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The Crimson Order is a Roleplaying Supergroup structured around World Domination as an ends to a means.

Evil is a point of view played against the backdrop of a morality created by the weak to limit the power of the strong. What truly is evil aside from denying our own impulses and desires? Atrocities are defined by victims. Glorious victories defined by the conquerers while the conquered scream of crimes against humanity. Who among us is truly human? Who is without ambition, drive, passion, and anger? Love, the most sacred of all feelings breeds jealously, envy, greed, anger, pain, and unadulterated rage when it is removed from us... in this instance, how "good" is our most defining of characteristics, that to fall in love? We are a paradox in motion, a farce to existance in a hypocritical society created to squeeze the noose around the neck of humanity.

Innocence is a dream lost to us in ages that are now dust.

- Harbinger High Lord of the Crimson Order


To establish a unified rule, by the sword if necessary, and end the foolish reign of incompetent governments and idealistic moralists.


1.) We believe that Organizations such as Longbow and Arachnos are a drain on the resources of the world- Longbow because of its horrendous failure at producing anything of note in addition to its constant attempt to “apprehend” members of the Order. Arachnos is in this category because, though useful as a stepping stone, it is ultimately in our way. For now, Arachnos is to be cultivated as an ally. If they place trust in us it is their weakness, not ours.

2.) We believe that actions of so called “heroes” cause more harm than good. They are an aberration and leave chaos in their wake. Their notion of “freedom” and “justice” is ultimately skewed by an outdated system of “morality” that clouds their judgment and effectiveness. If they stand before you… remove them. Suffer not a hero to live. These creatures are a blight upon the canvas which we would paint.

3.) Freedom is a right earned by those strong enough to take it. Those under the banner of the Crimson Order have proven themselves to have the will to take what would be theirs, and by right of that will they are free to pursue their own ends as long as said ends do not interfere with the goals of the Order as a whole. The High Lord seeks a reclamation of the Earth under the banner of the Order, do not destroy structures or resources that could be of use to the Order in its bid for power without cause. Individuals outside the Order are expendable. Use them as you see fit.

4.) In Order for structure to be maintained the Crimson Order shall implant a system of Ranks within its charter. These ranks have been established to mark one’s progress, dedication, and loyalty. All those above you are to be respected within reason, for they have helped forge the Order before you and their contributions have made it what it is. Formalities shall be used when addressing authority figures to show respect for their accomplishments. Though it within your Superiors’ rights to allow you to refer to them by their given names, it is suggested that until that permission is given that all Hierarchy be addressed accordingly by title.

Ranks of the Order

(I would like to begin by saying that these requirements for rank are going to be suspended for now until we garner more members. Advancement for now will be handled on a strictly roleplaying basis with no regard for level/prestige as the Order Grows. Once we are established we wil fall more heavily upon the level as being -part- of the requirement.)

Initiate – Lowest rung of the ladder. The initiate has recently been inducted to the Order and is the “gopher” for the higher levels. Often assigned to foot work and grunt field duties, the life of the initiated is often dangerous and by extension, exciting. Unfortunately, however, each initiate is to report to one of the dedicated to continue field training and run assignments. If in a difficult situation an initiate is expected to defer to those of higher rank without question. Initiate is often used as a title of address to those of this rank (i.e. Initiate Evans, Initiate Milla or simply just “Initiate”) by those of higher rank.

Curate – Having proven their worth not only to the dedicated over them, but having caught the eye of their Prelate as well, these members of the Order are in turn awarded additional privilege for their actions and deeds committed in the name of the Order. To be elevated Curate status, the Initiate must prove himself in trial by combat (reaching minimum Threat Level 20), dedication and loyalty to the Order (Gain at least 25,000 prestige), and survive and complete a test as designated by his assigned Prelate (RP dependant). Upon success Curates are assigned one to two Initiates to watch over and to help teach the basics of their abilities and tactics. They are the most basic of the field trainers of the Order. Curate, as Initiate, is often used as a title of address from those of higher rank. From initiates this behavior is required, unless the Curate in question has allowed his lessers to call him by his given name.

Prelate – Prelates are the field leaders of the Crimson Order without a doubt. Each is given option to choose his or her own strike force from the ranks of the Curates and Initiates, as long as they have no prior Prelate over seeing them or some kind of bargain between the two Prelates is struck. Being elevated to a Prelate is a difficult thing at best. Not only does a member of the Order have to prove themselves capable of taking on the next level of responsibility but they must also have demonstrated an ability to garner contacts throughout the Isles (i.e. reaching Threat Level 30). On top of this, Prelates may not simply be raised to the Rank. A council of the existing Prelates must be called to decide if the candidate is worthy of elevation into their ranks. Thus, it is often wise to curry favor from several Prelates to insure one’s place when the time comes. The form of address is similar to all lower forms of address. Title + Surname (i.e. Prelate Star).

Exarch – The last step one can move in the Order before joining the High Lord himself as the figurehead of the Crimson Order. Exarchs direct the Prelates and decide on courses of action regarding the rest of the Isles and Paragon City. They hold council with Harbinger himself and act as advisors and taskmasters for the decisions laid before the Order as a whole. Exarchs have permission to demote anyone other than another Exarch, however, if a Valued Prelate to one Exarch is demoted by another… things may get… messy. Exarchs oversee and hand out assignments to the Prelates to delegate to their charges. To attain the Rank of Exarch one must have bled for the Order and its goals as well as made great strides in bringing glory and notice to the Order (reaching Threat Level 40). Also, the would-be Exarch must have proven him or herself an exemplar when leading a team of Order members. Should the Crimson Order ever find itself in a battle brutal enough to warrant the attention of the Exarchs they are expected to lead the Prelates and produce a strategy for the Order to emerge victorious. Anything less than excellence is unworthy a Exarch. To fully wear the mantle, the candidate (all are previous Prelates) must petition an existing Exarch for his nomination. Once this is done, the Exarch meet in council with the candidate and may, if they wish, conduct an interview/interrogation to determine how the candidate would “fit in” among their Circle. In addition, the High Lord himself sits in on every one of these councils and holds final say in whether or not a candidate “makes the cut.” The Circle of Exarchs, however, is not to be ignored. Their input is invaluable in deciding who shall make it and who shall not. Prelates eyeing the top be warned, however, would not be unheard of for a Prelate to be demoted to Curate or even Initiate status for pointlessly petitioning the Circle repeatedly after being denied.

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