The Independants

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The Independants

"Live Free or Die Hard"

There are no manifestos, no tags left at the sites of their assaults, no grand political theory behind their actions. Random chaos for mere survival, or for the exaltation of their troubled souls is their hallmark. Less a group than a rolling party, the Independants are a group of gangbangers, troublemakers, and misfits, quarrelsome and querelous, welded into something greater by the raw, forceful personality of their de facto leader, Dani Dakota.

Currently, the Indies are exercising rather aggressive squatter's rights somewhere in the harbor district of Port Oakes. If you happen to see one or two real hot custom motorcycles in a place it really seems they shouldn't be? Do yourself a favor.

Walk away.


The Bretheren

Dani Dakota: Real name Danielle Fancher; AKA Lady D, Didi Didi Bang-Bang.

Wild Child

"Time to do somethin' CRAZY..."

Easy-laughing, hot-tempered, and irredeemably violent, Danielle "Dakota" Fancher isn't a Zigrat- in fact she'll get pissed if someone confuses her with the dregs of Recluse's airlift. She's in the Isles by choice, has been for years, as she'll tell anyone who cares to listen. She claims it's to live however the hell she pleases, without anyone interfering. It's even partly true.

She leaves a lot out, though. Not even her few friends know she's wanted in the States, or the size of the bodycount she left behind in Seattle- one of them an undercover cop. And that's just the smallest tip of the dark iceberg her life foundered on...

A hardcore- one might even say pathological- partier, Dani leads a wild, random life of sex, drugs, booze, and chaos. Owing allegiance to none of the power groups in the Isles, she dances along the razor's edge every day, making deals and trading favors. While she might seem a washed-out waste of life at first meeting, she's smarter than she projects, and can be oddly compelling. Attractive rather than beautiful, her easy sensuality is an instant turnon or -off, depending on the person. She fears nothing in creation, cannot be pushed, and has a core of self and loyalty that often impresses even the most jaded bangers. From time to time she'll let herself be swayed by cooler heads, especially Vic, but once she's made up her mind, it's a done deal.

A sharp eye, quick reflexes, a nose for a good deal or trade, and some relatively sophisticated weaponry and armor have kept her in business as a loner for over three years. Now that she has a small crew around her...what happens next?

Jason Alexander AKA Jay, Alex, Spartan, Boytoy, Little dog.

Warrior Born

"Yeah, I AM all that!"

Brash, cocky and overconfident, good-looking and knowing it and with fast hands and an even faster mouth, Jason Alexander appears to be every inch a man without substance, mainly because he's too full himself for anything else to fit! The young Paragon native ran away from his home and family in Talos Island for reasons of his own and instead took to the life on the street as a fish to water.

Winning himself a place among the Warriors, and a sip of the waters from Odysseus' enchanted urn, through a combination of luck, ferocity, stamina and sheer determination Jason thought he had finally found what he wanted in life, only to have it all snatched away from him once again. A disagreement with a senior gang-member over his standings, and the providence of certain "services" led to an argument, argument lead to a brawl, the brawl led to blades, and the blades led to blood.

When the dust cleared and the cooling body hit the ground, Jason found himself very much in "bad standing" with the people he had thought of as his only friends and was left with no choice but to skip town fast before the full force of Odysseus' wrath would come down upon him. Acting more on impulse than thought the young man hopped a boat headed for Port Oakes where he arrived homeless, destitute and with a price on his head. His luck, however, took a very unexpected turn when random chance saw him cross paths with Dani Dakota.

What fate now has in store Jason remains to be determined, but if he has any say in the matter he's going to forge a legend for himself - At Dani's side - to rival that of any Hero of Antiquity!

Alexandra Kitaev AKA Alex, Kit, Blue-eyes, Badass, Wheels.

Biker Babe

"Hands OFF my bike!"

Hell on wheels. Alexandra was born in the isles, daughter of second generation Russian immigrants. Both her grandfather and father were mechanics, and being an only child, her father taught her his trade too. Alex was a pretty normal young woman until the day that the chains holding up the car her father was working on snapped and dropped the vehicle on him. Alex desperately tried to lift the car off of her father, and succeeded, but it was too late. Her dormant mutant gifts surfaced, giving her super human strength and speed.

Her mom tried to raise her but the influence of her father's best friend Victor was too much for the grief stricken woman to over come. Alex began to street brawl, drink, and be a general rabble-rouser. She stays off drugs mostly because of the night she nearly killed Victor in a drug induced rage.

Now she tries to make a living fixing whatever has wheels and taking the odd job here and there. A chance encounter with Jason when he tried to steal her bike brought her into contact with Dani.

Victor Hawk AKA Vic, Boots, Stoner, Gerry, Old Dog.

Old School

[bio here]

Bullet Banshee Real name Selene Hawkins, AKA Mouth.


"How clever of you."

Selene Hawkins was once a girl with a promising future ahead of her, she had loving parents, was well on her way to finishing her college education as an electrical Engineering major. This all changed when her mutation suddenly manifested herself during a heated arguement with one of her professors, leading to his untimely demise. Instead of doing the rational thing and staying to explain what happened she panicked and fled, the start of a downward spiral which led to her falling in with the wrong crowds. Now eight years later she has found her way to the Isles, where she met Dani and her crew while trying to "acquire" a valuable collection of jewelry and cash, rather than fight over the prize she agreed to settle for a cut rather than fight them over it. Realizing the Isles aren't a very friendly place for a person on their own she decided to throw her lot in with the small band of miscreants, for the moment at least.

