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"Where shadows lead, in spirit and in truth."


About Us

Unlike other groups of heroes, the Unforsaken is more of a cabal of sorts; focusing on learning and growing as individuals and as shadowkeepers. Individuals who fight for truth and balance even though they may be judged wrongly by their fellow man either by their looks, their natures or their pasts. We are the shadowkeepers that strive to fight against the prejudices of mankind while fighting the darkness that they fear.

Sometimes, it takes a little maddness, a little darkness and a willingness to go beyond being a hero. When humanity has turned its back and what heroes would turn away, there is the Unforsaken.

History of the Unforsaken

The Early Years

The library of the Nox Arcana in 1893

In the latter half of the 19th century, there were many societies, clubs and groups who, for many reasons, studied the supernatural and the occult. One such society was known as the the Order of Nox Arcana. It had existed, off and on, for over a millenia but had been thought destroyed and forgotten in the 17th century. However, Professor Xavius Straenge, an eccentric scholar and teacher from America and a german diplomat named Baron Raithe were able to restore the Order into a seemingly new incarnation.

Little is known of the inner workings of the Nox Arcana. Many knew, however, that they were not just another group of would be scholars but an occult college of sorts. Its true purpose was to not just explore the boundaries of life and death and the supernatural but also to learn how to control, confront and even fight against the shadows that plague humanity. The group grew in numbers and slowly became publicly known up to the beginnings of World War 1.

War Time

Professor Straenge behind enemy lines

In the beginning of the 20th century, when war broke out in Europe, the Order was asked by the British government to help with the war effort due to the Ottomans seemingly successful experimentations using supernatural influences against the Allies. Unable to resist the challenge, the more formidable members spent much of the war separated or in small teams putting an end to the supernatural activities as well as fighting against more mundane soldiers. After the War, the society disbanded due to the deaths of many members and conflicts within the group that stemmed from Baron Raithes disgust at having to fight his own people.

When World War 2 erupted, Professor Straenge, his brother "Gentleman" Daemon and others formed another incarnation of the Nox Arcana this time calling themselves the Esoteric Knights, to fight against the Nazi plague deep behind enemy lines keeping as much from the general public as possible. After years of fighting, the remains of the Nazi groups became disorganized or were defeated, but at a high cost. The only ones left of the Esoteric Knights were Professor Straenge, Gentleman Daemon, Baron Raithe and a young female werewolf rescued from the Nazis, Primal Red. The rest of the team lost in battle or beyond.

The End of an Era

Reminders of the past

It was when the group came back to America that the lowest blow came. Not only were they treated as pariahs among people due to their appearances and dark reminders of the war. Some of the newest heroes even thought them to be some type of new evil enemy. A day did not go by it seemed when some up and coming hero would challenge them or stalk one of them, believing they were attempting some criminal activity or another. When offering to help the fight against the criminal activity in Paragon, they were openly mocked, ridiculed and in some cases, hated by their fellow heroes as reminders of the recent War.

Only a select few heroes stood by them in support for their actions such as Major Viking and Dr Dream. Even the government refused to give thanks or even acknowledge the Esoteric Knights. The only ones that gave them praise were the latest members of the Midnight Squad, though even their praises were rarely shared publicly. Seen as monsters, or worse by the people, the remnants of the Esoteric Knights/Nox Arcana disbanded. The members faded out of the public eye and forgotten.

A New Beginning

A new day dawns

A cloud passed over the sun in Atlas park as a figure was seen walking underneath the Atlas Statue toward Paragon City Hall. His slightly tilted top hat, tall and swarthy frame as well as his somewhat darker than normal clothing getting strange looks from those he passed by. It wasn't so much his look that they were noticing as it was his bearing and seemingly ageless yet kind eyes. In his wake, other individuals walked beside him, ignoring the looks and gasps from those they passed. Zombie to werewolf, ghost to demon, human to android, The Unforsaken had come, for good or ill, to protect the people that fear them..

At the same moment, half a world a way. A dark figure emerged from the jungle of Central Asia. In his wake, a village on fire as the blood glistens from his lips as he smiles and takes flight, heading toward Rogue Isles. Smiling malevolently at the thought of such chaos, Baron Raithe has prepared his return to the living for quite awhile. In his wake, others emerge out of the jungle, including his lover in her werewolf form. The new and chaotic Nox Arcana had come to make humans fear the shadows once again.

Present Day

After months of preparations and locating a new base of operations, The Unforsaken were finally able to get down to the general purposes they came together. With the help of Professor Straenge and Gentleman Daemon as well as the enegmatic Doctor Exodus, the group started to branch out, recruiting those individuals that would benefit the most from their tutelage.

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary of the Unforsaken

On the west side of Skyway City, under one of the many bridges that span this section of the city stands an abandoned cathedral. This was at one time the Cathedral of St. Jude, patron saint of lost causes and now just a shell of a structure. Almost noone in the area could tell you much about the history of it. Most avoid it all together, including the random homeless. Members of the Lost refuse to walk by the structure and the Trollkin avoid the very ground around it. Why? Nobody could really tell you. The very feel of the place makes most people uncomfortable and the rest avoid the area all together. The place had always been that way even before the invasion and before the construction of the many bridges. It had been all but forgotten by the city itself.

