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Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology.
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WARNING!: This profile contains Brutal Violence, Depictions of Gore, Blatant Sexual Innuendo, Foul Language, Enslavement, and a Large Desire for red meat... If you find any of these things offensive, leave this page and run far far away!

Looking for Contact

Looking for: Looking for a spiritual mentor, Anything else really, Nemesis that kills innocents would be great.

Interested in: Anything really.

Fate... What has fate done for me other than robbed me of my family!... No I refuse to play by Fates fickle game, so!... Fuck Fate, Fuck your fate, and Fuck you!
Sjhenad "Mistrunner"
Player: @Obsidian Tal'yn
Origin: Natural (Magically Altered, but not magical)
Archetype: Brute
Security Level: Classified
Personal Data
Real Name: Sjhenad
Known Aliases: Mistrunner, Sjhen, Sj,
Species: Human/Yōkai Hybrid
Age: 23
Height: 7'5"
Weight: 250 lbs (500+ Tiger)
Eye Color: Blue (Cat Slit)
Hair Color: Natural Snow White
Biographical Data
Nationality: Praetorian (American/Asian Descent)
Occupation: Former Slave (Gladiator), Mercenary
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Korrpha Family (Deceased) Biological Family (Deceased)
Known Powers
¥ Amazing Strength

¥ Heavily Resilient Hide/Skin

¥ Control of Ice

Known Abilities
¥ Low Light Vision

¥ Naturally Augmented Agility

¥ Predatory Instincts and Senses

¥ Innate Innate Command of Metal

¥ The Amulet of Byakko.

¥ Has a voice that sounds as deep as a chasm, and as soft as a gravel mixer

¥ Has an obvious issue with chains.

¥ Former slave, will slaughter anyone trying to enslave him. (Unless consenting in a relationship of Gorean style.)

¥ Hates serpents and lizards, will attempt to dismember and destroy them.

¥ Does not care for jokes about his Tiger side.

¥ Is friendly unless provoked to be hostile.

((To be noted all this information is available only to those that can read peoples past, otherwise should be found out IC and treated as OOC... Unless I say otherwise. Please adhear to this, thank you!))


Sjhenad, Scion of Byakko

"The primal need is filling me"

"Changes are about to begin"

"And now my blood is boiling"

"I can see the fear in your eyes"

"But you can't bring yourself to scream"

-David Draiman-

Shortly after he was born, Sjhenad was blessed (or perhaps cursed) by a spirit calling itself a "Byakko." Byakko was claimed to have been a just and protective god, to which the family prayed at his shrine for protection and guidance. Responding to their pleas Byakko was roused from his century long slumber, however due to the hasty means of summoning Byakko was weakened severly and needed a vessel, to which he offered the choice to the parents. Quickly made, the decision was to give the baby to Byakko, whom placed part of his spirit within. Sadly, however the family never got their peace and quiet as their pursuers caught up with them that night. Slaughtering the parents and then turning on the baby, nobody knows what happened next except one thing, the baby lay fine in the morning while the bandits lay in piles of pulped organs and skin. Being found by a farmer and his wife, he was taken in and raised as their own, despite the ominous signs of spirit habitation. Even more startling was the fact that they had a hard time after his fifth birthday knowing if he was a boy, or a white tiger cub. By his thirteenth year Sjhenad had already surpassed his father in bulk and size, his body melded into that of an upright standing tiger, and gifted with strength even beyond that of someone his size.

(See History for More)


Sjhenad is a warm-hearted individual inside, however he covers this with a personality as cold and rigid as the ice and snow he loves so. Very simple in nature, Sjhen is not a simple minded barbarian, he thinks and that makes him that much more of a deadly opponent. Able to create elaborate plans to retreat and catch enemies in traps Sjhenad is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to sheer intelligence. Another aspect to him is his reliance on his strength and hide, when he shifts to human he is showing the ultimate trust he can, it more than quarters his strength and durability. Sjhenad is not one to be kind to those that betray him, he will stalk them to the end of the earth and put them in the ground "Where they belong."

IC Interview

Here is a small section dedicated to showing how Sjhenad would react to being pried with questions by someone with an annoying tendency to ask questions.

