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The Ashen: OOC Info

The Ashen are a race of demons that I decided to RP and expand over the last three years. It started off very simply as Labal an ash demon king who was banished to earth and through his trials and tribulations created an empire in which to do his evil bidding. As time went on more and more people wished to know about Ash demons and where they came from. Some wanted to know this for personal interest and others wished to know about it because they in fact wanted to RP ash demons with me. This caused me to have to explain time and time again. Also, it’s kinda nice having it all in one place, so I hope you enjoy!

The Ashen Plains

The Ashen plains are where all ash demons are spawned. The realm exists within the boundaries of hell like any other. What they are exactly is a vast desert of ash with a gnarled blackened city at its center. Since Labal's banishment he and his demons have lived within a pocket dimension dubbed 'Abyss Empire' It is their base of operations while they prepare their final solution for earth.

Abyss Empire

Abyss Empire as mentioned is a pocket dimension created by a nether creature named Renzer. Originally It was a rag tag group of Humans, demons, Mercs, and whatever else, charged with the keeping balance in the world; making sure that neither the forces of good or evil had too much control over dark magic’s. That all changed the day a boy named Xander rescued a small demon.
The demon was in fact Labal, recently banished and drained of all his power. He quickly rose in power and one day slaughtered all the original members claiming Abyss Empire for himself. The Empire has gone through many changes and now exists in its fourth age. Abyss consists of the following.


Obviously what this whole thing is about, the dominant race and all officers are this.

The Puppet Jesters:

Mysterious constructs developed by Labal himself, a collection of clothing, weapons and magical energies, these automations are numerous and attack in packs, they are commanded by a Jester Captain and overseen by the generals. ((also people are more than welcome to Rp them, they are a lot of fun!))


Anything else really, magically corrupted or ones who have been enslaved by the ashen’s soul taking. Also, other demons that may not be ashen but believe in their cause of global destruction or just like a good fight. ((basically if you don't want to be ashen or a jester we have a place for you))

Their mentality

To say ashen have a superiority complex would be an understatement. To them they are perfection personified. They feel themselves above the petty sin of mortals and a higher plane of existence altogether. They have no regard for the laws of heaven or the laws of mankind. That being said if not for the radical nature of their leader they would be obedient to the wills of hell.
The fact that they consider themselves above sin is not to say they are pure or orderly beings or even to say they do not sin. They are the height of corruption. They pride themselves on deception and manipulation. Or by the same token are equally willing to resort to extreme acts of violence and domination. The underlying fact is, although they wish to believe themselves above sin they are actually guilty of pride.

Inherent Powers of the Race


Ash demons are made of ash it’s as simple as that really. Their primary advantage is their ability to regenerate and absorb damage. The ash that composes their bodies is actually just an avatar. Ash demons in their purest form are just demonic energy that breaks down the world around them into ash and it’s that ash that becomes their bodies.
Normal weapons, like blades and bullets do little but disrupt their forms which will break apart in clouds of ash, many opponents become exhausted simply by trying to figure out a way to keep them down permanently

Heightened strength:

Ashen are demons like any other and like most demon are much stronger than humans physically. By how much exactly is based on the individual ashen and their tier (more on that soon).


Ashen have the ability to somewhat alter their limbs; the easiest example of this is their fingers elongating into razor sharp claws. Most have no trouble being able to shred man and machine.

Life Sight:

All ashen have life sight, what that means is they see souls and energy as oppose to regular textures.

Special Abilities

Some Ashen have abilities unlike any other. What they are and how they came about depends of their tier.

The Tier System

The ashen’s power is divided up into four tier’s. Their appearance abilities and level of abilities are all based around what tier they are.

First Tier

Ashen Imps, and all pure Ash demons come from this source, created “From the Ash” is the only way they have revealed their origins thus far. Mindless Ravenous beasts they have little in the way of power, however in packs they are a bit more formidable. Still they can be killed as easily as any other demon

Second Tier

Stronger, faster, and more intelligent, these ashen have lived long enough to have grown in power, on their own. They make up the bulk of the more demonic forces within the empire, and are by far the most common type of ashen.

Third Tier

Very, rare for ashen to live long enough to reach this point, they are fully sentient and generally in control of their emotions and can follow orders. Their ability to think, reason and command their powers are on par with any normal meta. They are given ranks of captains and Lieutenants. They also can exhibit abnormal abilities ((OOC wise, These are the most common RPed Ash demon))

Fourth Tier

Ashen Elite, created through extraordinary means, and are as rare as they come. Only four Ashen Elite may exist at one time. They are each given the rank of general and represent an aspect of Labal’s legion. The Eyes (Psi Ashen) The Mouth (Research and intelligence) The Arms (Warriors) The Ears, (Spec Opt). ((This Level of Ashen is left to Abyss Empire Officers only))

What They Don't Need

Food, Water, Sleep. Another note the race itself is sterile they also have no blood or internal organs.


Ashen range from all shapes and sizes from tiny imps to lumbering berserkers. In terms of their demonic forms they can run the gambit from White, Grey, or Black. They typically have horns and spikes protruding from various points in their bodies, some have tails, and some don’t.
Generally speaking ashen have three distinct forms.

Human Guise:

By manipulated souls that they have taken, the ashen are able to create a human form, partial illusion and partial reality, a melding of their original form with the human aspects of the soul they stole. Ashen rarely if ever drop their human guise when in public deeming the general populace unworthy of seeing their demonic form.

Demon Form (Rested):

With their guise dropped the ashen look a lot more demonic but are still not engaged in combat, this is for lack of a better term their rested state and typically when they are within the confines of the ashen plains or Abyss Empire.

Demon Form (Pure):

Combat ready and sparing none of their energy, they only take this form when they are facing a serious threat. ((As with all costumes for RP if you have any questions just contact me directly))

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What kinds of powers can I choose for my ash demon?:

A: Any kind you want, the inerrant powers are a good start, Super Strength, Claws, Etc. Try to remember ashen have high regeneration, so tough durable characters or characters who can heal themselves fast make a lot of sense. And of course Abnormal abilities in higher ashen opens up most other ATs.

Q: I already have a character that I want to join but they aren't ashen. Can a human be turned ashen?

A: Yes, a human can be turned ashen via a secret method, that requires a bit of RP to get started but it is a very common method I have encountered in the game.

Q: If I changed my character into an ashen can he/she be changed back?

A: No, becoming ashen is permanent, so please don’t do it if you think you will change your mind later. The only way out for ashen is death.

Q: Can I still Join Abyss Empire and not be an ash demon?

A: Absolutely.

Q: Do the ashen have any weaknesses or limitations?

A: Yes, they have numerous weaknesses and limitation that I am hesitant to put on the webpage for now. But rest assured weaknesses discovered in Rp will be Rped accordingly so just keep a keen eye out for hints.

Q: Can the Ashen actually die permanently?

A: Yes, the ashen regardless of rank and power can be put down for good.

Q: How important is PVP?

A: Pvp is something that I prefer to settle all conflicts but that sadly isn't always going to be the case. I would prefer it if your character was PVP viable but if it isn't or you are just no good at pvp then we can still work with it.

PVP Vs TXT Combat

We are a PVP RP group it’s that simple. We have levelled our toons and gotten their IO’s and learnt how to fight using the game mechanics. That being said we recognize not everyone knows what they are doing, we will Text if needed and will take our losses when they come but keep in mind we are doing that in the interests of fair play. If you come to us with the old “BWA MY CHARACTER IS AMAAAAAZING” mentality we will have no choice to take it to arena to settle it.

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