The Prophets of Chaos

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The Prophets of Chaos
Founder: Engelbrecher, Der Eisenchatten, Oracle Res Novae, Malevolent Muse
Side: Villains
Motto: Don't think...just kill!
Leader(s): The Master Chaotician and three lesser Chaoticians
Logo: Anarchy Symbol
Group Colours: Red & Black
Levels: All
Play style: Mature (For multiple extreme themes)
Roleplay: Heavily Encouraged.
Timezone(s): Any
Recruiting: Always
Contact: @Engelbrecher
No additional information available.



Chance Heist

The mere idea of the Prophets of Chaos spawned from an elaborate act of crime. On one fateful day a scientist named Der Eisenchatten (AKA Conrad Von Schrobenhausen) had caught wind of a convoy of armored vehicles transporting new weapons and some test subjects would be travelling through Port Oakes. Not wasting a second on this golden oppurtunity to obtain new technology to experiment on and possibly improve on for his own ends, Conrad rushed to the convoy with his own mechanical creations, as he was closing in on the convoy, However, something unexpected happened. Many of the armored vehicles suddenly swerved and tipped over infront of the remaining vehicles. Seeing this as a lucky break, Conrad rushed in to loot whatever he could. As he approached he noticed an odd scene; The men in the toppled vehicles had opened fire on the men in the remaining vehicles. Confused, Conrad stopped and watched as the scene unfolded when suddenly an exceptionally large man aproached one of the vehicles and ripped the back door off, seconds later a well built man in an orange jump suit climbed out. After the remaining men and what Conrad assumed to be their leader where all that remained, Conrad noticed them unloading the cargo he had hoped to aquire. Not wanting to miss out on his chance for the weapons, Conrad approached them and offered them a safe place to recooperate in exchange for a select few weapons of his choosing. After a moment of thought, the man in the jumpsuit agreed and asked Conrad to lead the way.

A Destructive Agreement

After they had reached Conrads said hideout, the man who had introduced himself as Engelbrecher (AKA Engel Getman) kept his word (much to Conrads amazement) and had his men bring in any weapons that Conrad deemed worthy of examination. After they had settled in and Engel had changed into his own attire, the two men found themselves carrying discussions about their own beliefs in the ways of society, philosophy and government, finding that even with their different methods, they both had a common goal: Total destruction of societies current state and it's reconstruction in a new, much more glorious image. Engel recognizing Conrad's obvious talent in the field of robotics and weapons technology and Conrad recognizing Engel's brutal yet cunning tactics and oddly charismatic nature, the two formed an alliance with this common goal in mind.

Becoming the Prophets of Chaos

After many successful heists and other crimes the two allies started contemplating ways to increase their numbers and their strength. They had long known that they would need more to accomplish this goal "But who?" Conrad wondered, to which Engel replied "We can use desperation as the tool for revolution...". Fate soon acted again, delivering the duo to another pair of dangerous criminals during what seemed to be a simple heist, Engel and Conrad had gotten ahold of information about an experimental weapon of incredible power at one of the Crey's facilities, wasting no time, they managed to overpower the Crey troops inferior strength and push to where they assumed the weapon would be. What they found was uexpected; a lone figure resembling what looked to be a demon, standing in wait for them while another intruder had managed to get through the security system from an alternate route. Suddenly, the doors surrounding the facility slammed closed, trapping the three intruders with the strange being. Soon after, a Crey scientist had informed them of their ordeal: The demonic being was the weapon! The three braced themselves for an attack but the weapon did not move. After many repeated and increasingly angry orders from the scientist the only reply he garnered from the weapon was "No..." to which the scientist replied by letting open the doors allowing a flood of Crey soldiers into the room. Being surrounded, Conrad, Engel and the strange woman huddled around the weapon as the soldiers pushed in closer when they heard the weapons voice once more saying "Take me with you and I will help get you out." Suprised by the sudden offer, the three agreed without thought and with a burst of power the weapon displayed what exactly made him so valued by Crey; incredible strength, powerful claws, and other incredible powers. while the Crey army was strong they did not count on the four that stood among them being nearly immortal as a combined force. Between Engel's powerful mutant abilities, Conrad's superior weaponry, and Muse and Oracle's incredble physical power, Crey's men fell quickly under their superior combined strength.


Having finally fled the facility after the bloodbath, the mysteroius woman introduced herself as Oracle Res Novae and the weapon called himself Malevolent Muse. Conrad offered the two new faces shelter at his and Engel's hideout. They both gladly accepted. While within the confines they each told their story of how they had gotten wind of the weapon as well as Muses account of how he ended up becoming a weapon for Crey. After much discussion, Engel and Conrad informed the others of their plans and what they aimed to achieve. Luckily Oracle and Muse where very receptive to the idea and offered to help double their current man power by joining forces. Having double the amount of men, they all went to work hastily, recruiting to their ranks through various means from rallies in the streets of the homeless to acts of sheer terror, leaving only rubble in their wake, the four became widely known as the bringers of chaos and death, after growing exponentially in numbers the merciless gang took on its own name: The Prophets of Chaos.

Structure of the Prophets

The Prophets of Chaos run what can be best described as an elaborate pirate society, being lightly democrtic with a crude but structured system of rank, it is broken down as follows:



Der Eisenchatten, Oracle Res Novae, Murderous Muse

Diablette, Oni Kadea, Robotis

Corruption Incarnate, Head Carver, Marie Campbell, Trishina, Rita Mae

Argus the Destroyer, Mr. Rainbow Kittens, Daniella Love, Project Thanatos, TK-71 Controller, Denjin Nikaidou

Lady Lightningstrike, Lithium Pain, LethalBeauty, Lilith Zych Nightmare Puppeteer, Pyre of Discord, VooDoom, Professor Terminator, Pains Embrace.

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