Reporter(Known from here on as R): "Here we are with... what's your name again?"

Sjhenad(Known from here on as Sj): "Sjhenad, the Mistrunner."

R: "So we are here with... Shenad..." before he could continue is rudely interrupted by Sj

Sj: "It is Sjhenad... said Shen-Aud, get it right tiny."

R: "So we are here with mister... Sjhen, Mister Sjhen the public has to know, are you related to Bobcat?"

Sj: "Um... No"

R: "What about this primal 'Mynx' that has been spoken of in the shadows?"

Sj: "Ummmm... Hell no, where are you getting this crap!?" visibly irritated

R: "But surely you were given this hideous form by some sort of experiment gone awry? Perhaps even the same that made our beloved Bobcat?"

Sj: "Hideous!? Look here squirt, you should watch what you call a ti..." Cut off before he can continue

R: "Well you cannot expect to be considered attractive, you look like a upright tiger!" Deep growl from off camera

Sj: "I am giving you five seconds to run, otherwise I will throw you into a den of ghouls.... bloody pest." Popping his knuckles while glaring at the reporter.

Blinking a few times, the reporter and the camera man flee at full speed down the street, screaming wildly.

"Trust Issues"

Being forced to be a slave and gladiator at the tender age of thirteen is the cause of much of Sjhenads' trust issues. Most obvious of this fact is shown in that he will not let anyone touch his chains, due to thinking that they want to return him to the pits again. Forced to kill on a daily basis has put the love of life deep in Sjhenads' blood, trying to resolve most issues without resorting to taking the most precious possession any person could have, does not mean that he will not kill just that he has a high aversion to it.


None So far, will try to ally with anyone he finds to hold a similar honor code.


The Destroyers gang.

His Primal Double Sjhenad FogStalker a mass murderer with no honor or code of ethics.

Anyone who abuses their powers for personal gain, opressing the weak, or even going so far as to try to attack innocents.


Knowing only how to use his muscles and tough skin to his advantage, Sjhenad has learned to suprass the normal strength limit for human beings thanks to his being bound to a Byakko.

Super Strength

Born with an already massive muscle span due to his father having Musculuar Hypertrophy, Sjhenad did not gain this particular mutation but did gain an expanded ability for strength, however it was futher upgraded due to the spirit of the "Byakko" inhabiting him since his infancy. Easily able to break through many defenses and weapons he is a force to be reckoned with.

° Able to easily lift any opponent into the air, with the exception of huge sized creatures, for example War Walkers.

° Able to break most defenses, shields, and armor types.

° Can jump at extreme heights and run abnormally fast, due to his prodigous strength

Naturally Thick Hide/Skin

Through-out his years with his adoptive family, Sjhenads skin had already grown quite resiliant, yet his skin hardened even further with each passing moment he grew to become like Byakko. Simple projectiles and weapons would not harm him, while other types of attacks would barley make him flinch.

° Can take small arms fire with a laugh and a grin.

° Can take blows from super-powered opponents and dish them out quite as hard.

° Can handle taking most explosives with ease, although they knock him off the ground.

Control, and Creation of Ice

Training with the rain spirit Tali, Sjhenad learned how to manifest and control ice from any nearby water. An ability granted to him by Byakko, able to manifest chains and even minor attacks of ice, Sjhenads' control of Byakkos domain means he is slowly becoming one with the White-tiger of the west. (Only usable once he gains his ancillary, this message will be removed when that happens)

° Can create shackles and various containing equipment out of any surrounding water, or any water in the atmosphere.

° Carries a small water-skin to use as an emergency measure to contain enemy threats.

° Can use some minor ice projection as attacks, such as blasts of ice cold and solid chunks of ice.


Most of Sjhenads abilities are tied to his binding to the Byakko spirit, attaining a cat-like body, and abilities Sjhenad is a perfect tracker/hunter.

Natural Night Vision

As long as there is the slightest amount of light to reflect into his eyes, Sjhenad can easily see in the dark. His predatory nature also amplifies his reliance on this sense due to his need to find fresh prey.

° Can track while it is nearly pitch black.

° Cannot transition to light very well.

