The Voice of Thousands

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The Voice of Thousands is an extra-dimensional hero affiliated with The All Stars.

Voice of Thousands.jpg
The Voice of Thousands awaits his meeting with the Palatine in the Survivor Complex of the First Ward.
The Voice of Thousands
Player: Valkorus
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Corruptor
Security Level: 34
Personal Data
Real Name: N/A
Known Aliases: Voice, The Green Gumbo Ghost, The Vow of Silence (when compelled into the service of Praetor Tilman)
Species: Invertebrate human counterpart from a parallel reality.
Age: 14 years as an individual, 38 years total.
Height: 6'9", 7'6" with antennae
Weight: 310 lbs.
Eye Color: Green, segmented
Hair Color: Thin grey-green sheets of chitin
Biographical Data
Nationality: N/A
Occupation: Full-time hero, occasional medical assistant
Place of Birth: Extra-dimensional
Base of Operations: Currently resides on an abandoned oil rig in Crey's Folly.
Marital Status: N/A
Known Relatives: Too many to count
Known Powers
Sonic wave manipulation, flight, able to establish "hive minds" with companions
Known Abilities
Accomplished writer and public speaker, winner of TPN's hit series "Who Wants to Beat Up a Hippy Protester?"


((Voice of Thousands' early history has recently been re-written. This section is under construction.))

In time, he came to the conclusion that, in order to regain some measure of purpose in his life, he could no longer approach the world from the point of view of an insect. With this epiphany, the Voice of Thousands embraced his newfound humanity more fully than ever before, and joined the ranks of the Power Division loyalists in Praetoria City. It was his hope that he would be able to restore some measure of unity of purpose to his new hive - an assumption that was sadly mistaken.

Once again, the naivete of the newly-sentient superbeing was to be his downfall. Accustomed to following directions without question, he fell easy prey to the manipulations of Praetoria's corrupt ruling class. Combined with his fearsome, inhuman appearance, Voice's ruthless adherence to orders - be they routine patrol or extermination - served as a strategic psychological weapon, and earned him a "priority target" designation from the Resistance.

It was during this period of Imperial service that the Voice of Thousands first encountered Praetor Tilman, or "Mother", who would come to exercise tremendous influence over his thoughts and actions for much of his life. For a time, the mutant executed her will without question; however, Tilman, ever the manipulator, always sought to influence even his smallest actions through acts of mental suggestion. As this psychic domination became increasingly evident to the Voice of Thousands - whom Praetor Tilman had since renamed "Vow of Silence" - his human side, wilful and independent, began to manifest itself once again.

The Voice of Thousands might have forever remained a pawn in the games of higher beings, but for a chance encounter with a powerful rogue seer. Momentarily freed from Tilman's influence through the psychic's power, the mutant chose to spare her life in exchange for a telepathic block that would assist him in resisting any future attempts at mental domination. Though far from a guarantee of his liberty, this passive ability would soon allow the Voice of Thousands to operate freely throughout much of Praetoria.

Unfortunately, the newly free-thinking superbeing could no longer justify the actions requested of him by his superiors; nor could he tolerate the emperor's decision to invade Primal Earth. His sudden and dramatic insubordination forced him to flee Praetoria proper and descend into the chaos of the First Ward. Here, morally conflicted and socially isolated, the Voice of Thousands ekes out a meagre existence amongst the madmen and criminals who call the Ward home.


Internalized mandibles amplify and focus sound waves through stridulation, allowing for powerful sonic attacks. A less obvious side-effect of this unique physiology is a natural ability to mimic the voices of others with surprising accuracy. The Voice of Thousands also retains residual elements of his insect neurology, which allow him to unconsciously establish a "hive mind" with groups and individuals he experiences extended contact with. While this does not allow for direct control over others or access to their thoughts, Voice can use this channel to lend his indomitable insect willpower to his allies, or to share in their pain.

The same latent telepathic abilities that allow the Voice of Thousands to lend his strength to his allies also make him extremely vulnerable to falling under the sway of powerful psychics. He has an especially complicated relationship with Praetor Tilman, or "Mother", as he still refers to her, who uses him on occasion to enforce her will, particularly on opponents of the Seer program.

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