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  • Oh, come on! You're not that cool! :P -- Ant 11:37, 27 November 2008 (EST)
  • You must be using a widescreen monitor? You have to put all your character banners above your UserBoxes or people with smaller screens have to scroll down below the UserBox to see the article. FYI :) -- Ant 10:37, 04 December 2008 (EST)
  • >.> Wull... kind of. But I'm still holding off on playing them all... so far. We'll see how I hold out. :P -- CC
  • lulz, you copyrighted center-aligning? -- O.G.
  • Me and Jinksie make it look cooler though. -- Masked
  • Cool user page man - JT
  • That sounds like an interesting idea, but there's no way Tuesday would erase a whole family from existence. He may be surly and he might dislike Lance, but he'd never go to those lengths, haha. You should definitely follow through with concept though. Maybe with a player made NPC? Like one of Lance's enemies? - Jinks
  • Heh, fair enough. Where've you been anyways? - Jinks
  • i love your filefolder for Hypothetical/Super Soldier Files ima steel it meby! will give you credit on discussion page if i do - Check
  • Gogogo. Just don't switch from copying Jinks to copying me. Stick with him! And do the name some justice, huh. --Masked
  • Don't worry. I'm not dead! - Jinks
  • You set yourself up for it, fam. - Jinkies
  • Thanks. And yeah, I know what you mean. I liked the blue a lot, but I just got bored and decided to do something with it, heh. - Jinks
  • Get a bigger monitor then. - Jinks
  • so I see you're still a virgin - JT
  • Oh, Fire Wyrm you are such a silly boy did you know that? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! This page is like upside down and backwards at the same time! Ha, ha, ha! You should come play City of Heroes with me and our mutual friends I think they would like that! Sincerely, your good friend Coldcrash.
  • Oh, I know. Trust me. - M!ke
  • I sent you that PM about how your pages were good, right? You crossed that line bordering on epic. It's a good thing. -The Q


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