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Player: @Unearthian
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Maxwell Madrock (Madr'Ock) / Subject: 12
Known Aliases: Unearthian, Un, and Max
Species: Humanoid/Mutant/Alien/Neo-Sapian/Experiment
Age: (Appears to be in mid-20's)
Height: 6'2
Weight: 245 lbs
Eye Color: Crimson (Electric)
Hair Color: Onyx
Biographical Data
Nationality: (Outer-Planetary) Unknown Planet.
Occupation: OIH Recruiter, Team Supervisor, and Founder of The New Marvels.
Place of Birth: Orion 19 (Starship)
Base of Operations: Atlas Park (Currently)
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Dr. Vex Madr'Ock (Father/Creator), Lady Geist (Sister), (Brother's and Other Sister's are unknown)
Known Powers
Super Strength
Known Abilities
Flight, Laser Eyes, Energy Flux (Energy Torrent)
Orion's Gauntlets (Alien technology used to amplify Unearthian's mutation.)
No additional information available.

Unearthian's creation was inspired by such heroes as Superman(DC Comics),Vulcan/Gabriel Summers(Marvel Comics), Nova (Marvel Comics), Star Brand (Marvel/NewUniverse), and Captain Marvel/Mar-Vell (Marvel Comics)


Prologue: Rebirth

The life and origin of Maxwell Madrock were recently discovered to be a simulation. Max's true life and origin begins lightspeeds away from Paragon City and Earth itself on a laboratory starship christened "Orion 19"....

Chapter I: Project Orion

Project Orion was lead by Dr. Vex Madr'Ock. Not much is known about Dr. Vex except that he was a genius bio-engineer from Earth who was abducted by an alien race that resembles Human beings called "Urklacks". They were allied with Rickti forces and was hired to create a bio-organic virus that would destroy any and all forms of "powers" in superbeings. Vex was a good-hearted man. He instead used human fetal test-subjects that the Urklacks had bred to create human slaves, into mutated warriors to overthrow the Urklacks. The key portion of the virus was taken from a mysterious gas that floated around the Orion Nebula. Eventually the human-like creatures inside their containment cells instantly grew to an adult age until released, where they would grow at an average human's growth rate.

Chapter II: To Earth

Orion 19 was soon overthrown and crash landed on Earth, where the subjects scattered about Paragon City like fleeing animals from a wildfire. The mutant subjects quickly began to adapt to their environment, gaining above-average human being intellect. Each subject developed their own unique power(s) while adapting to their new home planet. One particular subject, Subject 12, began to develop an abnormal ability to absorb kinetic force in all forms, physical, mental, mystical, etc, and was able to generate it into great amounts of strength, flight, and energy projection.

Chapter III: The Office of Independent Heroes & The New Marvels

(Coming Soon!)

(More coming soon!...)

Powers and Abilities

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Unearthian's first mutation is called "Damage Absorbtion", this power enables Unearthian to take amounts of force or damage and absorb kinetic energy depending on strength and the storage of it.

His second mutation is "Damage Extraction", he uses the power he abosorbs and turns it into incredible amounts of strength which he portrays when he fights.

His eyes act as -vents- and extract small amounts of energy, also able to emit his energy through his eyes in a charge blast (Laser Eyes) and able to flush out an extremely small portion of energy and swing it at an enemy in a wave (Energy Torrent)

Non-Powerwise, Unearthian is also a gifted engineer with near-genius intellect (Even though he hardly shows it...), skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and is studying in alien-techology.

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