Rogue Petit Real name Roselle Cerise Petit; AKA Rose, Rosie, Cherry, Ma Petit.

Just Too Too

"Eet eez mazheek!"

Snooty and stuck-up, Rose epitomizes the French stereotype - and she knows it. She is rude, condescending... and beautiful enough to get away with it. Born and raised in Paris, France, Rose wanted to be an actress from a young age. Her extraordinary agility and training in martial arts gave her a natural window into the profession as a stunt double. At the ripe age of seventeen, Roselle Cerise Petit was fast on her way to realizing her dream. Four years later, with her name on credits for such blockbusters as "The Steel Vixen", "Danse de l'assassin" and others for stunt work, and in two rare movies - "Seduction of Iron Mantis" and "Wall of Thorns" - a body double for American actresses, the growing French actress disappeared.

Two years later, a small-time thief has made a small name for herself in the Rogue Isles: Rogue Petit. Trading in her fists and feet for a pair of guns, and the make-up and props for advanced flexible armor, the blonde mercenary insists she can't be killed. "Eet eez mazheek!" she quickly asserts as her nimble body dodges a hail of gunfire, runs up and vaults off a wall, pistols sweeping with blind but deadly accuracy across her victims. So far, she has remained small-time - whether that is a lack of skill, confidence, or a measure of her difficult personality - but recently, the snotty french girl has met Dani Dakota.

They've already tumbled once, and Dani came out the victor, leaving Rose with an injured pride and fragments of recognition: after being double-crossed and nearly killed on her last job, she needs some help. Or someone to take the bullets for her.

Alicia Delcroix AKA Candyland, Money, Leash

Live hard, die young

"Wanna Fix?"

Calm and demure, Alicia was aptly described by Dani as a trust fund baby turned banger. As the sole beneficiary of her family's fortune, she possesses considerable resources and connections, as well as the privileges that her family's standing offers. So what's a beautiful, wealthy woman like this doing pub crawling in a place like the Rogue Isles? It's simple...she's living. Born with a unique mutation that requires her to drain the life force from others to sustain her body, she has chosen to live her life to the fullest and die young rather than killing others in order to prolong it. This decision has created a rift between her and her parents, which led to her striking out on her own to live life as she pleases.

Upon arriving in Mercy, Alicia quickly used her money, influence, and strong business sense to assert herself as one of the premier fixers in the isles. Carving herself a nice little niche in moving the goods that are stolen by the various villains in the Isles, Alicia has come to be known as a fixer that can get anything for the right price. Often found working out of the club Pulse, Alicia has recently come into contact with Dani and her merry band and has begun working with them almost exclusively. The reasons for this decision are still unclear, but whatever her intentions may be the fact that she is so well connected makes her an invaluable ally.

Aodhan Casey AKA Aidan, Irish, Sandman

The Chemist

"Ah know, ah can read minds ye know"

A recent arrival from Ireland, 28 year old Aodhan has yet to find his place in the new world. While easily confessing to be on the run, few know the details that lead to his exile.Claiming to possess the ability to read and influence minds, something he has yet to demonstrate beyond any doubt, Aodhon lives of his wit and charm, more or less sucessful depending on who is asked.So far he has proven to possess at least a variety of more palpable skills, chemical expertise to make a variety of drugs and basic explosives, and enough medical knowledge to use a sophisticated tissue regenerator, which he claims to have stolen.Maintaining a happy-go-lucky attitude and a boisterous nature, allows him to conceal the scars on his soul and the doubts in his mind.

Meeting Alexandra in the sewer system below Sharkhead Island, proved to be fortunate for the man from ireland, woeing his way into her life, and coming into contact with Dani and the rest of her gang. Currently he is busy running a little druglab from the depths of Alexandra's shop, playing Doctor for the gang, and generaly trying to make himself useful. Being a mutant with the ability to sense and manipulate electrical fields, gives him an edge with security systems.Usually trying to avoid fights and conflicts, supposedly aided in that by his mental skills, Aodhan prefers to fight from the shadows, using misdirection and confusion to his advantage.

Reaver Omega AKA Skulls

Hired Gun

Emily Heath AKA Em, Noob, Fingers, The Kid, Jailbait

Not too young to wang chung

"It's STILL better than home."

Born in the Isles, but raised in Paragon, Emily Heath had a promising future out of the gutter. Exceptionally intelligent, she graduated from High School and was even on her way to a college degree at the tender age of 14. Unfortunately, her mom got cancer and died… leaving her with a much older man who had gone to great lengths to woo her innocent daughter. Then Emily disappeared. Nearly four years later, she reappeared in the Isles, sans an eye… at least for a time while it grew back. Armed with long daggers, and quick fingers, she set out to reclaim a life… that seems to be missing some chapters. Dani allowed her in after the youngster tried to lift her wallet in a club. Wise beyond her years in some aspects, and pitiably naïve in others, she seems to be the group’s wayward little sister. All she knows is that for once, she feels she belongs.

Stall Walls

"For a GOOD TIME Call"..."Jason is a FREAK!"...'Old Dog looking for new tricks"...

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Rap Sheets

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Music for Partying, Passion, or Just Raising Hell:

Official Independants Playlist

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