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im lookin at teh bildins in this pitcher i think
This is by dixey who is REELY gud at drawin........if u think im lyin u kin see for urself if you go2
 *sigh* I apologize in advance, but Stop insisted on doing her own write up. :(

My player wuz all lik they wil be mad at ur spelin and stuf an i sed thats dum. Azurie tol me thet it wuz reely speshul thet i wuz a cat thet cud talk at all an thet i shudnt wury 2 much abut spelin an all they stuf yet lol. So i think u all kno thet i am doin as gud as i can and thet it will be gud. Cuz yeh ima supper cat an all but spellin aint ona my supper powurs lol. I mad a list athem bilow just so u kno thet fer shur.



I like tuna and stoppin things that r movin. if u want me to stpo ur enemes i will do that for u. Not the best i kno but i am tryin hard to be a gud cat lol. iam called STOP CAT cuz people r all ways yelling it to me lol. Wen they do im lik lol wut did i do now??? cuz i wuz prolly tryin to be gud an dint kno i wuz doin nethin rong!!


U kno wut a cat is rite?? lol u gotta!!!! Ima cat but im not a normul cat. Thet doint meen i dont like turkey an stuff cuz i reely reely do alot like it. Im definity gunna get some later cuz man it reely is gud. Neway wut it meens is thet ima supper cat......i got supper powurs thet normul cats dont have. Plus i got hands an stuf LOL but wvr. I kno u wana kno abut my supper powurs insted cuz u proly don think havin hands is 2 speshul cuz u all got hands mostly. It aint normul 4a cat to have hands tho jus so u kno. Id be prity sirprized if u dint kno thet abut normul cats lol. If u dint kno thet abut them alredy u shud look at a cat sumtime. If u see hands on em then i think ur lokin at the wrong thing......lik mebbe a monkey or shur aint a normul cat neway. Ask sum1 else wut ur lookin at if it got hands in the pitcher. They betur not say its a normul cat cuz LOL!!!!!!

First off i kin run reely fast an i run alot cuz it is fun runnin arund a lot lol! I also got dangerus radiaction thet th ebad guys shur don lik 2 have hapen 2 them! it makes em reely week an they cant hit ya 2gud and evin if they do its lik theys reely week when they do! I kin also make the mans neer me stop and they start chokin from the radiaction an kant punch peepul or hurt them. If they are trying to make hurycanes it just stops lol! Thet reely makes em mad i bet cuz u kno they wanna hurycane ya or else they wuldnt have started tryin 2 make one rite? Thets wut it seems 2me neway. I can also make em reely dizzy if they come close enuf and thets not much fun for them ether cuz they cant be punchin u then ether an they shur like punchin peepul even if u dont want them 2. I dont think i ever want ne1 to be punchin me so them not bean able2 is okie wit meh lol! Sumtimes peepul shoot at meh wit matchine guns and im lik u dont shoot at cats! Why they gotta be lik thet neway? Thet aint rite 2 shoot guns at cats an they shud kno thet alreddy lol!

So i kin run reely fast and alos i kin yell at badmens and it reely hirts them a lot! U member thet I allus put the radiaction on em rite? U member rite?? Wel wvr......even if u fergot the thing is that I do allus put it on them. Thet makes it so they r reely tender or sumthin and get hirt easy so u kin imargin thet it is prity bad for them. Oh an its alot easyr to hit em2. It wud be bettur for them if they dint do crimes an stuf if u ask meh. (tho no1 duz cuz who wud ask a cat stuf lik thet lol. They just usu ask if u want treats or to play with sumthin.......or they shud neway LOL!)

Peepul on my teems dont seem 2get mad thet my radiaction is so dangerus. Sum1 tol me ther is gud radiaction (thet heps u) and bad radiaction (that is bad 4u) and thet the bad kind goes to badmens and the gud kind goes 2 gud peepul lik wut r on my teems. I dont think radiaction is thet smart to decide stuf lik thet tho so i still tell em not 2 get reel mad at meh if they get canser! I dont want ne1 2 get i shur wudnt be usin radiaction on em if they wuz gona get canser frum it! ;_;

Thets all my supper powurs prity much. Oh! I kin rewaken peepul up thet have gotten hirt reely bad an I kin also heel peepul somwut........but they gotta be neerby. I usta kinda bloe peepul up when i tryed to rewaken them but i got betur at it and now i can mutation them prity gud and i dont bloe em up.

I sed i run reely fast so u kno I lik getin spede burst cuz thet makes u fast 2 lol!!!

Why u shudnt kill my mans

Wen i put radiaction on my mans he reely does gloe moar then the other guys. He is makin all the badmens neer him week frum the radiaction 2 so its lik he is helpin us. He is stil bad so we gotta beet him up2......but kant u just save him 4last? Why u gotta kill my mans? Is it becuz he is gloing moar then the rest an u are afeered he has sum speshul powur? Its just radiaction thets on him i sware. U reely kin leave him 4last. Thets evin tru if hes theyr boss guy or his lutenement or wvr becuz he is lik a catnip kitteh tryin ta hit wit lil lite swipes wit all thet radiaction on im........u kin trie savin him 4last and see how it goze sumtime okie? I like chosin ona those boss guys for my mans cuz then peeps can use ther splody powurs and he dont get finished off b4 the rest of his guys.

I dont complane alot if peepul keep killin my mans 2soon (or evun first lol!) but i fell bad cuz all them binfits I listed upthere turn off and it takes awhile b4 i kin reput em. ;_;

Why i have powurs

Ima magic cat. I got my supper powurs from bein magic. I also gots my hands cuz of thet but i kno u dont keer much abut thet even tho normul cats reely dont have hands. U reely shud kno thet abut normul cats cuz I sed it b4 lol......try an rede betur is all i say..........just j/k lol......


In case u dont kno Azurie likes watchin sum show whur peepul get voted on. Well i guess she likes it cuz zhe sure allus watches when its on but man she gets reely mad at it lol! Shes allus yellin at the TV wen thet show is on! Neway u shudnt come in 2c her wen thet show is on cuz she don like 2b inerupted frum it AT ALL. I member guys wit hoods wud cum in wile she was watchin and say they came for sum neklice or wvr and shed be like "shut up and take it alreddy!" cuz she wuz shur mad bout thet show lol. Those hood guys nevar lern tho cuz they allus keep comin durin thet shows time evun tho Azurie yells at em evry time an they gotta get wvr they came 4 and run off w/it kwik LOL!

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