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The Iron Horsemen are a well known motorcycle club in the downtown area of Sharkhead. They've been know to run guns as well as other illegal assets. They're usually found in their clubhouse in Sharkhead or often fighting with the local Family members over turf. it is know they're currently recruiting and building up their numbers. But it's unknown as to why they're doing this. It's also believed they have ties to a local cult group. Little is know about this group as any operatives investigating them either forget their information or dissapear.

Local Print up about the IHMC

The IHMC is a 1% motorcycle club. Which means that we're the outlaws. That 1% of the motorcycle riders in the US that don't obey societies rules and laws. We live by our own laws. Our own codes. We don't let others tell us what to do. We do what we want.

We ride only Harley Davidson motorcycles. No leaners or crotch rockets. If you ride rice burners this ain't the place for you. We're motorcycle enthusiast. Not rice grinding toys enthusiast. So if you expect to ride and hang with us. Ya better ride a mans bike.

If you're interested in prospecting. Well hang around. If we think you're worthy of our patch we'll ask you to prospect. You don't ask us for it. Aside from that. Kick back relax. Grab a cold beer and a hot lady and enjoy

The club house is located in Sharkhead. Just look for the place with all the loud music and bikes. We also run a local motel known as the Wyld Stallion Inn. Need a room to sleep off the juice? Just ask one of the patched members to set you up for the night.

Known Members

President Nelo Angilo
Vice President Drako Grimm 
Sgt At Arms Turnbull
Members= Winged Schema , Under Wrap ,Terrible Grinn ,Esau

OOC Information

We're a heavy RP oriented VG on the Virtue server. We're always open to recruiting new and active members. If you enjoy roleplaying and especially that of a bad ass biker. Then feel free to contact us. You can also contact us via our website. Iron Horsemen MC

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