The Palin Empress

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The empress in her traditional dress
The Palin Empress
Player: @Starfire-Gir
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 35
Personal Data
Real Name: Shaashmei Lama Kura Irel
Known Aliases: Shaashmei "The Iron Claw",
Species: Palin
Age: 25
Height: 5' 0"
Weight: 96lbs (without armor)
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Bright red (colors it black)
Biographical Data
Nationality: None
Occupation: Ruler of the Palin Empire
Place of Birth: The White Palm Palace
Base of Operations: Pai Irel
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Father(deceased),mother(deceased),brother(deceased)
Known Powers
All the Empresses powers are natural, they come from hours of intense physical and mental training
Known Abilities
twin swords, throwing knives, two armored suits
No additional information available.



In reality, the empress has no desire to be the ruler of an empire. She would much rather be the perfect wife for her husband, Vice Gat. She is obsessed over him, the way that a mother obsesses over her baby. [1] Being forced to do things she doesn't want to do, all in the name of the empire, has given her a rather hopeless personality in her own mind. On Earth she conducts herself as a perfect lady, speaking only when spoken to. Because of this she can seem shy and withdrawn but she is a very interesting person to have a conversation with if you speak with her.

Character History

Early Life

Princess Shaaahmie was the second child of Palin Emperor Rayu and his wife Princess Quilo. When she was born the Palin priests reveled a prophecy about her. The prophecy simply said she would be a tyrant, hinting that she would rule the empire one day and not her elder brother Leto. She was brought up the way all Palin Princesses are, schooled in charm and the ways of a Palin lady. She had many hobbies to occupy her time while she was growing up, some of them were poetry and song writing. She became very talented at both and would play her lute for anyone who would listen. The Emperor was fond of holding galas for his nobles, he believed that such parties built trust between the lords who governed the empire. At one such gala Shaahemie met a good friend of her father's. He was a minor feudal lord from the planet Xeomara named Gat. Lord Gat had two sons, the youngest was a joker named Hydra, the elder was a mature and sleepy eyed boy named Vice. She didn't like Vice very much, She thought he was too proud for his own good and a kill joy. However, the friendship between her father and Vice's father was very strong. The boys would be a common sight at the palace for many years.

War for Galactic Supremacy

Palin, the emerald of the galaxy

For five centuries the Palin had been at war with a race called the Krish; a reptilian people. 1,000 years ago the Palin conquered the Joosween race and scattered them throughout the galaxy, leaving them with no planet to call home. A third race, the Loki, remained indifferent to the Palin. That changed when an incident between the Loki and Palin left three Palin soldiers dead. The situation eventually got so out of hand that the Loki declared war on the Palin. The Krish did not like the idea of the Loki interfering with their current conflict with the Palin. The Krish declared war on the Loki. The Joosween saw their opportunity in this three way war to reclaim their lost empire. They declared war on everyone. Emperor Rayu called on all his lords to raise troops from among their fifes and mobilize for war. Being the son of a feudal lord meant that Vice would have to serve as well. The possible fact of not seeing him again made Shaashmie come to the realization that she was in love with Vice. It was for this reason that she opposed the war from its very beginning. As far as the rest of the Palin were concerned the war was a holy cause that would fulfill the great prophecy that the Palin would rule the galaxy. After four years of biter fighting the Krish, Loki, and Joosween were all defeated by the Palin. Many Palin soldiers distinguished themselves and fought bravely. But none more so than Vice Gat, and his service would be greatly rewarded by the Emperor.

A Wedding and a Funeral

Princess Shaashmie and Vice Gat on thier wedding day

Emperor Rayu was amazed by Vice, he had never seen a fighter as strong as him in all his years as emperor. Vice's reward for his service to the empire was Shaashmie's hand in marriage, which simply delighted both of them. Vice and Shaashmie were married with much pageantry and they hoped that the future would be bright for them, but then tragedy struck the empire. Emperor Rayu suffered a debilitating heart attack. Before the Emperor died he stated his wish that Shaashmie rule and not his son Leto. Over the years Leto had shown no leadership skills. He was immature and had homosexual tendancies, something that the Palin would not tolerate. The Emperor's wish was made public but some feudal lords refused to accept Shaashmie as Empress because of her vocal opposition to the war.

