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Struggling human being. Refugee from Liberty and Justice.

All of my content is marked as Mature or MRP. I simply refuse to censor myself. I try and be conscientious of my fellow players but if you're offended by frank RP... find someone else to play with. (Someday, maybe I'll post up a rant/screed/essay on this subject, for now just be forewarned)

Here's the stuff I'm doing and my current list of "alts".


The Millwerks RP, a Campaign for Summer 2010

Currently working on a *huge* RP campaign, titled The Millwerks.

Coming Soon!

The List o' Toons

I tend several alts on Virtue (and other severs):


The Big 2

Pink Speed - My "main" blue-side. She's pink, she's fast. She'll kick your ass.
Gearwerk - My "main" red-side. Insane, genius, beauty...

And the "Others"

Hurt Cure - DP/Pain Corrupter, at first meant to test the new Dual Pistols powerset, Hurt has become quite the RP opportunity.
Dusty McGee - Broadsword/Will Scrapper, Dusty is a fun toon for me to play and I hope for others to play with. Lil Volt - Electric/Energy Blaster, Fun bon-vivant.

And the stuff I'm sure no one will read cause its about me

I came to Virtue mostly because there wasn't anyone to play with on other servers anymore. (Perhaps CoR and the new powersets can bring some folks back.) I wasn't a big RP player, just enjoying the "game" aspects of things. On VIrtue, though, I've been pulled into lots of different RP opportunities. You people rock!

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