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Characters on VirtueVerse:

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Super Groups

The Infiltrators, The Challengers, The Young Challengers, and F.I.S.T.

Villain Groups

The Blacklist

Vigilante Groups

Coming Soon!


Sysop/Admin Activities

If you are in need of a Sysop or help on your VV feel free to contact me or join our discord! VirtueVerse Discord If I cannot help you I will either direct you to someone who can or contact said person to get in touch with you at their earliest convenience. I hope you enjoy your stay! <3

Personal Notes

• I don't mind RPing with anyone, that being said I do not ERP. If you want to fight I prefer to take it to the arena, however we can work something out.

• Please do not edit any of my pages unless you are a sysop or I have given you permission to do so, thank you in advance.

• Please ask first before using any of my characters or creative material in your stories/missions/ect. I will more then likely say yes if you ask!

• I am not a furry, which means I don't get off on animals and it also means I don't want to ERP with your animal character, sorry.

• I have a general passion and curiosity with animals, I study or watch documents on wildlife, pets, and rescues in my free time.

• I do support the BFFRIT, along with most conservation organizations. If you want more information on the BFFRIT check out

• Yes I am a female player but that doesn't mean you can be a creeper. Please be respectful.

• I am not as active as I used to be. I currently work as an animal nurse and have 10-12 hour shifts. I'd love to be on more like I used to be. Just hit me up if you see me on, I'm walk-up friendly!


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