The ShadowTech Corporation

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The ShadowTech Corporation


Founder: Tera Scyne
Side: red
Motto: Bringing a brigher tomarrow, Today!
Leader(s): Tera Scyne
Logo: Unknown
Group Colours: Unknown
Levels: All
Play style: RP,RPPvE, and website coming soon
Roleplay: required
Timezone(s): Any
Recruiting: Send E-Mail app to @Scynewave to arrange interview.
Contact: Group leader
Officer globals: @Scynewave

ShadowTech Corp is the Hard-RP Villain arch enemies of The Justice Watch SG.



ShadowTech is the leading provider of temporary powers in Paragon and the Isles. Creaators of devices like "BrickBreaker" and The Psion Suits, STech is quickly attracting the attention of supers and normal citizens alike.

((Unbeknown to them, however, ShadowTech plots to capture supers to dissect their powers and reverse engineer them for profit... their goal... to capture Brother In Arms and (rather painfuly) take his powers to make the perfect super solder, netting them billions from their investors...))


The Psion Suit

The principal venture of ShadowTech is actually the brain child of company C.E.O. Tera Scyne. The Psion Suit harnesses the innate psionic powers of the normal human mind giving normal people psychic powers, and enhancing control of the powers that supers already have. Rumor has it that Tera developed it to become a hero.... but something held her back....

BrickBreaker Personal Security Device

The BrickBreaker Personal Security Device is a breakthrough for the would be attacked. This small mace like device is actually a sonic emitter that inhibits the control systems on almost jetpacks and rocket-boots and provides a discouraging "push" away from the user. Named after the GoldBrickers[1], whom this was designed to combat.

Other Products


Shadowsnap is a mixture of vodka, moonshine, and orange juice in a ratio known only to Atrum Ensis and Tera Scyne to produce a potent drink that is 85% alcohol. Why's it called Shadowsnap? Because if you snap it back, all you'll be seeing is shadows. Rumor has it that versions with other tastes are in the works.


The ShadowTech Corporation Rouge Isles Complex

ShadowTech has offices in every major metropolitan area in the US and many more scattered across the world.

Recently they have started construction on the Rogue Isles Complex (The R.I.C.) and some times even host tours to show that just because they are in the "City of Villains" doesn't mean that they cant do some good.


ShadowTech hires self-motivated individuals in the fields of:

Working Relationships

The Cape Radio

ShadowTech is a major advertising partner with The Cape.


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