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"She's one of my favorites. The cold-hearted kind. People like her, I never have to ask if I can trust them, only if I can afford them."
Tanya Frost
Player: @Facepunch
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 48
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Unknown
Species: Human
Age: 25
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 150 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Light Blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: Unknown, appears Korean
Occupation: Mercenary
Place of Birth: Unknown, raised on Rogue Isles
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Expert knife wielder, knows hundreds of mixed drink recipes
Kevlar body armor, tactical combat knife, night vision
No additional information available.

There is little known about Tanya Frost, including whether "Tanya Frost" is her real name. Public records list her with an overall clean slate. She admits working with Arachnos in the past, but has no criminal record. She carries a valid firearms permit and bounty hunter license. Almost all of her work is done under contract as a mercenary, but she has been known to do various "pro bono" public safety jobs.

Her past is shrouded in mystery, and her future is charted by a burning desire for revenge.



Public Record and Newspapers

The readily-available police file describes Tanya as a freelancer that took various takedown and apprehension requests. After a while, she began doing numerous public safety oriented missions "pro bono," and she is not currently considered a threat. It reports that she has a firearms permit and a bounty hunter license. She does not have a hero registration, nor has she ever applied for one.

Tanya first entered the public eye during an infamous botched Arachnos raid on Crey. After tipping Longbow off, the raid was a spectacular failure, resulting in over 120 Arachnos troop arrests, two confiscated flyers, one confiscated cargo helicopter, and the death of Arachnos' current R&D chief, Dr. John Pershing. Tanya was reportedly attacking Arachnos troops at the landing zone during their retreat, resulting in every single troop being brought into custody. What Dr. Pershing was doing at the raid is unknown, the cause of death was reported as blood loss due to a stab wound in the neck. Tanya was questioned regarding his death, but no charges were ever filed.

Longbow File

Longbow's confidential file states that Tanya was raised in Arachnos' ranks under a codename "M1-20", displaying strong cryomancy powers and running missions with Arachnos rookies at an early age, first sighted around 12 and active possibly even earlier than that. Around what is assumed to be age 19, contact with her was lost and the codename stopped appearing in Arachnos chatter. Two years later, Longbow's hotline received a call concerning an upcoming Arachnos raid on a Crey R&D lab, complete with information on where the drone network relays could be found, and several squad formations. The raid was devastated, and Tanya's status afterwards was changed to "Clean."

The Longbow file also states that the name "Tanya Frost" has never been found in any Arachnos intelligence intercepts predating the raid, leading to the assuption that the name is either an alias, or was meant to be kept secret.

Longbow may have leaked the confidential file to various Freedom Corps-affiliated organizations, but it has not become public.

Arachnos File

Tanya's name does not appear anywhere in Arachnos records prior to the raid, the raid report itself containing several blackouts to personnel below "secret" clearance. Dr. Pershing's death is attributed to a blacked-out name. However, there is a line stating that "Tanya Frost same person as [BLACKED OUT], see A029F6 [BLACKED OUT]."

File A029F6 shows 20 names numbered "M1-01" through "M1-20", the first 19 with "Deceased" and dates ranging from 2/6/1988 to 8/29/1988, and the last line blacked out with "Status: RWu-DKos", Arachnos personnel code for "Rogue, Whereabouts unknown - Dangerous, Kill on sight."

The file's summary for M1-20 reads:

Personal Statements

Tanya openly admits that she believes one of her contracts is from Longbow through an intermediate agent, and has encouraged them to "either get better middlemen or just stop using them." When questioned about affiliation with Longbow, she has stated that Longbow is "the best-paying group that doesn't have backstabbing as a retirement plan."

She has stated that she does not reveal her contacts, but says that "both sides of the contract are expected to maintain confidentiality, which is compromised by sloppy intermediates. If the information is leaking one way, it will leak the other as well, which is unacceptable." This was followed immediately by Longbow denying that she or any other mercenaries are contracted by them.

Tanya has stated that her background "includes training from the spiders" but declines to go into detail, stating that "my life working with the spiders is over. My life exterminating them is just starting. Any contract involving a dead spider officer has will have its service fee halved."


While ultimately unproven, rumors persist that Tanya is contracted by Longbow, which presents the possibility that her "pro bono" work is actually paid work under a thinly-veiled Longbow/Freedom Corps contract.

Her gear appears to be a mix of Malta and Crey technology. This, combined with her refusal to attack a select few Crey installations, has given rise to rumors that she is playing both sides and possibly maintains relationships with several of Paragon City's less-savory organizations.


Tanya is a hardened mercenary, with little respect for life and even less respect for the law. She is fiercely independent, refusing to submit to the procedures and restrictions of organizations like Freedom Corps. She likes pointing out that Freedom Corps and Longbow do not apply their caring ideals to anyone not conforming to their beliefs, not unlike Arachnos. She believes conforming to the restrictions of organizations that have such narrow focus in their ideals is a wasted effort that does not benefit her in any way.


Tanya generally packs light, wearing military fatigues, a belt with a few basic supplies, a combat knife with a serrated back edge, a black cap, and a simple brown face mask. Her hair is a pale blue color, and although not usually visible, she has a long scar running along her back, right near her left shoulder.



Tanya's ability to control the air currents and temperature around her is difficult to match. She can form ice shards that pierce body armor, conjure windstorms that engulf her foes, and entomb them in an icy prison formed from the moisture in the air itself.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Hardly a walking tank like some of Paragon City's denizens, Tanya is protected by little more than a half-strength layer of Kevlar, which won't stop much more than a 9mm bullet.


Tanya has recently decided to collaborate with Evolution-X, believing that they could offer a significant amount of assistance with her current tasks and resources to improve her combat prowess, in exchange for information on Arachnos' mutant research programs and access to information leaks from Crey.

She sees the alliance as strictly business, maintaining her refusal to devote herself to any relationship that denies her the flexibility to complete her tasks.



Raised and ultimately betrayed under the wing of Arachnos, Tanya's life is guided by a seething hatred of "the spiders." With a hitlist a mile long, Dr. Gunter Koenig, Arachnos' special weapons research lead, is at the top, above even Lord Recluse. She will reduce fees for contracts that involve killing Arachnos, will pursue Arachnos jobs before others, and will go out of her way to interfere with Arachnos jobs even when not under contract, an act seldom reserved for any other group except the Rikti.


9/13/2002 - 2030 hours

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