Sublime Chimera

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Sublime Chimera1.png
Sublime in Atlas
Sublime Chimera
Player: Eldritch
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Corruptor (Rad/Kin)
Security Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Jessie
Known Aliases: none
Species: Possessed Human
Age: Apparent age mid-20s
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 125
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Reddish-brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: German
Occupation: Crimefighter/Witch for Hire
Place of Birth: Einhold, Germany
Base of Operations: Currently Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None known living
Known Powers
A sorceress, skilled in luck and change magics. Able to alter a victim's luck, corrupt their very essence, transfer their physical abilities to another in small ways. Minor skills in summoning and fire magics, skilled tarot and I Ching reader, and dabbler in several other magics.
Known Abilities
Still learning about the modern era. Skilled cook and alchemist, some training in melee weapons, has an unusual level of physical strength.
various magical wands, tarot decks, and enchanted talismans


Once upon a time there lived a witch...

Not the most evil of witches, or the nicest, nor really particularly inbetween. This witch led a small coven devoted to Pluto, the astrological aspect, as a force of change and luck. Small, but successful due to their magics, they nevertheless tried to keep a low profile, as in most any era, witches were grudgingly tolerated, at best.

But evil or good did not matter to the Inquisition. After a long hunt, the witch was captured, tortured for a confession, and scheduled for execution. Unwilling to simply give up, and not wanting to die, she gathered her power, linking her magics and her soul, and using a dark spell she had never dared try, she sent her soul and magic into the nearest body she could, that of a young Inquisitor set to guard her cell.

Unfortunately for them both, his sense of self and strong will was greater than she expected, and while she was able to magically open a portal to escape, the inner struggle between the two souls completely incapacitated her. So great was the struggle that her new body began to break down, with no single soul anchored to the flesh, and she realized quickly that being at odds with such a strong will would eventually kill them both.

Using her magic in a desperate effort, she put the body in a sort of stasis...and hundreds of years passed...the two souls locked in a struggle for control over the body hidden from the world in a pocket dimension.

Here and Now

Waking in the modern age, she has become something new. The spell she used had altered the flesh of this new body, trying to conform it to both her self image and that of her host's. The shared mind had formed a new persona over the long years of struggle, an entirely new being. So long locked together in conflict, ego had melded to ego, and where there were once two souls, male and female, there was now a single one, a mixture of them both. The nascent persona had elements of both the witch and the Inquisitor, memories of being male and female, their likes and dislikes conjoined and blended into something neither of them individually would have ever thought possible. Somehow the strongest, and best qualities of each of them had come out on top of the struggle, and formed the primary focus of the new being's persona.

Calling herself Jessie, a name that had meaning to both of the 'parent' personalities, this new witch has slowly been discovering the modern world. Her command of magics is not what it once was, though the knowledge is there, simply waiting for her skills to catch up once again. In a world where so many super powered beings, magicians, aliens, and demons exist, one more spell caster, strange as her creation might be, is practically invisible.

After only a short time of acclimation, Jessie has decided to attempt to do what both her 'parents' would have, if the opportunity and power had been theirs, and has set herself on the path of so many other costumed heroes in Paragon City.

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