° Can also see a slight disturbance around psychics.

Naturally Augmented Agility

Due to the same source of his eyesight, Sjhenad is able to manage super-human feats in agility. Such as jumping from insane heights and landing on his feat, ability to dodge simple attacks and fight in hand to hand with exceedingly skilled movements. Unable to dodge bullets but does not stop him from trying.

° Can jump higher than normal people.

° Can easily outmaneuver enemies in combat.

° Lands on his feet... 80% of the time.

Predatory Instincts, Senses

Being merged with a tiger Yōkai also has its benefits when it comes to being able to scent out and even see enemies when they cannot even percieve him being there. However the tradeoff is a larger apetite and a need to feast on fresh meat.

° Can smell living beings, magic users and telekineticists have a unique scent, undead smell like grave-dirt invariably.

° Can see prey in ways they cannot see him, documented above.

° A large apetite, and a need to feed on fresh meat keep him a bit... distant with vegans and animal activists.

Control of Metal

Being merged with Byakko, also gave him the ability to control and manipulate metals with ease. Byakkos' primary domain was Metal and autumn, so in other words, these are his strongest abilities. (Although these are not exhibited in combat, they are interestingly used in Rp)

° Can Shape and control any form of metal, from bronze all the way up to Impervium.

° Control is dependant on how hard he is concentrating and how hard the metal is. (He won't be able to move Impervium much, without meditating on it for a week.)

° Controling metal can and most of the time, Will exhaust him.


Sjhenad only carries one piece of equipment, but it is one of the most important things to know about him.

The Amulet of Byakko

Given to him by a young miko(priestess) dedicated to the worship and appeasement to the primal Byakko, enables Sjhenad to shape shift back to what he would look like as a human. However several features are changed, primariy are the fact his eyes remain the same in both forms, he has elongated canine teeth, and his hair is as white as pure snow.

° Allows him to gain a purely human form, only minor supernatural elements to this.

° Normally used to stay incognito, showing his bestial side only to those he can trust.

° Consumes a lot of his energy, so he needs to feed more often than normal, and in large quanitities.


Birth of a New Byakko, Death of a Family

(Continued from above)

However just as with any calm and idylic times, they end. Sjhenad was hunting in the woods as his family stayed at home, when a group of thugs descended upon them. Killing everyone in the farmstead, pillaging and destroying everything they could. Upon returning home Sjhenad saw his beloved family slain and brutalized, infuriated Sjhenad lunged into combat headlong taking down dozens of attackers before succumbing to wounds and passing out in the middle of his terribly deformed family.

Waking up suddenly Sjhenad failed to notice that he was no longer on the ground and in a cage, in which he could hear fighting in the distance. What seemed like hours passed and the gate openend and he was thrown out into a small ring, in which he was faced with a rather large thug from the same group as before, taking advantage of the situation he lunged. Fighting for several minutes, the winner was decided when Sjhenad picked up the large man and slammed him down against the spikes lining the arena. Spurting blood, screaming fans, the rush of endorphins, Sjhenad could not deny he loved doing that but, his vengance needed to come. Jumping out of the arena and charging at the man he percieved to be the leader, he was caught by a surpressor glove and knocked back out, as the corrupt PPD member placed him back in the cage for the thug.

Sadly, Sjhenad did not get his revenge for several years, on his twentieth birthday Sjhenad had finished his thousandth match and finally got his chance. Which he took and quickly tore out the mans throat, fleeing as fast as he could out of the arena, pursued by the corrupt officer he stumbled upon a small group of Resistance members. Pointing their guns at him and speaking something about chomping him, Sjhenad dashed past them barely escaping without getting shot as the cops finally caught up to him and they were open fired upon. Captured again by some small woman with a mane of long hair and brought to their leader, Sjhenad was given the opportunity to become more powerful, and to further avenge his family and his childhood.

