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Life is short. Blast happy.
Player: @Tahquitz
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Timothy Verne
Known Aliases: Tahq, Taco-Truck, Floorface, "The Dime-Store Crow"
Species: Construct (Human/Demon Hybrid)
Age: 21
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 186 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Biographical Data
Nationality: Native American/Irish
Occupation: Vigilante
Place of Birth: Agua Caliente, CA
Base of Operations: Paragon City, RI
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Elena Verne-Terriquez (Grandmother), Azucena Terriquez (Aunt), Paige Pirillo & Seneca Thompson (Adoptive Sisters)

Known Powers
Known Abilities
Limited Shapeshifting
Character portrait drawn by Brian Farrar.

Tahquitz is a vigilante level 50 Fire Blast/Ice Manipulation Blaster on the Triumph Server during live, on Paragon Chat after the shutdown, and on Everlasting. He is played by @Tahquitz.



Timothy Verne, an otherwise normal teenager, is the current host of a Trickster Demon, Tahquitz, who has been imprisoned in a fetish necklace by the Cauhilla People for committing crimes against their hero, Konvaxmal. After 500 years of slumber, the spirit of Tahquitz was greatly diminshed upon Verne's discovery. They have a symbiotic relationship; in return for the powers of the Altar of Storms, Tahquitz is learning through Verne's eyes about the future and his place in it when someday, his power can return to a point where he no longer needs another being to live.

In-Game Description

From Agua Caliente, CA, Timothy Verne was a young boy who ran away from home and discovered an ancient altar in a cave. After a collapse blocking his only way out, he disturbed the altar to find a talisman that reformed him into Tahquitz, the Raven God of Storms.

With the powers of Ice and Fire at his command, Tahquitz travelled to Paragon City to combat the menace of the Circle of Thorns. They removed artifacts from the residents of Agua Caliente that hold enormous power, which should not be wielded by anyone alive or dead.

Pre Paragon City History

The soul of the man that became Tahquitz, born Juan Chocne in 1544, lived as a Andean farmer who led a revolt against the Conquistadors of Southern America. As the leader of "Taki Oncoy", the initial resistance to the conquest of Southern America, he fought the efforts of Christobal de Albornoz to subjugate and enslave the Andean people. He met his demise in 1574 as a confessed heathen sentenced to death.

His rage and unfinished fight was determined by a shaman travelling through the domain to be of worth as he captured his spirit in a ceremony for later use. Through years of trade, travel and later conquests, a Aztec priest used the soul to bring the astral form of the god Xolotl (the god of Lightning and Death) to the mortal realm, creating Tahquitz. Initially, he was used by the Aztec people in reversing the fortunes of Spanish Conquistadors. With an cavalcade of deities, the primitive culture laid waste to entire armies, shipyards and villages. For a while, it looked like the Spanish had their hats handed to them.

However, as the combination of technology and magic began to supplant magic alone, the deities were defeated one after another in a calculated fashion, leaving lesser Gods like Tahquitz to take flight north and suppress further occupation by Spanish forces in fringe areas.

The Final Years

In his travels, Tahquitz finds his final residence at what is known as present day Agua Caliente. His defense of the California outpost against his archrival, Snr. Santigo de la Amezcua Cabral, was well organized against the Conquistador who admirably continued on to conquer what today is known as Southern California despite pestilence and famine for his own men. The villagers he protected from de la Amezcua Cabral brought him his initial worship, keeping Spanish forces out of their winter lands. This relationship continued for hundreds of years until a champion of the people arose, Konvaxmal, who rejected Tahquitz as an old world solution to their problem. Other gods could keep the Cauhilla people safe. Tahquitz was not of this place, and he needed to be stopped.

In the last years of Tahquitz's rule over the valley, his demeanor became more selfish and petty. His attacks not only punished the Spanish, but also the native people when they stepped out of line as they were encouraged more and more to disobey his wishes. As Konvaxmal organized the villagers in a campaign to capture the Trickster Demon and contain him in their mountain temple, Tahquitz turned on those he once protected and destroyed their towns. After three failed attempts, the plan succeeded, binding Tahquitz to the Altar of Storms without escape. The settlement rebuilt, the demon contained, and the Spanish afraid to tread further inland believing Tahquitz to be alive and well, the desert valley enjoyed a century of relative peace.