Empress Shaashmie

Shaashmie's brother Leto was in position to become Emperor and there was little that she could do about it,and she really didn't care. That did not stop the lords who took the emperor at his word when he said that Leto could not rule. Help came from an unlikely source. Leto's wife,Princess Sayara, offered to help the lords kidnapped and force Leto to give up the throne. Sayara knew just how incompetent Leto was and had no desire to see him become Emperor, she declared her undying loyalty to Shaashmie. Sayara drugged Leto's wine and soldiers took him away. They beat Leto senseless, trying to get him to agree to abdicate. Finally one soldier stabbed him in the chest and killed him. They threw him off a Palace balcony and into a river below, his body was never found. With Leto gone all the noble lords were forced to recognize Shaashmie as ruler. She was crowned 96th Empress of the Holy Palin Empire on her 25st birthday.

The Tarren Treaty

The Tarren Treaty

With all their enemies defeated, the noble lords were prepared to expand the war by attacking Earth. The empress however had no desire to continue the war. She made contact with the governments of Earth and submitted to them a treaty she had outlined. The treaty simply guaranteed that the Palin would not invade Earth as long as the Tarren posed no threat to them. As a final act of her well meaning nature toward the Tarren, she sent Vice to aid the Tarren in subduing their enemies.

The Iron Claw

The feudal lords were outraged over the treaty, demanded she revoke it and invade the Earth. The empress silenced them and threatened punishment if they protested any further. She quickly enacted a law that restricted the right of the lords to meet with each other. Several lords broke the law and assembled together against the will of the empress. The lords were arrested and their fifes were taken under the direct control of the empress. The lords opposed to her responded by combining their fleets and blockading the planet of Menia. There goal was to hold the planet hostage till the empress agreed to their demands for war with the Tarren.

Journey to Earth

A 46,000 light-year trip

Faced with the possibility of civil war, The empress gave into the demands of the lords, and agreed to invade the Earth. However, The empress had anticipated the idea of civil war. She had sent Vice to Earth to help the Tarren, but she had also sent him there to keep him out of danger. The lords feared Vice greatly and if he were within the empire they would plot to kill him. The empress is currently on Earth now not to look for weaknesses in the Tarren's defense, as the feudal lords think, she is on Earth to find Vice and bring him home.

Current Events Time Line

Monday, March 3, 2008 - Earth Calender

The United States, The European Union, China, and Russia. All four governments sign the treaty, effectively ending the War of Galactic Supremacy.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008 - Earth Calender

Friday, May 16, 2008 - Earth Calender

Saturday, May 24, 2008 - Earth Calender

Monday, June 9, 2008 - Earth Calender

Thursday, June 12, 2008 - Earth Calender

Saturday, June 14, 2008 - Earth Calender

Friday, July 4, 2008 - Earth Calender

Sunday, July 6, 2008 - Earth Calender

Tuesday, July 8, 2008 - Earth Calender

Tuesday, July 15, 2008 - Earth Calender

Thursday, July 17, 2008 - Earth Calender

Saturday, July 19, 2008 to present - Earth Calender


All the empress's strength is natural, coming from much physical exercise and healthy eating.[2] She possess above average speed; her sword strikes are extremely quick and she can run faster than an average Palin could.

On Palin the empress was trained in the martial art Ma Hi. Ma Hi is taught to all Palin soldiers when they start their one year military training. Women are usually never taught Ma Hi because it is forbidden for women to take part in the military. However Vice broke this cultural rule and instructed the empress before he left for war. The empress uses the duel bladed form of Ma Hi.