Caging the Tiger

Even working by himself Sjhenad was a big liability no matter what he did, randomly even the smallest of things would cause him to go berserk with rage, eventually culminating in nearly tearing a member of the "Resistance" apart for teasing him about his whiskers. Being forced to seek help from someone who better knew the nature of his other half, Sjhenad spent many nights looking for a guru who could teach him control of his (then unnamed side), yet never finding a source that could tell him anything. Nights turned into weeks, into months, even taking as long as two years to find a being who could identify and teach him to control his other side. Three months before his twenty-third birthday Sjhenad was sent on a mission to recruit the aid of an odd telepath who was able to hide from the seers, finding the odd woman deep in the sewers fighting groups of ghouls for what seemed to be amusement, Sjhenad joined in her fight. Enjoying himself but slowly losing control of the beast inside Sjhenad sucumbed and his other side took over, savagely maiming and killing the ghouls in a brutal fashion, blacking out Sjhenad quickly found himself dwelling in a feverish dream. Screams and a young voice chanting words he understood but didn't, he woke finding the woman above him and all the ghouls torn apart as if some demonic beast had gotten ahold of them. Trying to get a grasp on what had happened he felt restrained against the ground, looking down and finding a rather large binding circle holding him in place. His now captor simply only said one word "Byakko" before Sjhenad was forced heavily into the ground and knocked back out.

Rousing from his sleep Sjhenad discovered he was in a badly shaped and poorly maintained hut, in what he could only assume to the offensive odor to his nose was still the sewer. Trying to stand, he quickly found that he was bound to the floor again only this time it wasn't a force from the odd woman, but heavy-duty bindings that held him in place. Speaking in a language she could not understand, part of him responded in the same language, deeply confusing him and made him instantly wonder who this woman was that she could talk to his feral side with utter ease. As if by some cue the other side directly translated the conversation in his mind, discussing why the beast was here and as to why she knew who he was. Claiming to be an Ameonna made human, and also claiming to have known about him just like any of her kind would. Through the conversation Sjhenad quickly learned who and what his other side was, and was astonished he was able to contain such a powerful being, Byakko generally considered a guardian god of the west provinces of asia (Since destroyed by the burn zone) with the domains of metals and autumn, with minor dominion of ice and snow, meaning that he was not only a higher form of Yōkai than her, but that he was her god in ways. Continuing the conversation and learning of the fate of all the yōkai that inhabited Japan and even parts of China, he quickly grasped that only a few remained and it was only by sheer luck that he was blessed by the slumbering god. This also raised the question of why he was not omnipotent or blessed with godlike might, to which Byakko simply responded with the loss of followers had thrust him from the role of a true god. Raging against all that had caused his lands burning (Human beings) Byakko was not willing to be tamed without a fight, to which Sjhenad asked the woman about a way to calm his rage.

"Only by defeating him in your mind, may you fully become one with lord Byakko." words that would later cause him to meditate and face Byakko in his mind, the entire duration of his meditation was a tooth and nail fight with Byakko, neither combatant showing signs of weariness, until Sjhenad feigned an injury in which Byakko tried to capatalize on. Falling for his trick Sjhenad defeated Byakko and was thrust from his own mind. Speaking with the woman who would demand that he call her Tali, Sjhenad arranged to be trained in the command of the Byakkos' powers. Spending the rest of the three months training with Tali, Sjhenad had mastered all that it was to be Byakko, and himself as well. Being able to control and create ice from water, and being able to bend and meld metal to his will, Sjhenad had finally grasped his gifts. Finally had also grasped that what his family left for him, a way to further himself and create a world where nothing like the issues with the massive burns that covered the world. He decided, one way or another he would find a world where Japan and all her wonderful Yōkai still existed, and he would attain the power of a fully awakened Byakko. So he set out in his work with the Resistance, a devastating force to his enemies, and a wonderful ally to those that knew his true faction.

Escaping Coles Cage

-=Coming Soon!=-

OOC Info

To reach me simply shoot a tell to @Obsidian Tal'yn, or email to or catch me on Windows live... We'll work something out!

To be noted is that I do know the lore behind Byakko , and his only domains being metal and autumn, but with anything I am taking my own personal spin on him... and mostly because they do not have a metal path for ancillary

Also to be noted I will not tolerate anyone accusing me of being a furry or "Furfag" this will end up with you reported and blocked, please do not do this ((Unless it is previously noted to be an RP statement, then it is fine as long as you don't overdo it))

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