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Hey guys and gals and everyone in-between. My name back in the day was Denji, but I now go by Leif. I highly doubt you care much about who I am as much as the characters I play. Here's some basic info, anyway. This page is subject to a rework. Stay tuned, and please excuse the mess. I'm a huge altoholic.


About the player


I'm currently only part of one Supergroup and we're just slowly building. However, I am open to joining others. If you'd like to recommend one to me, please do! Reach me through one of the contacts above!


Here's a (LONG) list of characters. Grouped by where they are mostly associated with. Hover over their picture to see a brief description, click to go to their article.

Blue Side

A charismatic and charming young man who is wise beyond his years. A storm summoner with an even temperment and kind heart. A sort-of-hot-headed fire mutant who remains positive despite all the negativity. A talented Mage within the Midnight Squad who strives to become the best pyromancer. An ice mutant with a not-too-icey personality. A kind-hearted physician speedster who is doing a lot of soul-searching. A mild-mannered teenager who had gone through hard times with his powers and his friends. A white magician who sticks to his guns and his convictions. A martial artist who is trying to find his place in life. A magician from a dystopian Earth that seeks to understand why his world ends up in a dark chaos.

A Southern Gentleman who seeks to find some semblance of ease with his life. A young gadgeteer who enjoys creating his own devices and electronics and modifying existing ones. A demigod in denial that wants the truth and confront his god parent.

Red Side

coming soon

Gold Side

coming soon

Origin Count

According to the current characters above:

Originicon natural.png 0 Originicon science.png 0 Originicon mutation.png 7 Originicon magic.png 5 Originicon technology.png 1

Archetype Count

According to the current characters above: (Sentinels, for the time being, will be counted towards Blasters)

H archetypeicon scrapper.png 3 H archetypeicon blaster.png 3 H archetypeicon defender.png 3 H archetypeicon tanker.png 1

V archetypeicon mastermind.png 1 V archetypeicon stalker.png 1 V archetypeicon brute.png 1 V archetypeicon arachnos soldier.png 0

Some RP guidelines

I don't have much, but here's a quick run down.


Who am I kidding? I'm an altoholic.

Sysop Status

I am still a Sysop here. If you have any questions or concerns regarding anything VirtueVerse-related, please let me or any other Sysop know. If there is something I am unable to answer for you, I will forward your concerns to our Admin or our bureaucrat.

Art Comissions!

If you are an artist and are taking commissions, please leave me a message! I'm always looking for artists who can and are willing to take my commissions for my characters!

Also, if you'd like to suggest an artist to me, please do so!


I'll have a calendar here for stuff. Later.

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