Trash Goblin

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Trash Goblin
Player: @Tipsy
Group: The Grim Vale
Personal Data
Real Name:   Whups, Whupsie
Species:   Red Cap (fey)
Age:   Two-hundred and ninety years
Occupation:   Hobo Monster
Place of Birth:   Gweesalia, Ireland
Signature Badges
Scavenger, Sewer Stalker, Cap Buster
Known Powers
Foul Stench, Fast Scurry,
Strange Hyde, Powerful Stomach



Trash Goblin is a small, goblin-like, inarticulate wanderer who barely knows how to survive in the Earthly plane. She is primarily concerned with eating, spying on people, and stealing.

Powers & Abilities


Originally a Red Cap, Whups had a menacing role in the eternal conflict between her tribe, and the witches of the Cabal. While female Red Caps are far fewer in number, she was a formidable Hooligan in their ranks, and was especially skilled at sneaking into the homes of the Cabal, past their wards, and sabotaging their supplies.

That was until one day, when she was finally caught. Amused at the presence of a female Red Cap, the Cabal witches decided that instead of simply murdering Whups, they would imprison her. Still cruel, they literally tossed her into a cursed, pitch black, hellish underground pit; a type of solitary confinement. As the years passed, The Cabal actually forgot about Whups, and she remained in the pit for eighty years, becoming more and more insane. As the years passed, the hexes inflicted on Whups slowly disfigured and transformed her body. Now she barely resembles her old self.

An excommunicated, sympathetic Cabal (Weiji Chen) released Whups recently. She just wanders, disoriented, around Croatoa and Paragon. Since The Red Caps wouldn't accept her back with them, she is frequently alone, grumpy, and homeless.

Last Updated: 1/29/2020

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