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"Divine Host" to Albino Tempast
Albino Tempest to Arcadian Floret
Arcana Magistrix to Bane Spider Chimera
Bane the Xodar to Bonfire
Bonfire/Goes to the Dentist to Chae Oakes
Chae oakes to Cpt. Concussion
Cpt Mike Stelzner to De-Frag
De-Motivator to Doctor North/Paragon Times/North Dead
Doctor North/Paragon Times/PAED to Electro Spectre
Electroboy to Father Henri's Home for Wayward Youth
Fatherly Love to FyreBeetle
FyreHazard to Guardian-Knight
Guardian Angels to Horseman Fortress
Horus Re to Jacob Morrison/A Quick Stop
Jacob Morrison/The Hitchhiker to Kastion
Kat to La Diablesse/What's a Handbasket?
La Fantoma to Loopy Loup Garou
Lor'vandon to Mary D'Never
Mary Kay Commando to Miss Ollie
Miss Placed to Nareema
Nariko to Oeberon
Oerba to Penumbral Vengeance
People's Defender to Psycheshock Kagawa
Psychic Eye to Refrax
Refuge to Sandruu
Sandstorm to Shatter Sonic
Shattered Soldier to Sociopath
Socket Wrench to Storm Furie
Storm Geist to Tesla Girl
Tesla Omega to The Masked Renegade/Gregslist/Sensei
The Masked Renegade/History to Tomorrow Project
Tomoya Dengo to Varcy'th'shk
Vareena the Frozen to Widowbio
Widowed, The to Zyren Treskal
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