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The lock released with a faint *click* and the door swung open wide, keys dangling from the doorknob.

"Sweetie? I'm hoooome!" a melodic voice called from the opening, its only reply the scampering of tiny furry feet. Ducking inside the doorway and retrieving her keys, the woman smiled down at her miniscule friend. At eight feet tall and over four hundred pounds of muscle, she easily filled the doorway, blocking out the illumination of the streetlights outside. She shut the door and locked it behind her crouching down to scritch at the kitten's ears.

"Aww... mommy's happy to see you too, Munchkin." she smiled sweetly at the mass of white fur, picking up the tiny thing with a huge hand, and planting a kiss on it's head. It was nice to not come home to an empty apartment, even if it was to just a rescue from the animal shelter. Setting the kitten down with a sigh, she moved through the spacious apartment, heading towards the bedroom doors.

The apartment was an amazing thing to her. Nestled in Cap Au Diable, it was spacious, far nicer than what she'd been previously used to on the Rogue Isles, and beautifully furnished. The furniture large, the bed oversized, she would've thought it had been built for her, but no. It was merely a gift... a gift she had no idea how to begin to repay.

Stepping into the darkened bedroom, moonlight streamed in from the windows, cutting shadows across the room through thin veils of curtain. She turned on bedside light and picked up the television remote, clicking ~power~. It was late.. it must be at least four a.m., but thankfully TiVo recorded her programs for her, while she was out robbing the masses blind.

Passing to the bathroom - again, very spacious, a tub even large enough to fit her tremendous size - she turned on the faucet and set to filling it, her small friend getting tangled in her ankles more than once, nearly tripping her. After a couple capfulls of bubbles were added, she headed back into the bedroom.

Clicking through the recorded programming, it was much of the usual: Documentary, documentary, Congressional Hearing on the Metahuman Abilities Disclosure Act, and the Evening News. She selected the Evening News, thinking it was always good to make sure your face wasn't plastered all over creation, and turned up the volume. Peeling away layer upon layer of black leather, she made her way back to the tub. She slipped into the hot, bubble filled water with a ready smile, her aching muscles and bruises thanking her profusely.

"Thanks a lot Diane! And now for the weather... Bob, how's it going out there?".....

She sank up to her chin in hot water. This week had been a rough one. Botched robberies, her relationship dissolving, and a creeping sense of futility settling in. "Maybe they were right?" she thought to herself, "Maybe this isn't where I should be? Maybe this place *will* kill me...." She closed her eyes, for the moment, just trying to forget...

"....and on a more somber note, today marks the one year anniversary of the disappearance of Stephanie MacMillan, daughter of esteemed scientist and geneticist Isaac MacMillan of Paragon City...."

She sat bolt upright, water splashing to the tile floor. Fumbling herself out of the tub, she grabbed the nearest towel and threw it around her wet, bubble covered body. Tripping over Munchkin and slipping on the bedroom's hardwood floor, she crashed to the floor in front of the televisions large screen, the imposing figure of the Chief of Police filling her view.

"...n't given up the search, and even though the trail's gone cold, we're still getting some anonymous sightings, and we intend to investigate every last one." She lowered her eyes to the floor, a feeling of dread washing over her.

"I know she's out there...." a familiar voice rang through the speakers, and for a moment, she hesitated to look up. "I won't give up hope that she's alive, and that she'll be found and brought home safely." She slowly lifted her eyes to the screen, to the proper man in the brown tweed suit and labcoat, the bespectacled face that kissed her cheek each night before bed. He looked so tired, or moreso than she remembered. His hair seemed a bit more grey as well. Her heart ached to see him like this.

"Stephanie... if you're out there... I love you... we'll bring you home."


His face, frozen in time on the screen as she raised her hand, her arm dripping soapy water to the wooden floors. Her fingertips traced wet lines across down his cheek, as if she could reach through the glass and touch him, just one more time. Dropping her forehead to rest on her arm, her throat grew tight with emotion, and tears stung at her eyes.

"Daddy. I'm so sorry."

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