Skjor Stormbringer

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Skjor Stormbringer
Player: @DemonHunter-1, @DemonHunter2
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Defender/Brute/Tanker
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Skjor Stormbringer
Known Aliases: none
Species: Asgardian
Age: 2297
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 167lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: Citizen of Asgard
Occupation: Adventurer, goddess, former Valkyrie
Place of Birth: Asgard
Base of Operations: Asgard
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Thor (father), RĂ³ta (mother), Odin (grandfather), Frigga (stepgrandmother), Fjorgyn (Goddess of the Earth, actual grandmother), Magni (half-brother), Modi (half-brother), Thrud (half-sister, Valkyrie)
Known Powers
Storm Summoning, Electrical Blast, Electric Armor, Willpower, Flight
Known Abilities
Extensive training in all forms of combat by her father Thor, and her friend The Demon Hunter
Thunderbolt (Enchanted hammer), various suits of armor
No other information available

Skjor Stormbringer grew out of my love for the old Marvel Thor comics and the Norse myths they so often contradicted. I took her attitude of arrogance and short temper from depictions of her father that are found in both sources, and then chose to weave in other things as needed to flesh her out a bit more so she wasn't just a female clone of Thor. I have her based mostly in the idea of the comics, but I have brought in some outside influences as well in determining her history and heritage.

Skjor Stormbringer is seen streaking across a stormy sky above the Rikti War Zone



"Greetings warriors of Paragon City!"

With those words, Skjor Stormbringer first made her presence known to her fellow heroes, and she still does so every time she reports in as a member of the House of Heroes for all their allies to hear.

The daughter of a Valkyrie and the thunder god Thor, Skjor was raised to inherit her parents' legacy as both a goddess of the storms and as a Chooser of the Slain. The age of the gods' omnipotence is nearing an end though, and now Skjor has come to defend the innocents of Midgard, just as her father has chosen to do so many times.

She is coming to terms with the knowledge that the gods were once supreme but that humanity has grown much since the days when her family and ancestors were worshiped. It has been both humbling and exciting for her to see humanity's rise, particularly as she works with her fellow heroes in Paragon City. Skjor holds her friends and teammates to very high standards in battle, which has been known to cause friction among them at times. Skjor is not easy to get along with at times, and sometimes allows the heat of battle to cloud her judgment as her rage overcomes her.

In 2008 she has added time in the Rogue Isles to her duties, as she hunted down a demon who threatened the life her old friend, Demon Hunter, his then-wife, Heartless Katana, and their child. Though Katana and the Demon Hunter have split, Skjor stands ready to do battle against the demons.


Skjor remains a royal subject of her grandfather, All-Father Odin, and is considered a potential (though unlikely) heir to the throne of Asgard. Centuries ago, she served the All-Father as one of his Valkyries, a position she no longer holds for reasons she discusses with very few people.

She remains a close friend and mentor to Demon Hunter and befriended his wife, Heartless Katana, as well. Their split put a strain on her friendship with the Demon Hunter as he sunk deeper into darkness, but even this has been unable to break the bonds of their friendship. She eventually guided an amnesiac Katana to the otherworldly realm of the Demon Hunter in an effort to reunite these two lost souls.

Skjor currently serves as one of the officers of the House of Heroes, accepting an invitation from the Scarlet Centurion.

In late 2007, she joined Demon Hunter as a member of The Paragon Elite, and entered the ranks of Paragon Elite Legends in the spring of 2008. In the summer of 2008, she established a secret base of operations in the Rogue Isles for the Paragon Elite, and led the newly formed Paragon Elite Exiles unit as their "Supreme Exile." At the time, she and Demon Hunter were the only heroes on the rosters of all three units of Paragon Elite. In the fall of 2008, Nuclia promoted Skjor to the rank of Grand Elite, officially making her an officer in the main unit of Paragon Elite.

She has befriended Semjaza of the Teen Phalanx and has worked alongside several members of that group as well as time spent fighting alongside the Army of Sparta.

One of her closest friends among the heroes of Paragon City is the Samoan Scrapper, who met Skjor when "Sam" and Skjor were allies as members of Evolution-X and The Paragon Elite respectively. Skjor has gone so far as to bring her young friend along to Asgard to get a taste of life among the warriors of the golden realm.

Skjor meets Heartless Katana for the first time in the Legends Lounge


Storm Summoning

Skjor inherited from her father command of the storms. Her power is no long as impressive as it was centuries ago, but still more than enough to alter weather patterns for miles around if she unleashes the full fury of her power. She can summon forth powerful thunderstorms to strike at her enemies or freeze them with a furious mix of snow and freezing rain. Many foes have found themselve hurled away from her by a miniature tornado or a gale force wind, while her allies have often been hidden by a conveniently summoned fog or rejuvenated by an infusion of oxygen from a fresh blast of cool air.

Electrical Blasts

Using her control of lightning, Skjor can fire off blasts of electrical energy to strike at her enemies. These blasts can take on the form of a lightning bolt electrocuting a single target or a ball of lightning that damages multiple targets at once. She can also release a electrical charge from within herself, shocking all nearby enemies. By summoning forth all her godly energies, she can supercharge the lightning into a large thunderous blast that eradicates her enemies in one fell swoop.

Skjor is seen standing with her father Thor (left) and her grandfather Odin (right)

Divine Presence

Skjor's presence has been known to inspire her allies to greater feats in battle, and it is not uncommon for her allies to discover reserves of strength and skill they did not know they possessed. This divine aura is the very nature of what led the Vikings of old to worship the Asgardians as gods.


When Skjor sought the All-Father's blessing in hunting down the demons threatening her friends, the All-Father chose to not only give his blessing to her venture but chose to provide her with a new weapon to use against the evils she would encounter alone in the Rogue Isles. He called upon the dwarven smiths to create a war hammer for her to focus her own godly energies through, and they presented the All-Father with the powerful weapon he named Thunderbolt.

Wielding Thunderbolt allows Skjor to channel her command of the storms into greater strength and durability in combat. In addition to her increased strength and durability, the thunder goddess can choose to have either an increased rate of regeneration or the ability to project a pulsating field of lightning from her body to strike at her foes as she engages them in melee combat. She has come to relish this newfound ability to wade into the melee.


Skjor is also able to fly, riding currents of air to swiftly move across vast distances. Until they were able to provide a means of teleportation from Paragon City for the Paragon Elite Exiles, Skjor flew under own power.

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