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The super group The Youth League maintains a large, two story base hidden somewhere underground in the newly rennovated Faultline zone. Members are invited to stay on-site if they chose as dormitory space is available. Access to the base is available only through the Portal Corp transporter network.


Top Floor

The upper floor, and largest, holds the control center, meeting rooms, kitchen, study areas, a large indoor garden with a sky light, and several recreation rooms. The Arcane Chamber holds many mystical artifacts gathered over the group's history as well as an extensive library. Several workshops are also located on this level as well as the power generator. The Youth League has a vast transporter network with portals accessing all available zones within Paragon City. One of the largest rooms within Youth League headquarters is the hanger that holds their six modified Longbow flyers and repair/maintenance equipment.

Control Room

The large control room contains the team's mainframe computer, security systems, monitors, and links to Hero Corp and the Paragon Police Department's networks as well. The complex Communications system is housed in the Control Room, allowing instant encrypted communication with any Youth League comm unit and their allies.


The Med-Center has two hospital style rooms primarily for the recovery or isolation of injured heroes. The large "auto-doc" hovers near the nurse's station and can be used to treat seriously wounded heroes in emergencies. The Med-Center is tied into the base's computer network. A small emergency teleporter has been installed to recall wounded heroes directly to the Med-Center rather than directing them to the local hospital. A small waiting room ajoins the Med-Center for guests of patients.


The Youth League owns and maintains six specially modified Longbow flyers that they use to reach distant missions quickly. The large hanger is located adjacent to the transporter network, the control room, and the power center. Repair facilities and equipment are available within the hanger. A large, two-piece retracting door centrally located provides instant access for the flyers.

Transporter Network

A long hallway lies along one side of Youth League headquarters, providing access to all points within Paragon City. Numerous teleportation units line the raised alcoves. Before each station, a wide set of stairs leads to the transporter platforms. Beneath the stairs are cabinettes containing detailed maps of the appropriate zones and spare comm. units.

Workshop 1

Workshop 2

Power Center

Youth League headquarters is powered by a standard Haddon 1185 generator and augmented by two Rook Industries Circuit Breakers that increase the power output significantly.


With large sky-light panels lining the ceiling, the plant filled arboretum is one of the more poplular hang-out spots within Youth League headquarters. The gently swaying plants and trees provide a restful backdrop perfectly suited for meditation or quiet conversation. Dozens of varieties of blooming flowers scent the air, moved about gently by inobtrusive circulation fans.

(Note: The Youth League heroine, Amaralis uses the arboretum as her "dorm room", often burying herself in the rich soil beneath the plants and bushes.)

Trophy Room

One of the largest rooms within the sprawling headquarters, the trophy room holds dozens of artifacts preserved by various members of the Youth League from their many adventures. Over the years, the room has grown from a small hallway, to a large room, and finally to the enormous, multi-tiered and multi-chambered complex that shows of the "spoils" of fighting crime.

Several sections are devoted to many of the more notable villains and groups within Paragon City, including Nemesis, the Hamidon, the Circle of Thorns mystics, of course Arachnos.

Kitchen/Communal Dining

With dozens of young heroes to feed, the kitchen of the Youth League is well stocked with a wide array of supplies including everything from fresh produce to an amazing variety of junk foods. The kitchen has food preparation space, a large oven and stove, deep freeze refridgerators and a microwave.

The kitchen are is raised above the communal dining section and commands a good view of the large plasma screen TV along one wall. Several tables and chairs fill the dining area and the walls are lined with posters of various champions, teams, and bands favored by the young heroes.


Study Center

Reception Lounge

Media Room

Meeting Room

The spacious meeting room has several rows of thickly padded leather chairs facing a large raised stage. Oversized plasma screens monitor citywide activity when idle or display pertinate information during a mission briefing. Typically, the meeting chairperson will work from the wide desk area on the front of the stage facing the audience.


Veronica Volt and Hot Betty each have offices off to the side of the meeting room. The two use their offices for private confrences, meetings, and work stations. Veronica's office is obviously customized with thick insulation covering most of the conductive surfaces and electronics. Hot Betty's office looks relatively normal, although the sprinkler system has been modified for a higher output in case of emergency and the furniture has been reinforced to handle higher stress levels.

Recreation Room

Arcane Chamber

The arcane chamber is actually a series of rooms devoted to the study and preservation of arcane texts and artifacts. Many dangerous items that have been collected by the heroes are stored here for safe keeping or for further study by those with an interest in the occult. The outer chamber contains most of the storage facilities, shelves lined with books and tomes, massive crystals retrieved from Oranbega, and an arcane empowerment station.

The inner chamber contains a large circle of power embedded in the thick stone floor. The circle is often used to focus the magical energies wielded by the magically inclined heroes and heroines. The chamber is magically shielded to help protect the rest of the large headquarters from the effects of the incantations worked within.

Bottom Floor

The lower level of Youth League Headquarters holds the co-ed dormatories for the group. There are bathrooms and shower facilities as well as a large multipurpose room. Individual rooms are decorated by each hero and the styles vary wildly. Some rooms require special modifications, depending on the hero assigned there. For instance, several of the rooms are designed with extra fire-resistant features or internal sound dampeners.

An adjacent hall leads to additional storage facilities.

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