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((Do note that 90% of the information written here is known only by Sol himself, and is here as a reference to me and anyone with OOC interest in his back story.))

Scout Solitude
Player: @Rebel FireStorm
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: SoA
Threat Level: 41
Personal Data
Real Name: Richard Stirling
Known Aliases: Scout Solitude, Sol
Species: Human
Age: 39
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 143
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: British
Occupation: Arachnos Scout/Infiltrator
Place of Birth: London
Base of Operations: Rogue Isles
Marital Status: Engaged
Known Relatives: Emily Tate, fiance
Known Powers
Shapeshifter, Ghost Widow darkness powers
Known Abilities
Street fighting skills, ninjitsu, Arachnos Bane mace training
Arachnos Bane mace, Arachnos Scout armor
No additional information available.



Early life

Richard Stirling was born in East London on December sixth, 1970 to George and Mary Stirling as an only child. From an early age, Richard was a troublemaker, always trying new schemes and tricks to get whatever he wanted. His parents, exhausted by just trying to make a living, often did little to curb his behavior and generally treated him with vague respect and caring as he went about his mayhem.

It was at age fifteen that Richard began the first changes that led him to the life he now leads. Like many, he had no idea he was a mutant and that it would display itself, quite astonishingly, during puberty. It was during an ordinary fantasy that his gift first manifested. His body began to change, to emulate the woman he was thinking of. His hair, skin, height, voice, and even clothing all shifted into the fantasy woman, all before he could make it to a mirror and look at himself. The new found power sparked curiosity in Richard, instead of fear and disgust, so he began experimenting with the various transformations he could make, trying to control the gift and bend it to his will. The trials lasted several days for him, during which time he skipped out on school and even sleep, finding that each transformation forced his metabolism into overdrive and refreshed his body without having to rest. He learned roughly how to trigger the transformations and how to stop them, along with how to keep his body from changing every time he thought about another person. Satisfied that he could blend back in with his peers, he returned to school in order to not attract attention to himself.

Within the year, the devious little bastard had learned quite a bit about the shifting, using it to manipulate people even easier into his own goals. It was with that gift that he lost his virginity, seducing one of the cheerleaders while disguised as her senior boyfriend. It was the start of his addiction.

Dreams of wealth

Richard had always wanted to be rich. His parents provided them with an average lifestyle, but he always wanted more. With his mutant abilities, Richard figured he could weasel, scam, and squirm his way into fortune. But youth was his downfall. Though he was manipulative and devious, Richard still lacked experience. He might have been able to look like an adult, but he needed major coaching to act like one. Scam after scam failed, due to his adolescent attitude, getting him into trouble again and again. If it weren't for the ability to change his identity at will, he would've been found, beaten, and possibly killed. But his experiences taught him, and as the next couple of years passed, he gained more and more knowledge. But at age eighteen, it was one final error that changed his life forever.

He followed his sources to a small crime syndicate in a shabbier neighborhood of the city. He used a different form, meeting with them, but gave his name as 'Richard' instead of a fake alias. He didn't think much of it at the time, taking numerous jobs, doing whatever they required or wanted. He made decent money, though his absences from his final school year began to concern his usually distant parents. Their interference in his affairs put strain on the relationship, Richard being incredibly secretive and independent

His greed was his downfall. Over the months, he had earned enough trust to discover the group's money stash, with around one hundred and fifty thousand dollars of untraceable cash. So he double crossed them and stole the money for himself, planning to melt back into the woodwork with another face, another name, away from his parents.

But since the syndicate couldn't find Richard, they tracked down his parents through the school. Richard came home to see his mother and father, mutilated and barely recognizable as fresh corpses, hanging from the ceiling. Completely terrified, Richard packed his bags, looted the house for anything valuable, stole his parents car, and fled north as fast as he could.

The making of 'Sol'

Richard continued to flee across the country for a few more weeks until he finally decided Britain was no longer safe for him. That he had to remake his identity into something new, with no attachments, so he could never be wounded like that again. He bribed his way onto a private plane and moved to Russia, figuring he could work as an infiltrator for the mafia. He wanted to make sure he would be untouchable, with no attachments, and hence the persona of 'Sol' was born. He got himself a fake ID, fake papers, and a bulletproof back story.

He spent all the money he had stolen, and more, to construct the identity. But he was picked up by the mafia easily enough, and after a few menial errands, he began to get better paying jobs.

