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Teseract Castle(Keep)
Founder: Octina Weaver(Debchia Weaver)
Side: Hero(Villian)
Motto: Any significanly advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
Leader(s): *Krysilis, *Octina, *Primalrose, *Mazeguard
Logo: Cube
Group Colours: Dark blue(darkred), gold
Levels: 1-50
Play style: Heavy Roleplay, PvE
Roleplay: Expected, Required.
Timezone(s): Any
Recruiting: Light
Contact: @Vr2lrose,
This supergroup is currently active. *Alts of founder


Welcome to Tesseract

note both the VG and the SG use this page the global channal is TesseractOOC the redside group is pritty small still so its "herobox stats" are in parenthses


The Sisters Debchia and Octina are both trying to Stabalize the castle left to them by thier dear departed mother who gave her life protecting the secrets of the castle into the realm of heroes/villians.The castle itself is located somewhere in the shadowshard and doesnt look like a castle from the outside.

((The Castle-Keep/Rift/Nexus/Tesseract...ect is simply a plot device. you dont need to understand it to use it. its a omniportal to who knows where or when and free licence for any member to use in any number of plots...bring in monsters or dooms day weapons. conspire with or against our sister/enemy group. the guild conceptis based on an accual dream of mind. so instead of figuring how you fit in figure out how the group can fit into YOUR story. Feel free to make your own plots and storylines if you make ae missions post them in the forums))


1. Know and follow FFRP logic rules.unless otherwize agreed/arranged:

2. Keep Erp out of public channals. We dont screen for age.
3. Idle boot is 100 days we may extend this for some people.


lowest rank,it has no real privileges to get a better rank earn some prestige(even 1 point) and get rped in. typically i promote at that point if you have aalready been rped in and have some prestige find me and ask. some times elites can help locate me
can recruit, can use racks in base. generally not much is expected of scouts other than to show up every so often so that you dont go over 100 days though id prefer people to log in every week i know people have alts and lives.
for extreamly active members, maybe you recruited, or earned a lot of pres more is expected of these people you are the shining examples of the group you should help entertain recruits or such. in exchange me or one of the elites can help you decorate a room.
Elite Scout
generally creme of the crop,occational base editing rights generally I have alternate ways of contacting these people such as instant messenger this rank is often my most trusted friends.
my alts, I may elect a leutenent and temporarily put him in this position. I may change leutenents at any time and rarely have more than 2.


(( below is a sample recruit blurb ))

Are you an exile far from home, Do you have trouble fiting in with shiny teeth groups or brooding emo groups at tesseract castle we understand we are misfits trying to fix our flying castle and find a place for ourselves.


^Godmoding: playing as if you were the game master and controling characters that are not your own without ooc concent. It does not mean being a diety though playing overpowerful characters tend to lead to this behavior. Its generally considered bad form to say your the one and only of something "The grim reaper" "the devil" its Better to claim you A powerful devil or A powerful reaper or if you must be specific you can always claim your from a paralel reality.

^^Autododge: Ignoring somone elses attempt to hit you completly. or claiming nothing they can do will hurt you. it's ok to dodge just rp the dodge out state that the bullets bounce off, or even better take some superficial damage.
^^^Autohitting: telling somone elses character what happens to them either by automatically doing damage,

((/me swings and slices joe's head off with a single blow*))

this can often be avoided by describing what you hope/attempt to do

(/me swings his sword at joe hoping to slice his head off.)

or telling a person what they do or feel as if you were a gm telling a story.

((/me glares at steve he feels so scared that he wets his pants and flees))

instead describe what you do and let others deside what they feel about it.

Tesseract Keep(RPVG) just alter relivant words to reflect the vside.

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