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Founder: Trey Cynic & Pastolina
Side: Villains (and jaded "Heroes")
Motto: Chaos Is Order
Leader(s): Trey Cynic, The White Devil, Pastolina
Logo: Skull/Death's Head
Group Colours: Red and Black
Levels: 5-24
Play style: Casual
Roleplay: Encouraged
Timezone(s): Varies
Recruiting: yes
Contact: Trey Cynic by sending a /tell, or (preferably) by in-game E-Mail. Soon, people will be able to use the website to apply/join too.
Themed RP Group that only exists on the Virtue Server for now, on the Villains' side. Hero-side team coming soon.

The ANTIs are a StreetPunx/Biker/Skum themed - VG in the Virtue Universe. If you look us up in-game, you will find that our name is spelled: ANTI s

Why the extra space between the "I" and the "s"? Trey says "Superadyne." /e shrug


What We're About

The ANTIs are convinced that modern society is a giant web of plans, rules and regulations that only restrict human potential, and natural behavior, thus making life much more miserable than it has to be.

Citizens walk the streets of The Rogue Isles and Paragon City unaware that they are nothing more than sheep. The ANTI s will not be part of that flock! We believe that personal freedom of action is the most important part of life, disregarding modern laws, and "morals".

A Day In The Life Of...

A typical day for an ANTI in The Rogue Isles includes random violence, looting, and any other trouble they feel like getting into that day, from robbing a pack of Hellions in a dark alley, to gunning down the corrupt Police Officers of Mercy Island. Cash and goods stolen from enemies during robberies and beat-downs, can be hawked at the Black Market to put food and beer on the table.

"Themed, ST???"

The team does have a loose "suggested dress code" in place, paying homage to older games such as the Double Dragon series, Final Fight, Streets of Rage, and Rival Turf.

If you know nothing about those games, think "Mad Max" and The Road Warriors. Chains, spikes, mohawks, leather jackets and vests fit our theme a lot more than a para-military outfit or Silver-Era neon tights super villain costumes.


We plan to strive to build a family of players, so that we usually always have familiar and mature players to Level up and RP with. The value and immersion of RP increases greatly, when you start to know the members of your SG.

You can contact Trey Cynic about joining, either by sending a /tell to @LoneWolfRGB or via in-game E-Mail. (preferred)

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