The 500 Year Sleep

Konvaxmal, using the same skills utilized by the Conquistadors to conquer other Gods, sealed the Altar and declared it forbidden to the Cauhilla people.

After 10 years, not even divine provenance could help Tahquitz as his body began to decay. In 20 years, his consciousness was confined to the relics left in the altar. In 30 years, the relics themselves fell apart, save for a single weathered talisman: a fetish necklace holding the strongest part of his soul. From then on, the Altar of Storms was a quiet tomb to a powerful being without form and without purpose.

And it came to pass that Tahquitz was forgotten by the people as myth replaced truth. Tahquitz was merely used as a tribal bogeyman to scare disobedient children out of climbing the mountain named after him. And the Altar of Storms was undisturbed for centuries.

The 20th Century

Timothy Verne, a Freshman at Cathedral City High School, was running up the San Jacinto Mountains. He just learned that he has been orphaned as his father died, and it's been 12 hours after escaping the High School. Ten miles into his trek after midnight, his energy was low, his right foot sprained, and he found himself barely able to continue in the hard rain. He sat at the edge of a moraine between peaks when the rocks gave from under him. The initial break collapsed the surrounding rocks and boulders into the moraine and sent him 200 feet to what should have been his death.

Returning to consciousness hours later, a weakened and dying Tim crawled to the center of the cavern to a stone altar that has been eroded by rain and winds inside the chasm, with a sole artifact at the top of the altar. The fetish necklace containing the spirit of Tahquitz. He touched the necklace, and the resulting shock knocked him out.

In dreams the two could communicate, but through images, emotions and sensations, not words. Tim learned of Tahquitz's origins, seeing his battles first hand, while Tahquitz saw through Tim's memories a world where the Native American people have almost all but died off, left to finish their lives in the Reservations and their small communities. Instead of anger or hate, Tahquitz was left feeling remorseful that his own actions against the Cahuillan people contributed to the fall. Both Tahquitz and Tim slowly convalesced.


In two weeks after being reported missing, Tim Verne was barely alive. His contact with Tahquitz prolonged his life, as he ate small weeds and drank from the pooled rainwater in the cave. But the meager diet of weeds and rainwater left him about to die from malnutrition. His wounds festered, his broken bones, his eyesight fading... There was only one way out. He willingly put on the necklace. He agreed to a soul pact with the Raven God, transforming him into Tahquitz and allowing for his escape from the mountains with a surprise lava flow that parted the rocks to reveal an exit. After emerging from the mountain chasm, joined as one and back to full strength, Tim learned that he could also shapeshift his appearance, hiding Tahquitz's coal-black skin and white hair from the public. He walked freely back into CPS custody as Tim Verne, claiming to have finished a vision quest that he told nobody about.

Present Day

Tim Verne as Tahquitz was reluctant to share with others that he had superpowers, training in secret at first and avoiding the Registration Acts until he could stand by no longer. While awaiting his fate in a group home, a sect of the Circle of Thorns raided his hometown in the night as Tahquitz took to the night skies to stop them. His 'outing' as a superhero was met with mixed reviews, as his powers were too out of control, costing as much damage to property and infrastructure as the lives and artifacts saved. The residents regarded him initially as a villain since he destroyed more than he saved.

Consequently, this caught the attention of the FBSA, who took temporary custody of him. Tim was taken to Paragon City, RI to serve in the Young Heroes program to develop his powers as well as finish his education. This was done with or without his cooperation, as many wards of the state who develop powers are sent to "training cities" like Paragon City, but Tahquitz went there willingly when he read up on a single topic: Oranbega. If he were to recover his people's artifacts, Paragon City was his best shot.

The Praetorian Incident

After visiting a parallel dimension of Earth under Portal Corp's guidance, Tahquitz, along with teammates PulseFire, Stephanie Miroux, and Lumos were taking the offensive on the Clockwork King, who easily overwhelmed the team with their Psionic attacks, including Tim Verne. This was the one moment he was as close to death as he was back on Tahquitz Peak, with PulseFire trying to protect him from additional attacks.

After PulseFire was knocked out and Lumos died, the clockwork centered their efforts on Tim, who got a curious message from his symbiote. Tahquitz the Demon was promising him to take care of the threat if Tim would surrender control. Reluctantly and weakly, Tim agreed.

