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“Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.”
Player: Restricted
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Peacebringer
Security Level: 27
Personal Data
Real Name: Confidential
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human/Kheldian Hybrid
Age: Unknown (Early 20's)
Height: 1.65 meters
Weight: 54kg
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: Anglo-Saxon
Occupation: Hero
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Kheldian Peacebring hybrid. Able to harness vast energies. Fly. Shapeshift.
Known Abilities
No additional information available.


Character History

Terribelle's Demon.

When Terribelle came to Paragon City with her abilities. She didn't B-line right to city hall for to register to become a hero. No, her first stop was at a psychologist's office named Dr. Wayne. She vaguely told him the story of how she became fused with the Kheldian energy, an event she really doesn't care to talk about. She wasn't here to talk about her past. She was here to talk about the 'voice.'

At first, 'Terribelle,' as she refered to herself, embraced her powers. But the more she used them, the more she found herself crossing that line from enforcing the law, to taking it into her own hands. During battle, while harnessing the light energy of her Peacebringer counterpart, a masculine voice began to speak to her. Telling her to let loose. Telling her to kill. She fought the urges the best she could. But being weak, inexperienced soon came at a cost.

Soon, the voice was talking to her all the time. Unable to shut him out, 'Terribelle' slowly began to go insane. She still did her best to fight crime, but those she fought would look at her in bewilderment as she would literally began verbally fighting with herself. During one said screaming match, the voice managed to take over, shifting the woman into a White Dwarf. With this alter ego now in control, it's victims didn't even stand a chance.

Scared, with no one to talk to, Terribelle ran away to Paragon City. It was there she saw a billboard add for Dr. Wayne "Psychologist for the Heroes." He immediately took her as a client, the government covering most of his expenses as a 'reimbursement' for their efforts against the Rikti in their invasion. Over the next few weeks, Dr. Wayne worked with Terribelle, even found other Kheldians to help her take control of the being inside of her, eventually regaining control of her thoughts and actions. How long this lasts is up to Terribelle's willpower.


Growing up, Terribelle was your typical all American girl. Cheerleading squad, 4.0 grade point average, popularity, these were all things she had and other girls wanted. Life, it seemed, was perfect. That is, until she was transformed into Terribelle. With her angry persona under control, and in fear of it releasing itself around those she cares about, she ran away from home to Paragon City, away from those she cared about most. It was for their protection of course.

This life of seclusion has taken its toll on Terribelle. Even though the powerful voice inside her head has calmed down to a nonexistant whisper, she still fears she'll lose control again. This is why she is held back, quiet. Though she fights crime, she doesn't listen to those who plea for mercy or to those who try and belittle her. Terribelle refuses to let others get the best of her. Not by her confident stature and high self esteem, but by keeping quiet and defusing the situation as quickly as possible.

Many have called her out, gang leaders and family bosses alike. She knows they are just trying to get under her skin. The ones who are talk, Terribelle would love nothing more to shut them up. But to keep her rage in check, she turns the cheek, saving her strength for the muggers and rapists who deserve her wraith. Her quiet nature also allows her to focus, keeping her powers in check, always making sure she doesn't give into them. For when she does, that quiet, little woman will turn into the lumbering, murderous beast she fears most.

Terribelle's Angel


Terribelle has the powers possessed by other Kheldian Peacebringers. Despite her dark side, she is able to harness the light to fight her enemies or protect her from harm. Once her Kheldian counterpart released its true power, Terribelle discovered her ablity to shift into a White Dwarf. Though turning into such a creature puts a ton of mental strain on Terribelle, she does so when needed to protect those around her.

There is also a yin to her yang. Though only once, during a moment of total clarity, Terribelle transformed into a Bright Nova, an angel from the cosmos. The light radiated around her and she was able to focus all her energy into extreme blasts of light upon those who tried to harm her. The extent of her power has yet to be tested. Though it seems to be connected to both her rage and her peace of mind.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Like all Kheldians, Terribelle is highly vunerable to Nicti damage. This makes Voids and Quantum Gunners a deadly threat to her. This is public knowledge, and there is little Terribelle can do against this horrible energy. The only thing she can do is rely on her teammates to protect her. Terribelle does keep her own Quantum gun. The reason for this is yet to be known.

Also, due to a need to keep her emotions in check, Terribelle engages her enemies in haste. Wanting to end the fight before it even begins, this leads Terribelle to 'look before she leaps.' In the end, causing herself, and potentally her teammates to get hurt in the process. Her rational? 'If they are down before they can talk, they can't piss me off.'

Her ability to continue the fight has seen some slight limitations. Her powers are directly linked to her emotions and state of mind. If Terribelle is levelheaded, the energy harnessed seems held back, almost restrained. Once she gets upset or angry, a dark place is tapped into. Her mind becomes clouded. Though stronger and more powerful, Terribelle reasoning is far from clear at this point. She becomes a destructive machine.
MRP'er for violence, sex, language, adult situations (IC: Seeks longterm futa partner. Inquire ingame.) Rabbit Hole: Terribelle
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