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Project Jupiter:

"The victimized become the only hope. Desperate times call for those who aren't afraid to loose what they never had"

-Arthur Hamilton.

The history behind one of Paragons darkest accounts of human genome splicing.

Project Jupiter Directors:

Dr. Lisa Burkshire - P.H.D. Internal Medicine:

Dr. Huk Su Cho - P.H.D. Genetic Engineering:

Dr. Isamu Kobiyashi - P.H.D. Genetic Engineering:

Dr. Klaus Liechtman- P.H.D. Neurology:

Dr. Elias Manning-P.H.D. Biology:

Dr. Floyd Mellencek - P.H.D. Internal Medicine:

Dr. Anna Pigloo - P.H.D. Anesthesiology:

Dr. Karl Preston - P.H.D. Genetic Engineering:

Dr. Earl Tanaka: P.H.D. Internal Medicine:

Dr. Maxwell Warren - P.H.D. clinical psychology:

Test Subjects:

Cell batch Alpha:

level potential approximation 80 - 95 % likely to manifest.


Cell batch Bravo:

level potential approximation 60 - 70 % likely to manifest.


Cell Batch Charlie:

level potential approximation 45 - 55 % likely to manifest.


Cell batch Delta:

level potential approximation 35 - 50 % likely to manifest.

Ackerton,Michael---Clark,Jaylind---Edwards,Shelly---Espinoza,Daniel---Leighton,Patrick---McCallister,Mellissa--- Quinn,Laura---Stevens, Henry---Silverberg,Andrew---Valerio,Benjamin---Williams,Carl---

Cell Batch Echo:

level potential approximation 30 - 40  % likely to manifest.


Cell Batch Foxtrot:

level potential approximation 30 - 35 % likely to manifest.


Cell Batch Icon:

level potential approximation 25 - 30 % likely to manifest.


Cell Batch Omega:

level potential approximation 20 - 25 % likely to manifest.


Cell Batch Tango:

level potential approximation 10 - 15 % likely to manifest.

Cell Batch Zulu:

level potential approximation 0 - 5 % likely to manifest.

Project Journal:

March 5, 2007:

Project Jupiter is commissioned, and given security clearance level 50: Project Budget 50,000,000,000 Influence notes. Directors recruited by board of trustees.

June 15, 2007:

Begin Phase 1 of testing the serum. on Synthetic humanoid construct. Project Directors move on site for test period.

June 21, 2007:

Synthetic humanoid construct destabilizes resulting in lab explosion. Dr. Isamu Kobiyashi mortally wounded.

June 23, 2007:

Project Jupiter suspended. Project directors file petition with City Judiciary Council, appeal is rejected.

September 2, 2007:

Covert Operational Branches become interested in Project details. The Commission Directors to reopen project Jupiter.

December 3 2008:

Test Subjects are released back into the public, with secret teams in place to monitor and track their progress. each one tagged with satellite and wire tap surveillance. Teams are instructed to watch and report any and all spikes in the latent mutations with in the body.

December 14 2008:

Subject - Fitzgerald, Maya: Dead on Arrival; cardiac arrest:

December 15, 2008

Subject - Salazar, Louis: Dead on Arrival: Cardiac arrest:

December 18, 2008:

Subject - Danico, Paul: Dead on Arrival: Suicide:

December 22, 2008:

Subject - Landon, Phillip: Dead on Arrival: Cardiac arrest:

December 28, 2008:

Councilman Birch files city ordinance to have longbow investigate radiation equipment involved in Serum Production:

December 30, 2008:

funds allocated from Faultline Dam repair rerouted to offshore account through Talos Island Bank: Amount 12.000,000,000 Influence Notes:

January 3, 2009:

Subject - Kentman, Hugh: Dead on arrival: Cardiac arrest:

January 8 2009:

Subject Acketron Michael: Dead on arrival: Cardiac Arrest:

January 23, 2009:

Subject - Brighton, Phylis: Surveillance reports spikes in brain activity when in presence of animals:

February 11 2009:

Subject - Clark Jaylind: Surveillance reports levels of electro static increase around subjects body:

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