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Scorch wasn't my first, nor my last. But for some reason, the evil little bitch stuck with me. .. Stupid nerfs had to ruin burn tankers on me *cries* Anyways, there's explicit language, and stuff in this. If you're an easily offended sissy. Get off the internet, most won't warn you. So consider this your

Scorch in her latest outfit, the Dark Angel.
Sister Scorch
Player: @Zolgar
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Amanda Bronson (deceased)
Known Aliases: Jodi burns
Species: Human, demon blooded.
Age: 20
Height: Varies
Weight: Varies
Eye Color: Varies
Hair Color: Almost always red or black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American Mutt
Occupation: Unemployed
Place of Birth: Montana
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: All known deceased
Known Powers
Kinetic mastery, Fire manipulation.
Known Abilities
Leaping tall building in a single bound, hitting like a mack truck, sheathing self in protective flames. Coming back from the dead.
Whatever she feels like wearing.
No additional information available.



In a word: Bitch.

Not as bad as she used to be. Scorch is still most assuredly a bitch. She's more of a hero than she has been in the past. And shows more respect for others, especially other heroes. But at the end of the day, she's still the same unpredictable, chaotic bitch she's always been.

She's usually rude to .. Well, everyone, unless they give her reason not to be. It's not uncommon for her to hit on random men, though she's rarely serious about it.

Definitely short tempered. Will usually punch a hole in a wall if it even looks at her funny. And pity the poor couch that jumps in front of her toes as she traipses to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Current status

Scorch is presently retired, and has left Paragon City. Those with good connections and decent sleuthing skills would be able to discover she's currently living in a small town outside of Dallas, Texas under the alias of Jodi Burns.

She's a volunteer fire fighter, works in a gas station. And has had a fairly stable relationship with a young man named Aurthur Wentworth (no relation to the auction firm in Paragon).

Brief History

Moved to paragon city at the age of 15, when her father was hired by Crey Industries as a PR Rep. Amanda found herself in a new school, surrounded by supers. Despite that, she still picked fights with most of them, and won her fair share.

Her grades were never the best. She preferred to spend her time with boys, booze for fighting. Even better if at least two of the three were involved. But her carefree, troublemaker days were soon to end.

On his way home from work, Amanda's father was mugged by some Skulls, needing money for their next hit of Dyne. All would have been well, if not for a stray hero who happened by. He stopped the Skulls, easily, but he neglected to consider the safety of the person they were mugging when he flung his fireball. The heroes lawyers called it 'collateral damage' . The media covered it up.

Amanda, seeking revenge on the Skulls, and on heroes for their carelessness, joined a street gang, the Hellions. Life was hell, specific details cannot be gone in to, even with the mature content warning. Suffice it to say, one girl and a lot of stronger, teenage guys with little care for anyone but themselves.

While in the hellions, she earned the title Sister Scorch, having an affinity for fire and arson. Acquired several magic items, killed the hero who killed her father, and learned more than anyone should ever want to about sex, drugs, and street brawling.

Then in short order, life went back to hell. Her mother died in a freak accident, namely a Crey chemicals tanker plowing in to their apartment complex. (Only about 16 new supers spawned from it, and 50some people killed.) And she got herself kicked out of the Skulls.

She had no money, no home, nothing to her name but a few artifacts she'd made off with. So she did what any sensible girl would do in that situation. Signed up to be a hero, because it meant she could legally beat the living shit out of people, and even get paid for it.

Hero life was pretty standard at first. She made friends, made enemies, made love (Or, at least fooled around.) Life was good. Which meant something bad had to happen, heroes never get a break!

Through a strange chain of events directly tied to her boyfriend turning the cold water on her in the shower, it became apparent that she was half demon. Chaos ensued as the demon tried to, and eventually did take control.

Eventually she was able to contain it and channel it as she needed, she also discovered that it made her not need the magic items. Back to the land of heroing!

For a moment, at least. While stopping a new threat from Crey, she died a heroes death. ... But, the thing about a Super Heroes death, it's never permanent.

for a time, she worked under the alias of Comet Girl, allowing herself to stay dead. Eventually she took back her mantle of Sister Scorch, but left her real identity dead. She didn't need it anymore, and in truth, Amanda had died ages ago.

Scorch thought that things might finally be going good for her. But, of course not! Late one night men in strange armor broke in to her apartment, that had her tranqed her.

Arachnos had captured her, seeking to release the demon inside of her and bind it to their wills. Big mistake. The demon in her was unleashed, and decided not to be bound to anyones will. The initial surge of power from being released wore off fast, but it was long enough for the demon to escape.

And return shortly with help, in form of Scorch's one-time boyfriend, Solar boy. Who rescued the now powerless Scorch.

She hoped she would finally get a break. But as they say, there's no rest for the wicked. It took around a month, but her powers game back, strong as ever. So she's back on the streets. And she never misses a change to bust some Skulls skulls.

What happened to the Demon half? She stayed in the Rogue Isles, where she fit in better.


Scorch has two primary powers. Both of which were absorbed from the magic items which initially gave her her powers. Her demonic bloodlines also give her a few minor powers.

Kinetic Mastery

(though technically her secondary set, it's more of her strength) Initially it came from a pair of gauntlets. She is able to alter the kinetic impact which things have, allowing her to do the following:

Fire affinity

It's unknown how much of this is stemmed from the belt she wore, and how much stems from her demonic heritage, but in either case, her supernatural affinity for fire grants her the following:

Demon Heritage

Her exact heritage is unknown, but she is believed to be spawned from an incubus. This gives her the following:

She is also able to tap in to dark magics, accessing an ancient power known as the Sands of Mu.

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