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Our Motto

The Society of Salvation is a refuge for all those who seek a home; those who don't fit in to a "normal" society.

What Makes SoS Different?

Society of Salvation (or SoS) is a fulltime In-Character supergroup. Our focus is not to have the same everyday grinds occasionally interrupted by "rp events" but rather to create a fully immersive world, where every character has a life, a personality. It encourages creativity, urging players to develop in-character reasons for all their actions, or events that occur. Whenever possible, all chat is encouraged to be IC, and is required in all SG or in base chat. If there is no way something can be conveyed IC, we do have the global channel, "Society of Salvation" for all OOC correspondence.

SoS Policies

Our SG charter is quite simple:

Society Chapters

There are 4 branches of SoS. All are connected, and any SoS member is free to enter any area, however these separate chapters are in place to allow individuals of specific needs to have an area specially catered to their tastes and style. All members can choose to remain in SoS Main, or they are welcome to apply for a specific branch. Currently there are 3 sub-chapters of SoS.

Society Departments

There is more to do in Paragon City than just fight crime! SoS has several departments, so learn about them, and find the one that seems best suited to you! (Members can be a part of any department, no matter which branch of SoS they are in.

Other departments may be created as needed, but these are the biggest ones. Other minor positions, which are often held in addition to these include, but are not limited to:

Applying for Membership

Joining SoS is simple. The easiest way is to join the SoS global channel by using /chanjoin "Society of Salvation" then simply request an interview. The only reason for that is to be certain you understand our policies. Then, you're in! You can also contact in game @Rayne Vladssen, or email your request to her.

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