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The "Ultimate Virtueverse" is inspired by the Marvel 616 and Ultimate Marvel universes. In this universe, everything is changed in someway to fit the universe.


The "Ultimate Virtueverse" is similar to the Virtueverse with major differences. Everything that took place in Paragon, now takes place in New York City. And the Rogue Isles has been completely replaced by two synthetically created islands one of which is where the main base for Dyson Industries lies. The other island is inhabited by Arachnos. In this Universe, some people remain completely the same(i.e. Statesman, Citadel, Hamidon, Nemesis). Other people have minor differences from their Virtueverse counterparts(Positron, Synapse, Sister Psyche, The Circle of Thorns). But many people are completely different from their virtueverse counterparts(Lord Recluse and Arachnos).

This version of the Virtueverse is in most ways similar to the Virtueverse, but at the same time different. Arachnos is lead by a Ghost Widow. Dyson Industries is a much larger threat to the world owned by Stefan Richter IV. Lord Recluse is a large vampyr, similar to Dracula, leads a council of Vampyr who often sire the people of the United States... Or drain them completely of their blood.

Brief History

In a world where Technology, Mutataion, and Science all prevail, Many heroes fight to protect the major cities of the world. Many organizations pose a threat to the world. Two of these organizations stand out. A company known as Dyson Industries stood as a technology and pharmacudical giant for decades. Once lead by George Dyson in 1981, the company began to experience a small loss in revenue. This small loss became a huge deficit, causing Dyson to commit suicide. Eventually, Vice President Stefan Richter IV took on the role of company President. Under the leadership of Stefan Richter IV, Dyson Industries has become a force that the government cannot successfully bring to justice. The scientific and technological methods of Dyson Industries has lead to investigations, only to be thwarted by the fact that these investigations were founded on vague testimonies without solid evidence.

One faction, known as Arachnos, has inhabited the Island near the island location of Dyson Industries. They are lead by a mysterious woman known only as Ghost Widow. She and Richter are working together as allies towards the common goal of world domination. Arachnos soldiers, known as Spiders, attacked various major cities around the United States, most of the battles leading to stalemates. Eventually, the Rikti invasions hit all the nations of the world by storm. Heroes across the world fought valiantly to defend their world, and the number of casualties were high. Eventually, Earth had won and the Rikti were pushed back. Eventually, Dyson Industries invented a virus to kill off the Rikti. This successfully killed off the remaining Rikti that inhabited earth. Although the general public sees Dyson Industries as heroes, Freedom Corps knows that the company is in fact corrupt from the lowest of workers to the president.

Notable People and changes

Surviving eight

Statesman III - Very similar to Statesman of the virtueverse. The only difference is that his grandfather(The first Statesman) opens the box alone. Suddenly, the vampire known as Lord Recluse tries to kill him. However, Marcus Cole survives. Statesman III 's real name is James Cole. His aunt, Alexis is married to the president of Dyson Industries.

Citadel - Not as large as his virtueverse counterpart but shares many similarities in terms of origin and personality. He eventually becomes the mentor of many android heroes.

Manticore - The name of a large moving company in New York owned by Justin Sinclair. Sinclair often appears in well produced television ads for his company. The Manticore Moving Company offers competitive wages. Sometimes, the employees of the company often

Sister Psyche - Ultimate Sister Psyche gained her psionic powers through the genetic tampering of Dyson Industries at the age of 16. Shalice Tilman was abducted abrubtly when she uncovered the truth about Dyson Industries. After several months of having her DNA tampered with, she eventually uses her new found psychic abilities to escape from the laboratories. She then meets Justin Sinclair, who she tries to tell. However, he doesn't believe her until she reads his mind, quoting his thoughts out loud. She develops unrequited feelings towards Sinclair.

Synapse - The name of a famous thrash metal band/Super hero team fronted by drummer Steve Berry. Steve lived a completely normal life until he learned he had the ability to control electricity. Luckily, he met other musicians with the same ability. The five soon formed a band/Super Hero team. Synapse fought many battles together, defeating some of the most dangerous villains. Together, they were considered a dangerous yet valuable team both because of their combined power and their bond as a band.

Back Alley Brawler(Benjamin White) - An armored villain who wears a stolen power suit that gives him super strength and invulnerability. In the early 70s, Benjamin White was a gang leader. However, his gang betrayed him and sent him into the ocean with cement shoes. Fortunately, he was rescued by a strange man in armor. The man in the technologically advanced armor turned out to be a gang member. This particular gang member remained loyal to his leader. Soon the gang member gave Benjamin the suit. After many tough battles with heroes, the original suit was destroyed. In 1992, he broke into a technology facility and stole himself an even better armored suit. The new Back Alley Brawler became an even bigger threat then before. His younger brother, Micheal Reid, is a famous blues singer.

Positron - The name of a chemical storage facility's AI. Created and programmed by renowned hacker Raymond Keyes.

Numina - Identical to her virtueverse counterpart.


War Witch - A new hero who possesses powerful magic. She is somewhat unaware of the potential she has as a spellcaster. She also has a huge crush on Statesman.

Alexis Cole Richter - The wife of Stephan Richter IV and estranged sister of Statesman II(Matthew Cole). She is unaware of the atrocities her husband's company commits.

Ms Liberty(Megan Duncan) - Statesman's biggest fan. She will often try to fight against larger super villains but ends up rescued by Statesman III everytime. She is a student at Empire State University.

Valerie Kellum - A famous author of many stories very similar to the virtueverse.

Scirocco - Once a greedy merchant who often scammed customers in his homeland, Imad Malak was looked down upon by his fellow merchants because of his obsession with money and willingness to put the other merchants out of business in the process. He finds the sword of the legendary dessert hero known as Scirocco held in the hands of Scirocco's remains. However, once he grabbed the handle of the sword, the spirit of the original Scirocco appointed himself to be a guide for this man. He tried to sell the sword many times, only to find the sword mysteriously returned to him and lose the money he gained from selling it. He knew then that the former Scirocco wanted a sucessor. Becoming the new Scirocco, He reluctantly fights for good. His only wish is to permanently part ways with the sword and obtain riches from it.

Captain Mako - Little is known about Captain Mako. He is a very mysterious hybrid of man and shark. Unlike his virtueverse counterpart, Ultimate Captain Mako prefers solitude. He is responsible for hundreds of sunken ships.

Barracuda - Ultimate Barracuda is actually a normal human being. Her appearance is that of a punk rocker as her hair is in "Liberty Spikes". Even as a little girl, she would always commit many crimes, despite the fact that she comes from a perfectly normal family. Her criminal record is very long and she is considered extremely dangerous despite only being 15 years old. In juvenile hall, she learned martial arts from a friend of hers and eventually became one of the most feared women there. She is nicknamed Barracuda because she has a talent for swimming as well as her violent personality. She wields an AK47 as well as various grenades in her inner jacket pocket. Her favorite pass times include armed robbery, extortion, murder, and stealing expensive cars only to wreck them.

Black Scorpion - Ultimate Black Scorpion is as intelligent as magicians get. He is known as the Black Scorpion because of his familiar being a gargantuan black scorpion and the scorpion tattoo on his forehead. He is well versed in all types of magic, although he has a habit of accidentally summoning a normal sized black scorpion while he casts any spell. He is one of the well known patrons of Arachnos, second in command to Ghost Widow herself.

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