The Chesspieces

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The Chesspieces
Side: Villain
Motto: "Power is all that matters.."
Leader(s): Phanteme
Logo: Unknown
Group Colours: Grey and black
Levels: All
Play style: Casual
Roleplay: Required
Timezone(s): Any
Recruiting: Phanteme
Contact: Ghost-shadow1
No additional information available.


The Founding

The was a secret brotherhood dedicated to the occult in the 19th century. The group was one of the many british occult groups to pop up in the neo paganism movement of the time. They did not receive any notice until a new member by the name of Vincent Demorne became its leader. Demorne started dolling out magical artifacts and authentic magical tomes, and teaching members the magical arts who were gifted. It was only a matter of time before he had the entire organization eating out of his hand begging for more power. It was then that Vincent revealed his true form as that of a being from another dimension and renamed them the Chesspieces, and he their new king.

Phanteme's Speech

You know what? I HATE THIS WORLD! ITS STENCH SICKENS ME!! The flowers, trees, rocks, water, birds, villages, cities, mountains...But none of them stink as badly as.. THE HUMANS. They put themselves at the center of the universe. They hurt others, theyre envious, they lie- And all the time, they believe they are in the right. Jealousy, Hatred, Betrayal, arrogance, and deceit...These are the true faces of humanity. So putrid, they make me retch. They're all just living masks. Thats why we decided to kill them all. We the Chesspieces are beings that have abondoned this world and come together as one to make this dream a reality.



The Chesspiece's are home to people from a mélange of backgrounds with a mélange of motives: discarded humans seeking a refuge, victims of social injustice wishing to avenge themselves upon their antagonists, radicals aiming to 'cleanse' the world, or simply lusters of wealth, power, women, or war; all united under the same goal: to conquer the world.


The kings orders are absolute. Pieces will follow the orders of their higher ranked officers unless the order is remanded by a higher ranked piece. Other than that we have few rules, we "encourage" our members to act freely furthering the cause of the organization.


The Chess ranks are based on the pieces in the game of chess with rank going from king down to queen, knights, bishops, rooks, and pawns, separating the hierarchy into two parts. Its top is governed by the command force of one King and one Queen, which lurks in darkness most of the time the identity of its two members privy almost to none outside the Chess Pieces; headed by the King. Second to it is the combat force consisted of echeloned Knights, Bishops, Rooks and Pawns. Chess members from Rook ranks upward is permitted the possession of class earrings which allow members to communicate with eachother.


The leader of the Chesspieces Phanteme.


Second most powerful class of the Chess Pieces. The Queen insignia is a Queen-piece earring. The current Queen is Ignus Portens.


In the Chess combat force's hierarchy, Knights are top members highest ranked for their powers. Elite fighters and leading operation executors each one when dubbed a Knight will have an insignia earring (the knight piece in a chess game) bestowed upon him/her, usually by Phanteme.


The Bishops are the second-strongest group of the Chess Pieces after Knights. Each of the Bishops wears a bishop earring as an insignia.


Rooks are the third strongest of the Chess Pieces after Bishops, they tend to be weak and more along the lines of above-average Pawns. Rook earrings are their insignia.


There are many Pawns in the Chess. Most are nameless and identical with black cloaks and masks.


The Chesspieces call the castle Lestava their home. An immense floating castle off of the Port Oakes coast. Protected by magical camaflouge and prism's that could annihilate fleets of Rikti ships. Hundreds of rooms house the many soldiers of the Chesspiece's and their leaders. (picture seen above)

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