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Hey! I'm Holygiant or @RobotoHQ. I joined City of Heroes in October 2004 and have been on and off since. My first RP character was Hunter Rakeram when I moved to Virtue in 2006. He doesn't deserve a VV page, as he's no longer played anymore. RIP CoX!

Operative Valos

Operative Andros Grant Valos, born December 4, 1982, has sworn into Arachnos as an Operative. He is considered a minor commander of Arachnos. He joined Arachnos over four years ago now.

The Bronze Thunderbolt

Whom we now know as the Bronze Thunderbolt was a regular party boy. Every weekend he'd sit in his dilapidated friend's home, listen to rock music and dance the night away. He was the life of the party, making everything at the parties worthwhile. Pretty much everyone liked him, for he was indeed a kindhearted individual and could assist you anytime anywhere with anything.

Wild Time

Leonardo Rossini is a 30-year-old villain currently residing in Mercy, Mercy Island under the alias 'Wild Time'. He possess mutant powers, and many attempts on his capture and his life have resulted in death. We currently know his whereabouts, although an attempt to capture him would currently be unnecessary and counterproductive, as he is a member of the Marcone crime family. He is usually wearing a dark-green and red suit with a dark-green and red mask and a grinning zipper, accompanied by a cigar. He is considered armed and dangerous. (CURRENT)


Kyle wasn't your average bodybuilder, who lifted tons of weights and got rewarded with pain and large muscles. Instead, Kyle preferred a much faster, dangerous and (hopefully) less painful process, which is usually referred to as 'biobuilding'. Kyle was strapped to a table, hooked up to strange devices and shot with a strange numb sensation throughout his entire body. He woke up three days later, and was much larger than before, but his skin pigment had changed to purple, which was actually a rather guaranteed side effect from the process.


Axel's outlook on life is usually bored and melancholy. He views the world as a despicable and horrific place, largely due to the world he grew up in. While his early childhood in Jacksonville was sweet and simplistic, he moved to Port Oakes, which was poverty stricken with crime raging on the streets, little done to stop it other than the very few agents from the US willing to run and pop a few bad guy skulls. When Axel was 7, his 4-year-old sister was hit by a car and died in the hospital, her head crushed by the wheels of the car. The memories of this incident largely caused the move to the Isles, coupled with their funds rapidly depleting afer Fredrick lost his job, their family nearing eviction.

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