out of his mouth at a particular moment. His attention span is often measured in milliseconds, and has been compared to that of a hummingbird on crack. In spite of these facts, there are a few constants in his behavior: he is very kind-hearted, even altruistic, and he is an unabashed admirer of the ladies.

Alternate Forms

As a shapeshifter, Silly Streng is able to give his assorted personalities physical manifestations. Some of his more commonly used forms are:



Kid Squash


Sexy Streng


Agent Streng


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