Beneath this structure lies the home of the Unforsaken. Having spent months searching for a proper headquarters, Professor Straenge and his brother, Daemon finally agreed on this location. The major leyline that span the city of Paragon also ran directly beneath the cathedral. They realized that would help them with their mutual researches and other experimentations. The hollowed ground, though old, would still cause many of the more infernal or otherworldly elements to pause before attacking, and under the sub-cellar of the structure, while still on the grounds, lay a fairly large section of an abandoned subway station. While it may not be as modernized or as vast or even as "pretty" as other bases, the Sanctuary serves its purpose well as a haven and home.


The Living Supercomputer of the Sanctuary

In the heart of the Unforsaken Sanctuary, there stands a marvel of science and arcane. The Unforsaken living super-computer, "Franklin" as he is calls himself. "Frankie" to most. When first beginning the design for a basic computer, Daemon, experimented with a new power-source with the help of a new member, an alien by the name of Mikre'. With his help and that of Draevon, a Drow elf, they were able locate and teleport Esomantric Particle Crystals from a distant dimensional nexus. These EP crystals helped not only to power the base but also give the first super computer they created a life of sorts, though without much of a conscienceness. One evening, while coming back from a mission, they found Reapers cornering a massive body, trying to chop off its head. Fighting them off, the body of the abomination was all but destroyed as the eyes blinked open but unlike any other horrors that Dr. Vahzilok had created before, these had a sense of innocence behind them. "Please help me.. " it begged in a half voice before slowly dieing. Daemon and Straenge picked up the creatures body and took it into their new medlab and began working. Months later, the creatures brain awoke inside its new home in the super computer. Franklin Stein is now a key member of the Unforsaken and can even accompany team members on missions when needed with an all new body, though only a portion of his conscienceness may reside in it for a short time.


Our Membership

You are a member of a very select group. Those who have come together for companionship, understanding and to protect and defend the balances of the world. We are our own society, friends, teammates and family, some the only family they have left. You are Unforsaken. Master of your own Destiny.

The First Law-"Keep your brother or sisters shadow" Treat all Unforsaken as you would your own brother or sister. Protect them, Save them, Harm them not. Teach them and Learn from them.

The Second Law-"Let Silence be your badge." Do not speak of us to non-members or those not of the coalitions. Be proud in private. We must be cautious for the safety of your brothers and sisters and also to prevent misunderstandings. We are a private community and for the good of that community, we prefer to keep ourselves to ourselves.

The Third Law-"For Truth and for Balance" We are not heroes and we are not saviors. The Unforsaken was created for the purpose of bringing those individuals who wish to protect and defend everyone equally. That does not always mean truth is pretty or just. Truth means it is the right thing to do. The Unforsaken will maintain the balances above all else and fight the shadows that plague mankind as well as protect those shadows should the need arise.

Note: We are a Medium RP-Optional Supergroup. No member is required to RP all the time but we do ask that you let fellow members know in some way if you are in character or not. The only rules we have are as follows:

• Be responsible and mature both as a player and a teammate.

• Stay in SG Mode when possible/feasible.

• Please don't spam advertise or randomly invite people to the SG. We prefer to ask them in private OOC if they would like to join and as long as it is mutually beneficial for both them and the group.

• After a probation period, members are given one of two ranks. Adept or Artisan. The difference between the two are dependent on a characters background. One being Technician/Scientist/Chemist of the Sanctuary, the other being Magician/Philosopher/Arcanist of the Sanctuary.

Continuity and Structure

For members, we wish to set an example and make sure everyone is having a good time. Here are just a few guidelines we recommend. While we encourage everyone to play how they prefer, we only ask that you at least follow the basics of this for continuity.

We follow majority of the City of Heroes Canon and Timeline with only a few minor differences. Mediporters for the base are utilized but not always functioning correctly depending on circumstances. (IE Frankie, the Sanctuarys Supercomputer, may not be able to get a proper lock on so death is possible.) Killing, rather than arrest, should be an infrequent occurence depending on situations but can happen. The Unforsaken are not heroes and as such, don't follow any law enforcement procedures as they probably should. They work in secret and in private and any official issues are handled directly through Professor Straenge or the Chancellors of the Unforsaken.

We follow the normal history of the world with only minor changes from the 19th century on up. Godmodding and/or major changes or adapatations in major historical events should be off limits (IE your character causing the fall of the Roman Empire and every war the world has had. ect.) and is frowned upon unless your character is from a different timeline/dimension though even that should be only used sparingly.

Everything, including behavior should be explainable or followed to it's logical course. Every action should have a reaction, either vocally, emotionally or physically. You wouldn't just stop while talking to someone and run off without saying anything or give even a small explanation and unless you are given permission or you know that it would be welcomed. We discourage from meta-gaming or godmodding by pushing your own rp style on others without their consent.

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