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[[Image:Jaeger in the d.jpg|300px|]]
On Break
Melodic High
Player: @Agni Shila
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 30
Personal Data
Real Name: Jaeger
Known Aliases: J, Hunter, Melo,
Species: Human
Age: 25
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 195
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: German
Occupation: Bartender, Audio Engineer
Place of Birth: Cochem, Germany
Base of Operations: Berlin, Germany
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Improved Senses, Super Agility, and High Frequency Strikes
Known Abilities
Peak Physical Fitness, Super Reflexes, Improved Regenerative Capability
A modified MP3 Player, Fingerless Gloves,
Jaeger has an extreme allergy to any psionic contact that interferes with nerve activity. He is also vulnerable to EMPs.




Jaeger Saenger was born May 31 1987 in Cochem Germany, to his mother Flora and father Micheal. Early in his life the family moved from the small town to the capitol city of Berlin, where Jaeger's mother worked as a psychologist, and his father as an engineer. The family did well for themselves, and Jaeger grew up comfortably and discovered a gift for mixing music during his early teens. Eager to encourage their son's talent, Flora and Micheal constructed a studio for the young man to work out of, and were proud when his production of music began bringing in a decent profit. However unknown to his parents, the music Jaeger was mixing was far more complex than simple tunes, and the youngster was far more gifted than they could have guessed. Jaeger had cracked the code of music, and had created tracks that utilized frequencies of sound that could affect brain activity. The majority of the music he sold was capable of producing a long lasting and easy to attain high, that was on par with addictive narcotics. Jaeger had tapped into the customer base of the local drug rings, and was undercutting their business by offering healthier, safe, more potent, and above all cheaper hits to all of their customers. Most of the junkies that were not dependent on their supplier's dope switched to Jaeger almost over night. The lost business was enough to not go unnoticed and the the primary gang of dealers were furious when they discovered they were being outdone by a kid working out of his parent's basement. One night the gang broke into Jaeger's house and with the boy in the studio were able to kill both his parents without alerting their target. When the thugs finally reached the basement they discovered why the Flora and Micheal so seldom ventured into Jaeger's domain. The cascade of sounds produced by the young savant caused confusion and delusion amongst the crooks, buying Jaeger enough time to load a solitary track onto his MP3 player. The Track was an experiment Jaeger had been conducting, and instead of producing a high, the frequencies he had distilled into the sound were tuned perfectly to Jaeger's brain patterns and accelerated nerve activity to super human levels. Granted Superhuman agility, and fighting stunned foes, Jaeger easily dispatched the crooks, and declared his experiment a success, just in time to discover the dead bodies of his loving parents.


Since the death of his parents and the moderate inheritance they left him Jaeger used the money to travel abroad and perfect his art. However, because the music he had been making lead to his parents demise, he resigned himself to being the only one that listened to the tracks he created. Constant exposure to the stimulant frequencies however had made Jaeger dependent upon them for normal function, and just like the junkies he had been peddling the music to, he was an addict. Jaeger could no longer function without the constant stimulation of the brain altering music, and indeed his brain began to function more and more abnormally. Jaeger found his way to Paragon city in search of a renowned audio engineer, DJ Zero, and got a job in hopes of apprenticing beneath the famed DJ. One night while protecting a friend from a rowdy group of Freakshow that had stopped them outside the club, Jaeger discovered just how effective he was in combat. The fight was one part dance and two parts twisted metal. The success of the brawl and the taste of victory lead to Jaeger assuming the title Melodic High, and fighting crime in the streets along side the other heroes.


Jaeger's career as a hero was mediocre, he was still jut a human being, albeit with an irregular brain pattern and the ability to occasionally dodge bullets. At the time the closets thing he had to a superpower was the ability to dance during fights, and through a combination of dumb luck and preternatural sensory awareness he escaped serious injury. However, just like in Germany his interference had placed him on the radar of some far meaner people, and after disrupting one too many of their raids, the Arachnos officially placed a price on the young hero's head. Knowing his weakness for attractive redheads, one such widow was sent to cut her teeth on Jaeger while he worked at the Pocket D. The widow seduced the naive bartender, and lead him to a warehouse on the Talos Island docks. There Jaeger was ambushed by a small force of Arachnos, and during the fight he broke his right arm punching a drone's shell. Jaeger was no match for the surprise tactics of his foes, and spent the next three days subject to a combination of neurotoxins and psionics as a means of torture. By luck alone on the third day, the same friend Jaeger had defended from Freaks outside the Pocket D, a gifted empath, felt Jaeger's torment as his mind threatened to split from his body, and came to rescue him, by using her empathic abilities to funnel away Jaeger's agony and turn it back upon his captors.


Jaeger was a vegetable by the time he and Naela reached a hospital, and without the active effort of the Widow assassin's psionics to keep him alive his body was suffering multiple organ failures. Jaeger fell into a coma shortly after arriving at the operation table, and the doctors were forced to replace his entire nervous system with an artificial one constructed by Rose Corporation Nanites. The resulting prosthesis included 85% of Jaeger's brain and 100% of his nervous system. It took three months for Jaeger to recover, and even then there were lasting scars. Most importantly his new nervous system could not be maintained by his body, because it could not construct the needed proteins or minerals that composed it's cells, and a host of Nanites had to be left behind to manufacture new cells when the old ones wore out. Additionally Jaeger found that his new nerves transmitted the sound from his music even more efficiently, to the point where over-stimulation caused static discharges to be released from the major nerve clusters in his eyes, hands and crotch. Finally the procedure and the nanites had rendered Jaeger a crippling vulnerability to psionics, as the interference created by psychic contact caused feedback in his nervous system and disabled the nanites.

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Personality and Habits

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