Pre-Isles years

For the next twenty years, Sol built up his fortune while perfecting his skills as a thief, saboteur, and eventually an assassin. He began to take more specialized and high profile jobs, slowly building up a fortune. Using his shape shifting abilities, he specialized in making hits look like normal murders, something having to go undercover for weeks, or even months. The longer it took, the more he could charge. Soon, Sol found himself taking jobs for hundreds of thousands of jobs, and even a few for millions.

He amassed a fortune taking jobs all across Europe and Asia, becoming a secret millionaire, his own paranoia over loosing his parents and possibly loosing his fortune causing him to spread his money out over multiple banks. His research and search for jobs eventually led him to the Isles, a den of thieves, murderers, monsters, and mercenaries. A place where his mutant abilities would stand out even less, but also a place with plenty of work available.

The Enclave

Not to long after arriving in the Isles, he was contacted by a man named Havak and brought into the contractor organization, the Ebonhart Enclave. He spent most his time not on the job trying to pick up his coworkers, and any other woman he came across. His escapades eventually led him to Rogue Entertainment, an adult film company. He was hired there, but returned to the Enclave less than a week later because of a vampire, Selene, who had twisted his mind with words, magic, and her body. As he spent time away from her, her influence on him lessened, and he cheated on her with another friend, Emily, a shy girl he helped become more outgoing in one drunken night of passion. Selene broke things off with him when she caught him cheating. Free from his relationship from her, Sol almost immediately moved into a much more open relationship with Emily.

Little to his knowledge, his reckless and completely unprotected sex with Emily led to pregnancy. He wasn't thrilled when she told him, and avoided her completely for a few days, but they eventually worked things out. The only other woman he connected with was a Bane Spider Scout, Elaine Sinclair. They dated for a week, but she left him when things started to get serious. It was the first time he had invested emotions in a person since his parents died. He had fallen in love with her, even if he'd never admit it to anyone, including himself. But instead of just going back to his cold and casual womanizing way, he was unable to empty himself again. He's been trying to balance his new outlook with his sexual appetite.

Since then, Sol has been hit with two incredible revelations. As he came to care more and more about his girlfriend, Emily, and the child she was expecting, Sol slowly came to return the feelings of love she had hoped to receive from him. And after internal struggle, Sol was finally able to tell her this. As his love for Emily continued to grow, Sol decided to take the ultimate plunge. On the floating isles of Ouroboros, he asked her to marry him. She accepted, finally hearing the one thing she wanted most from him, and they are set to be married at an undecided time.



Sol has limited shape shifting powers. He can change anything about his physical appearance including height, weight, gender, and clothing. He cannot, however, become much taller than seven feet tall or much shorter than five feet tall. He must stay humanoid, though he's found he can grow a tail if he wants. He can't grow extra appendages, and he can't turn his current appendages into anything else, such as blades. He can heal small flesh wounds though shifting, and it will refresh his body, mind, and stamina. Shifting also, to his great annoyance, filters out any alcohol in his system, though if he abuses this process, it gives him intense headaches. He can also change the density of his muscles and bones to give himself a stronger resilience or harder punches.

Ghost Widow training

When Sol worked for Ghost Widow, she taught him a few tricks about tapping the powers of his soul in returns for the errands he preformed for her. Sol is experimenting and testing the limits of these powers, but has found one exploit in particular. He can create, much to the amusement of several of his female friends, tentacles from his body to trap both friends and enemies within his fiendish grasp.

Learned Abilities, Training & Equipment

Infiltration & Combat

Sol worked for around twenty years as a infiltrator; assassinating, sabotaging, and scamming. He's learned techniques for stealth, lock picking, and computer hacking, though he carries a few commissioned devices for the latter two. He's an expert at unarmed combat, taking multiple martial arts forms in combination. He's also learned combat knife fighting skills, and recently, Bane Mace training.

Physical Fitness

Sol doesn't need to exercise. He can shift his body into whatever athletic shape he wants. But the muscles and fitness of his usual form were all naturally built and maintained. He works out about three hours a day, with calisthenics and weight training. He might look breakable, but he's a tough son of a bitch from his years of wear and tear.

Arachnos Training

When Sol joined Arachnos, he received more physical conditioning, along with tactical and leadership training.

Gear & Equipment

Sol wears the standard Arachnos Bane Spider Scout uniform, equipped with upgraded stealth and combat systems. He also carries a standardized Bane Mace, which he keeps mounted in his room when he's not using it. Sol always keeps his cell phone with him, which he has learned to shift with, and some sort of concealable combat knife.

Allies and Associates

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