Static Hairball

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Static Hairball.jpg
Static Hairball
Don't take me for granted just because I'm cute!
Player: @Pinny
Activity Level: Moderate/High
Security Level: <50
Personal Data
Birth Name:  ???
Legal Name: Emily Surge
Race: Cat/Human
DoB: September 7th, 1995
Height: 5'3"
Weight 100lbs
Hair Color: Pink
Eye Color: Blue
Residence: Steel Canyon
Marital: Single
Profession: Hero
Known Relatives: Parents (Status unknown, no contact with birth parents)

For the most part, Emily is the typical carefree 16 year old girl with a side of maturity to her. Because she grew up around lots of kids her age and younger, she often found herself in the role of baby sitter, giving her a sense of responsibility. As a hero and normally, she is cheerful and bubbly, but gets very defensive the moment children are involved.

She has a huge phobia of water, coming from both her feline side and her electricity powers. When it comes to crossing big bodies of water, Emily will either get somebody to teleport her across or use another mode of transportation, though the latter makes her fearful that her ride could fail and crash into the water at any time. The only reason she suffers through her fear is because being a hero requires it; when she does not have to worry about fighting crime, she avoids water altogether.

On a slightly lighter note: She is afraid of spiders. Unlike her other phobias, this basically amounts to the "heeby jeebies" whenever she sees a spider. (Oh, but just wait until she sees the Arachnoids...)


Emily was orphaned at a young age and was raised, along with many other children, in an orphanage in Galaxy City. As she grew older her powers began to manifest themselves, and she was able to control them with the help of some of the other mutants she lived with. As she was one of the oldest kids in the group, Emily was often put in charge of taking care of the younger children, which contributes to her greater sense of responsibility.

However, the time came when she wanted to put her powers to good use, and she left the orphanage she spent her entire life at in order to help the other people of Paragon. Her "family" was supportive of her and her decisions, and encouraged her at every opportunity, reminding Emily that if she ever needed a place to stay, she would always be welcomed with open arms.

Of course, not every story ends, or even begins, happily...Emily was visiting her "family" in Galaxy City, as she made a habit of doing throughout her time as a hero, when the meteors fell. It caught them all by surprise, and her only thoughts at the time was to protect the only family she had known throughout her entire life. Risking serious injury, and possible death, Emily was able to get most of her family out safely and into Longbow's care, but as she made her way back inside the orphanage to find any stragglers, the building came down on top of her, burying her under tons of debris.

Her mediporter malfunctioned and failed to go off, leaving her trapped, unconscious, for hours before finally being found by other Heroes in the area and being rushed to the hospital. When she arrived they found that her injuries were not as severe as they initially believed, and after staying in the hospital for weeks to make sure she fully healed, Static Hairball was back on the streets of Paragon, helping those in need.


Emily is highly skilled in manipulating electricity, allowing her to render her enemies helpless. She is highly proficient at creating cages of electricity to trap the most dangerous foes that she faces until she is ready to deal with them, and can also create a mild electrical field on the ground that causes her foes to lose control of their bodies, leaving them in a "sleep" like state.

When it comes to facing villains herself, Emily tends to charge the metal staff she carries around with electricity, allowing it to cause even more damage. Her fighting style revolves around letting her electric auras soften up her enemies before knocking them out with a quick non-lethal blow.


Emily is deathly afraid of water. So much so that prolonged exposure leaves her completely paralyzed by fear, unable to fight back or defend herself. Water does not actually harm her or take away her powers, but it is the psychological aspect of it that effects her: tossing a bucket of water on her won't weaken her, but she'll be huddled up in fear for a few moments.

Using children as hostages also works equally well against Emily. Threaten to hurt a child in front of her and she'll do almost anything you tell her to, including leaving you alone. However, this is also a double edged sword, because if she later finds out you hurt the child anyway after getting her to leave or you leave yourself exposed with no hostages to take around, she will come at you with a fury you have never seen before from a pink haired catgirl. Sleep with one eye open <3
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