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Troll Earth--also known as Fomoria--is an alternate dimension in which superadine was introduced in the 1930s and Trolls have taken over the planet. It is the home dimension of Smashdozer.

Troll Earth is featured in the MA arc "Fear of a Green Planet" (#402948).


The US is hit the hardest in the initial attack. The Troll nations, on the other hand, seem to already know how to fight the Others--they claim their Dreamers have already encountered them in their travels across dimensions. The US is forced into an alliance with the Trolls to fight back the attackers. The Troll nations form the United Fomorian Nations.
The Hero community comes out overwhelmingly in favor of Troll rights, including Statesman himself, as many of them are Trolls or near-Trolls. Statesman takes on a more Troll-like appearance as a sign of solidarity. Most of the other Phalanx members are already Trolls.
The Rogue Isles, meanwhile, have been under the control of Recluse's Troll army for decades. They also join the UFN during this year.
Statesman has reluctantly taken up the title of Boss of Providence territory due to his overwhelming popularity among the other Trolls, although he prefers to leave governance to others who are more skilled at it. Providence territory is currently engaged in a war with its northern neighbor Montreal territory.
Meanwhile, Nemesis has not been heard from in years, but Heroes report that his arctic fortress is still active, and crawling with mechanical defenders. It is believed that he has been supplanted by a protege--a clockwork king, of sorts. No one has yet encountered this new mastermind.

Modern Troll Earth

Troll governments initially favored leadership of the strongest--following the Fomorian Empire's model. While some territories still use this model, it hasn't held up well in the long run. Strength is still highly valued in Troll leaders, but other qualities--such as tactical intelligence and charisma--are considered important as well. Many territories still hold contests of skill to determine leadership, but these have become less potentially fatal over the years. The leader of a Troll nation is traditionally called a "Boss". Dreamers also hold positions of power in Troll society, often serving as religious figures.

The standard of living in Fomorian nations (and around the world) has fallen considerably. During the '60s, many Trolls made attempts at Communism due to their recent Soviet influence. These attempts failed due to infighting, but the Trolls were able to settle on smaller, communal models in many areas, trading amongst each other. This model proved the most effective, as the Trolls were no longer organized enough to engage in large-scale global trade.

Technological progress has slowed to a halt everywhere except China and Australia. Computers are virtually non-existent in all but those two countries. Australia has established a local internet system, and China has a government-controlled network. The Trolls have managed to keep many other industries operational--albeit at a lowered capacity. Medicine has become difficult to obtain, but, fortunately, the regenerative effects of superadine have mitigated the overall impact of disease and injury on the population.

Biomagical technology scavenged from defeated Others invaders have influenced global technology. During the second Others invasion, the Trolls built a chaotic system of war walls based on Others technology sectioning off parts of Paragon City to contain the spread of attacks. These walls are reinforced at the upper levels with barriers of red energy which disintegrate anything attempting to pass through them.

Modern-day Troll culture is naturally centered around superadine use. The practices surrounding the drug have matured considerably over the years, however. Most modern Trolls use superadine in smaller amounts and less often--usually only at social events. While no amount of superadine use can be considered healthy due to the neurological damage it causes, modern Trolls are no longer near-constantly addled by superadine high, and are capable of functioning almost normally in society. While there still are junkies, modern Trolls are less violent and feral than their predecessors. Unfortunately, the speech areas of the brain are heavily affected, and Trolls still struggle with language.

Australia has become a sort of promised land for refugees fleeing the Trolls. Over a third of the population consists of refugees from India. The country has established a strict zero-tolerance policy for superadine, and has instated broad rehabilitation projects for recovering addicts and second-generation Trolls. China, on the other hand, has cut itself off from the rest of the world. China is believed to be the most technologically advanced nation on the planet, but it remains so secretive that no one knows for sure. It is known to have a highly advanced space program.


The effects of superadine are now more fully understood. The immediate effects include euphoria and increased aggression and strength, while simultaneously dulling the user's intelligence. Some users experience hallucinations. Long-term effects vary from person to person. Green skin and increased strength are standard side effects, as is the eventual growth of small horns and tusks, and loss of hair. Long-term users also experience permanent neurological damage, and increased aggressive behavior. Most long-term users experience reduced sex drive, and a reduction of their secondary sexual characteristics. This is most prominent in females, who often end up looking nearly indistinguishable from males. Both males and females have a higher risk of infertility, and males risk impotency.

Trollification is passed on from parents to children, essentially making Trolls a true-breeding species. The bodies of Trolls actually begin to produce small amounts of the mutagenic substance. Researchers have linked this phenomenon to the endocrine system, and believe it is caused by changes to the DNA itself. This has led to some calling Trollification an infection, and, as of yet, no cure has been found.

Strangely, many individuals have different responses to the drug. Some manifest some of the side effects less strongly than others, and some individuals have completely different reactions entirely.


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