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The Enigmatic Street Cavalier
Player: @Dalantia
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Mastermind
Security Level: 32
Personal Data
Real Name: Brian Maple
Known Aliases: Cav, The Cavalier (before jail)
Species: Human, Mu Descendant
Age: 21
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 223 lbs
Eye Color: One blue, one grey
Hair Color: Dark brown
Biographical Data
Citizenship: Confidential
Occupation: Gangbanger
Place of Birth: Paragon City, USA
Current Residence: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None known
Known Powers
Magical instincts
Known Abilities
Enchanted handguns, Blackwand
No additional information available.



Cav's wariness of most of the villains of the Rogue Isles has led to him being hostile to most, keeping company solely with his men and the sea spirit Daughter of Storms.


Cav tends to avoid emotional extremes - most of what he does is done without passion and with precision. He views himself as a protector, weeding out the folk that cause the most damage to those who live on the Isles, despite needing to prey on them to survive, thanks to the spiders. For a self-proclaimed uneducated thug, Cav is well-spoken and thoughtful, sometimes quoting Shakespeare as another man might quote movies.


Cav's powers seem to be tied closely to his pistols - he uses them as a focus for everything he does, it seems, and what few powers he does possess are purely instinctive. Thankfully, despite his lack of personal power, he has the faith of six other men, and a woman, to attempt to change things...

The Cavaliers

The gang that gave Cav his name, they tend to be scattered to the winds after their surrender to Paragon PD years ago. Of the Cavaliers, six stayed close to Cav after their release and Cav's escape.


Galahad has been Cav's right hand and closest friend since they were young. Contrasting with his size and penchant for berserking, Galahad has been known to, when engaged in conversation, show a certain knowledge of poetry and plays, in contrast to Cav being a street punk who has a disturbing penchant for quoting Shakespeare. He idolizes the hero Redeemed Heart, viewing him as someone who was, as a mere human, capable of overcoming a demon with nothing more than force of will and fists and feet - one of his major goals is to tutor under Heart and learn the Sacred Arts.


Lancelot is the ladies' man of the Cavaliers' remnant. He views himself as God's gift to women, often flirting with the Daughter and most other female metahumans with amusing and painful results. It's sometimes been argued that if he didn't know his way around his uzis, Cav would let one of them carry him off and be well rid of him.


The grim business that allowed Cav to claim leadership of the gang left Gaheris permanently without use of his voice - Cav fired a single shot that penetrated his larynx, destroying his vocal cords (He speaks today through use of a cybernetic duplicate), but did not kill him. After that, no one challenged Cav for leadership.. and when Gaheris got out of the hospital, he immediately threw himself into Cav's cause. When asked why he chose to do this, he said simply, "Cav was right." Gaheris, like Lancelot, favors a pair of Uzis.


Percival might best be described as the straight man of the group, if Cav didn't already fill that position. He and Cav seem to get on well, and Percival, despite being a low-ranking and unproven member of the group, is trusted with significant independence during his downtime. He actually attempted to better himself while in Zigursky, studying electrical engineering and computer programming - there were high hopes for him before his escape. He is fluent in most Oriental languages, a remnant of a cultured past, perhaps - but today, he roams the streets with Cav, wielding a pair of revolvers.


Kay jokes that he's the standard-issue gay gangbanger - oddly, despite gang culture's image of hate for homosexuality, the rest of the group takes very little issue with his lifestyle choices, as long as he doesn't hit on them. Unfortunately, this saddles him with most of the chores and domestic duties, despite his complete and total incompetence at them. (Cav actually does the laundry.) Kay's specialty is demolitions - he's usually the one blowing open vaults and boobytrapping doors to cover their escape.


The most common refrain heard from the Cavaliers is "Shut up, Gawain". Obnoxious, crude, and somewhat dumb, Gawain has the almost supernatural to get the rest of the group angry. Perhaps the closest to the "stereotypical thug" of the group, Gawain displays his occasional bright shining moment of intellect between using expletives as punctuation and chauvinism - Gawain is fluent in most Western languages, including Latin. Considered a lifer by Zigursky staff, It might be Cav's influence that keeps Gawain from being just another Skull or Hellion.


Additional Powers


Travel 2

Power Pool

Power Pool 2


Weaknesses and Limitations

Cav keeps his twin handguns close at hand - it's theorized that if he were separated from them, he would be an average man protected by a group of bangers.


Character History


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