Summoning twin cyclones of an ice hurricane and a volcanic lava fire, Tahquitz the Demon destroyed virtually everything in the zone. But the bloodlust wasn't enough as the vortexes continued to grow in magnitude in pursuit of the Clockwork King. The King resisted the hurricane with only minor slowdown and freezing, but was fearful of the molten lava that awaited his gears. Tahquitz the Demon was ruthless in finishing the job... so much so that when retreating Clockwork tried to flee, he defeated them before they could run. It was bad enough so that when the Clockwork King did fall, Longbow Agents were called to the area through the portal. They, along with Stephanie Miroux and PulseFire, had to try in their compromised state to subdue Tahquitz the Demon. PulseFire nearly lost her life in finally succeeding to knock Tim out.

Since that day, Tim Verne is careful to watch over his health, as the next time he is close to death he may not be able to stop Tahquitz from taking full control again.

Life After The Fall of Akarist

Tahquitz left from Heads of Cerberus to pursue Akarist in the American Southwest in 2011. This pursuit was a cat and mouse game until the penultimate encounter in 2018 as he finally subdued him and brought him to justice for stealing and destroying one of his people's most valued artifacts.

Before his return to Paragon City a few months later, his supergroup leadership disbanded forcing his former teammates to find other groups. Tim returned to the City with no place left to go. After learning of the fate of his friends, he found a supergroup in the want ads who had a vacancy... after his first radio mission with them he met Korbian, who became the reason to stay. They're still in the city, finding one adventure after another together.

Powers & Weapons

Fire Blast/Ice Manipulation

Fire and Ice is Tahquitz's forte. While he's not a master of either power, the dual damage types allow him to exploit vulnerabilities in others with fire, while slowing the progress of high power villains using Ice. Tim does not need to be in demon form to use these powers, although he chooses to anyways. Inconsequential burn marks and frostbite forms on his arms and hands if he uses them for too long, which rapidly heal at rest and are much easier to hide as Tahquitz.

Flame Mastery

A frequent tactic of Tim's is to drop in on a group of villains, attack the minions at will, then allow the boss to knock him out. Using the techniques of the Phoenix, Tahquitz returns to battle to deliver justice in a very surprising way, turning the tables on the most elite of bosses.


As a raven demon, Tahquitz has developed his flight prowess to rival the top heroes in Paragon City at his young age. His Afterburner technique affords a 10 second boost of raw speed while flying.


Tahquitz has a slim build and athletic physique. His physical prowess is that of an average teenager. He can run a mile, but is no cross country racer. He can stay in a fight for a while, but he's no Tank or Scrapper. One good hit and he's out cold.


While on the ground, Tahquitz is as fast as any other hero. His attack speeds can be temporarily boosted, but the duration is temporary.

Other Weapons

Tahquitz works with the Midnight Squad irregularly, and is often carrying an ancient or cursed weapon for certain missions. When in his demon form, most cursed weapons have no effect on him.

Misc. Abilities

Tahquitz has the ability to change his form at will in a simple form of shapeshifting. He has been known to change his appearance when necessary, sometimes for espionage and recon missions. Other times, it's to buy alcohol for his friends, or gain entry into clubs he's too young to enter. His voice also changes tonality when he does this, staying in a baritone range but able to flex or contract to deceive others about his age. He does have a female form, and it does come in very useful as subterfuge, but he's reluctant to use it as his voice and mannerisms need a lot of practice that he's not eager to pursue.

Concerning this trick, Tahquitz is limited to his own body mass to do so. While his appearance can vary his weight can never change. More muscular and powerful means becoming smaller, more speed means growing taller and thinner. Female means trading muscle for shape. Because of this, his physical prowess when shapeshifted depends on the form he takes. Except for his demon forms, shapeshifting also means bringing the necessary clothes to pull it off, so he doesn't do it often.

Associates and Acquaintances

City of Heroes/Paragon Chat/Homecoming


Tahquitz was the third hero that the player behind him made when he started out, with the first two being experiments stumbling into City of Heroes and making less than enjoyable choices on his initial MMO playstyle. After Tahquitz took off, he changed his global name to @Tahquitz from the more embarrasing prior global he used.

Initially Tahquitz was in Paragon Regulators, but later moved to Heads of Cerberus after the "dark ages" (2008 recession.)


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