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Characters (who are on, or will be on, the Wiki)

No, I don't predominantly play female characters; I just happen to have more of them with clearly defined character concepts that I RP regularly. I do have several male characters I RP with (Kid Nil, Paul Midnight, Nightmare's Flame -- though "he's" more of an "it"), but I haven't really fleshed them out as much as these.


Instead of putting the inspirations for my characters in their article entries, I'm going to put them here. The overall objective of most of my characters is to play real people first, and superheroes second. As a result, most of my characters spend a good bit of time adapting to their situation and trying to puzzle out the sorts of strange situations that can arise when you're above and beyond the masses. Whether this leads them to a sense of smug superiority (Galen), a desire to serve an unreachable moral goal (Ariel), or a pure hatred of those who they believe hold them back (Perfect Ariel), I try to give all of my characters a moral standpoint and philosophy.

Of course, for some, they go in ways I'd never expected.

Cerulean Light

Caitlyn was inspired by a number of strong female characters from television and comics, ranging from Leela of Futurama to Rachel Summers of the X-Men. Mostly, I wanted to create a character who could act as a leader, but was young and pleasant enough to be a friend to those in the Templars, as opposed to an arrogant commander. She's intentionally notably fallible, especially due to her arrogance, but I like to think she comes off as a normal person with a tough core who's had greatness, by way of superpowers, thrust upon her.


I'm a role-player on the Virtue server who's been around since CoH beta. I'm the current supergroup leader of the Templars of the Abbey and have been, in the past, the leader of the New Porter Institute for Psychical Research. I'm currently an officer in the Nemesis Council. And yeah, I've been around Wikipedia for a while, so I know a bit about editing on MediaWiki -- but I'm not a regular editor there any more because of the politics. I'd like to keep politics from occurring here.


I'm one of the people who have sysop privileges on the Wiki, so I can delete, move, and protect pages. Vandalism reports and ban requests should be PMed to me on the CoH boards (see above). Other than that, I do general cleanup stuff: making and correcting wikilinks, adding simple templates, and doing mass categorization runs. I also create stub pages (category and non-category) for supergroups referenced on character pages. In general, my justification for making changes to pages will be in the change summary. For those not conversant with Wiki abbreviations and terminology...

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