There has not been a Palin civil war since the founding of the empire. The pressure on the empress to keep this fact alive is enough to drive a normal woman mad. The empress keeps up her prim and proper ladylike exterior but deep inside she is ready to explode. Because of this she often does things without thinking and puts herself in danger. She will release all her frustration on her enemies and get carried away.[3]


The empress believes in traveling lite, but she did bring with her some important pieces of equipment.

A long steel and draraite sword called "Zigath." Zigath is her main fighting weapon. She usually keeps it sheathed because she tries to avoid fighting as much as possible. When the sword is used it vibrates softly and gives off a signature hum. Like a razor, it will cut cleanly through almost anything other than stone or metal.

She also brought a shorter sword called "Magmi." Magmi is more a shield than a sword, it is used to parry enemy attacks. The empress uses this short sword in unison with Zigath; she defends with Magmi and attacks with Zigath at the same time.

Although she wanted to come to Earth dressed in the traditional manner of the Palin Empress. The fuedal lords insisted however that she wear a suit of armor to protect herself. The empress conceded to them and ordered that an armored suit be made for her. The armor that was made for her was really nothing more than the standard armor the Palin equip their soldiers with, but with a few modifications. The armor was made with more draraite for better protection and the leggings were removed to make it lighter for her body. She wears the armor anywhere on Earth that she feels is dangerous.

She also carries a cashe of throwing knives that she uses to get enemies from far away.



For the Palin nudity is not only not a taboo, it is a way of life for them. The climate on Palin is not like that on Earth, or not the present Earth. Palin's climate is very close to what Earth's Jurassic period was like, hot and humid, nearly the entire surface of the planet is covered by rain forest. The Palin learned early that it was simply too uncomfortable to wear clothing because it was so hot. The Palin believe in only wearing clothing when it is practical. Traditionally The Palin Empress wears only jewelry and a red sarong, nothing else. However, on Earth nudity is seen differently, something that the empress has not yet come to understand fully.


No one in the empire doubts that the Empress truly loves and is attracted to Vice. But Emperor Rayu died almost immediately after they were married, their marriage has yet to be consummated.[4] On Earth the empress has privately said that when she finds Vice, she will set her ship's navigation so that it takes them a week to get back to Palin so that they could be alone. She is very upset that she does not bare the marriage scars, a set of perminate fang marks given to Palin brides by their husbands the first time they make love. Palin brides in turn scar the backs of their husbands with their claws.[5]

Rumors are whispered by nobles that the empress might be bisexual. They site evidence in the fact she and princess Sayara seem to be very close friends. They have been seen together kissing each other on the cheek and embracing for long periods of time. Sayara however has stated that nothing has happened between them. Hand maidens to the Empress have also said that she is overly affectionate with them, but nothing has happened. If the Empress is in fact Bisexual, she is doing a good job hiding it. The Palin punish any homosexual acts with either exile from the empire or death.

Brutel Methods

The Palin people themselves enjoy a relative level of freedom, but there are things that the empress will not tolerate. The first thing is anyone common or noble who believes that her brother Leto was the rightful heir to the throne. Any Palin who does not pledge alliance to her is arrested, put on trial, and executed. The second thing is anyone common or noble who refuses to worship the sun Goddess, Maydon, the queen of the Gods. Any Palin who has the nerve to place another God above Maydon is executed without trial. The empress herself did not implament these rules. They were put in place by nobles that serve under her. In this way the empress is innocent.


"That bitch of a war took three men that I loved from me. I won't allow anymore of my men to be taken from me."--To a hand maiden.

"Excuse me, who are you?"--On meeting another alien race.

"I fail to see the point"--On Tarren pornography.



  1. And Gat will not reveal intimate details about her.
  2. This was rather difficult for her because she has a bit of a sweet tooth
  3. Deals with her feelings by eating chocolates
  4. She is still a virgin
  5. The Palin take the term "little death" very literal
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