Unstoppable Wolf

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(This Page Is About A Fictional Character in the City of Heroes/City of Villains Universe, if you are looking for Garou, Inu Yasha, Or wild Romanian red light district shows involving animals, turn around buddy you went left when you should have gone right, You're In Albuquerque!)

Unstoppable Wolf
Activity Level: Active
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 1
Personal Data
Name: Angelina Marie Harding
Known Aliases: Angel, Murderwolf, Marie, La Loba
Species: Lycanthrope (Wolf) (Also called:Wolfwere)
Age: 32
Height: 6'
Weight: 165 lbs.
Eye Color: Cerulean-Green
Hair Color: Fire Engine Red (Sometimes bleached white)
Biographical Data
Date of Birth: March 17th 1987
Base of Operations: Paragon City, Rhode Island
Status: Single
Group Status: None
Known Relatives: Two brothers who went missing years ago



Angel started her mercenary career on a high note, serving with several whom she calls associates and friends directly under Ghost Widow as a Wraith Spider. She got out of the spiders by faking her death and was smuggled to Paragon where she lives to this day.


Angel is fond of ice cream, grape juice, raw meat, peppermint sticks, grape candy,


Egotistical bastards, Preachy Jerks, Handsy Club Goers, People who can't take a hint and stop hitting on her. Carnival of Shadows, Longbow,

Wants to Destroy

Catgirls (That's cat-girls not anthropomorphic felines), slutty blondes, and Tentacle monsters.


Super Strength

"Bah PPD Car, I bet I can hit your skipping car with this bus!"

Angel has been predicted of having a maximum lift and hold of 140 tons, This was determined at her last physical where they examined her current age and strength level and what it would be like at thirty years of age, or under extreme stress, anger, or battle rage. She does have very fine muscle control and exertion abilities of her strength, so much that she won't accidentally crush things, or people. Her first boyfriend still walks with a limp. Actually she developed it herself, out of want for a husband and children in the future, it would not do good for her to crush her future husband's baby maker.

Immunity To Pain

Angel does not feel pain at all, her nerve endings simply do not register it, no matter what the wound, no matter if she sees it coming, she simply shrugs it off and keeps going, or in some cases doesn't realize she got hurt at all.

Hyper Regeneration

A blessing for the young woman indeed, since she cannot feel pain, if she did not heal at a near instantaneous rate she would most likely die from an infected cut. But luckily her mutant powers cover that, she is able to heal nearly anything, and in one case managed to regenerate her entire body from the neck down after a beheading from a Paragon Protector early in her mercenary career. Her experiences from that are summed up in "Never again, Never EVER again". Her immune system likewise is also hyperactive, she is virtually immune to any virus, poison, toxin, radiation, or chemical agent.

Impregnable Mind

Due to her superior fortitude, Angel's mind is locked up tighter than Fort Knox, any who would attempt to glean surface thoughts would come up with static. Any trying to pry further would be blessed with the image of a snarling Cerberus guarding a set of sixteen deep, ninety eight locked massive gates that represent the entrance to her mind. To psionics she is an enigma, a very very unnerving enigma, as the only way to even glimpse what she is feeling is when she is broadcasting her emotions due to their high level, or her facial expressions.

Predator Stare

Angel's eyes, at her will, can shift color from their deep Cerulean-Green to a glowing lupine amber, and should she lock gazes with anyone that is not a lycanthrope of the wolf variety and stronger, that gaze will awaken the primal instinct of fight, flight, or submission, paralyze weaker annoyances with their unearthly ferocity, Deeply unnerve and disquiet many an individual, or attract people with their unearthly beautiful glow and animal like qualities.

Other Information

Angel is very shy, almost cute in her way of blushing when complimented, one would expect a young woman so assured of herself to not wonder about her looks, but alas that is her dichotomy. Said dichotomy stems from being a scrawny and geeky teenager, before her mutant powers came to the fore and the mockery she got from all the beautiful and rich preppy girls. She also has been shown to drink like a fish and suffer no ill effects after an hour, or even get drunk at all.

The Joy of Flight

Angel, like her namesake learned how to levitate herself from earth's gravitational pull and is thought to possess some sort of telekinetic ability, thus enabling her to propel herself at will through the air.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Angel's weakness is she is emotional quite often, despite her tough as nails, "I don't give a rat's ass attitude" she is often very lonely.

The Mind: Angel, unknown to most, often has depressing thoughts about her own life and direction, not to mention a lack of a love life, often feeling unwanted due to her small number of friends.

Regeneration Limitation: Angel's regenerative abilities can be overloaded if she takes too much damage too fast, and she can be knocked unconscious when her regeneration cannot handle the injuries and sends her system into shock to try to recover.

The Wolf Within

Angel, much to her relief has finally "Firsted", having gone from normal humanoid form into a towering black furred, glowing eyed being of destruction and mayhem, often called a "Werewolf" Since then she has learned to further shift her form to a normal looking wolf,and a 5' tall at the shoulders Black Furred Dire Wolf form.

Character History

Born the eldest of the middle Harding twins, one female and one male, Angel quickly learned to look out for her brother who tended not to think before acting. She was, and still is, the voice of reason and assurance, not to mention comfort for her twin. Often looked upon fondly by their older brother Ezrik, she adores her older brother as much as she does her twin, and is quite fond of forcing him to give her piggyback rides, or shoulder rides, even as an adult.

Angel arrived in the Rogue Isles months after her brother, having seemingly lost track of him for a moment and focusing on her studies, she finally graduated college early and has chosen to stand beside her fraternal sibling in his endeavors even if, as she says, "Sometimes he can be such an idiot".

Angel's love life wasn't really a "Love Life", she has had one night stands (two), and her first boyfriend tried to force himself on her in high school before her powers manifested, which lead to her brothers ripping apart the boy's truck and damage his body, the lusty jock never played football again. That was the start of her brothers overprotective streaks, probably swearing never to let something like that befall their sister again, much to her annoyance and sometimes her amusement.

Friends and Acquaintances

Sadly empty for now


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