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Founder: Kazimer
Side: Villian
Motto: Существует власть в будущем.
Leader(s): Kazimer
Logo: Data Globe
Group Colours: White and Gray
Levels: Any
Play style: Science
Roleplay: Required/Heavy
Timezone(s): EST
Recruiting: Always
Contact: @Pyro bot
Villainous Science and Testing Facilities



Starting out

V.S.T.F. was created by Kazimer shortly after his leaving of Arachnos. It started out as a small league of scientists creating new weapons for their own personal gain (Famous for using snake venom instead of spider venom in Arachnos technology) but as they expanded they started to find a need for security guards, hiring some of the more thuggish Archanos soliders and sending them out to steal new supplies and to defend against anyone who tried to stop the small company. After speaking with Sand Fox about business, V.S.T.F. became a unofficial member of AUC (Arachnos Unified Coalition) and even hired some men from AUC (No one more infamous then the man "Pitch Blende", the former head in cybernetics.)


V.S.T.F. finally proved their worth to AUC in the assassination of 'Sand Fox', the former leader of the Coalition.Kazimer and two of his best men (Zenks and Pitch Blende) were sent to the main Arachnos building in Grandville where ultimately Kazimer smashed Sand Fox in the side of the head with a Arachnos mace, killing him with the help of a spray of bullets from the other leaders of the AUC groups (Sierra Squad, AED, Arachnos Tower and ASC). Although shortly after AUC was disbanded when Sierra Squad quit, and the new leader (Fortunata Sanguine) went missing.

Currently the only remaining groups from the AUC era are V.S.T.F., Arachnos Tower and AED.

The Fatal Four

After Kazimer (Leader of V.S.T.F.) was kicked out of the original Evil Eight, he had a very hate-filled alliance with the newly formed Fatal Four.And not soon after he discovered that they not only broke their alliance, but took one of V.S.T.F.'s strongest enforcers: Claymore. Kazimer went on a mad rage, and discovered that Hessler has obtained a genie. Kazimer started a plan that ultimately failed time and time again, but in the fray of chaos the genie itself reclaimed her bottle. Although Kazimer never did get his wishes he did recruit the genie herself and shortly after Fatal Four was disbanded (To nobody's surprise) Kazimer re-recruited Claymore to V.S.T.F. (Who promptly left after Kazimer gave him a single order)

Fall of a titan, rise of a shadow

After the death of Kazimer-the original leader of V.S.T.F., it was found in his will that Vadim (his only living biological family left) was to lead V.S.T.F. Although Pitch started his own company and has stolen many of V.S.T.F.'s members, Vadim does not seem to mind.He doesn't really seem to mind anything.This strange nature gives him a less-then-human feel about him.

Tyrany never dies

After what seems to be a long period of quietness, V.S.T.F gains new allies and new enemies. But as time goes on, and as V.S.T.F. expands, something happens that many have mixed feelings about...Kazimer returns. Kazimer has came back from his home dimension (See Kazimer for details) to check up on his company.But many see this as him simply comeing back to reclaim his leadership from his son, who has appeared to only give V.S.T.F. a bad image.

Banished Alliance

Part 1

Because of multiple failed attempts at takeing down various heroes (The Sulfuren attack being an anti-climax and Nightdusk along with Atlas Sentinel seemingly going into hideing) V.S.T.F for the most part once again went under the radar.But this is just what Kazimer wanted, what he wanted for his plan to come into effect.

Mot, the elder god that the banished pantheon worship, was going to be defeated.Everyone saw that. But Kazimer saw this as a chance nobody else could see: Kazimer allied with Mot. V.S.T.F. devised a plan to actually move Mot into the Devouring Earth controlled part of the Preatorian dimension, allowing Mot to be safe there.But just what is Kazimer's thought behind this?Everyone surely knows that Mot will not just give V.S.T.F. a favor...But just maybe, V.S.T.F. can make him give them a favor.

Part 2

After V.S.T.F. moved Mot to a secret underground base in Preatoria, they sent in forces to not only defeat the Preatorians, but also defeat the Devouring Earth -and- the Circle of Thorns.As a final battle, all four sides met on a huge destroyed landscape in Preatoria, where V.S.T.F. slaughtered all three of their enemies.

But soon after clearing the way succesfully for Mot, V.S.T.F. betrayed him (to absolutely nobodies suprise) and stole his power.Now, they hold a crystal containing his power in V.S.T.F., giveing the head scientists the ability to draw from it's power to make them into destructive forces when need be.Both Vadim and Kazimer have already used this power,Vadim to defeat Pitch, and Kazimer to slaughter the rest of the Banished Pantheon.

New alliances

After a meeting held by V.S.T.F. (Attended by Hell, C.R.T. and Eon Initiative) Kazimer proposed a plan, to form an alliance between all four and effectively makeing a army of villians, demons and killers alike.

Even after, Kazimer recruited another to their plot: the Buzzards.An old mercenary group that is left in tatters, they joined this alliance in hopes of returning to their former glory. The plan although is at a rocky stage, the very fact these forces are comeing together cannot spell good for the heroes and citizens of Paragon.

To the moon and back

Part 1

As the first plan in the new alliance, V.S.T.F. is stageing it's biggest plan yet: a laser cannon on the moon.They are planning to build a huge moon base, and then aim the cannon at Paragon city.For what reasons?Paragon and Rogue Isles alike have yet to know. The first phase was...Rocky at best.With only a small team to execute this mission, V.S.T.F. stole equiptment and rare materials from the 5th coloumn, and got in return a nuclear bomb on one of their island bases. Even though they succesfully retrieved the equiptment needed for the plan, the base was still nuked, and the plan was set back a entire week.

Part 2

Part two of this plan was...Eventful. With the help of V.S.T.C., V.S.T.F. first defended a beach front in Grandville from a final assualt by the 5th coloumn, slaughtering their ranks. After, it was discovered that a unknown enemy has planted a spy into one of V.S.T.F.'s bases. V.S.T.C. scanned the area and eventually found the spy's equipment...Springing an ambush by Malta. Although Malta were not a seen enemy, they were now.

Before Malta could make a second attack, V.S.T.F. and their allies attacked the shadow shard, primarily the Nemesis base. They stole the equipment needed to make the teleportation technology to actually get to the moon. But after this assualt, both Nemesis and Malta sent V.S.T.F. a challenge to a duel. If this new alliance won, V.S.T.F. were to bow down to Malta and Nemesis as their superiors. But if V.S.T.F. won, their opponents would have to build the space station for them.

The battle raged for a mere hour as Malta and Nemesis ranks were slaughtered, and half way through V.S.T.F. sprang their trap: an assualt mech. The titanic robot began to cut down V.S.T.F.'s enemies with an array of weapons. In the end, V.S.T.F. and their allies won the battle, and gave the losers of the duel one week to build their base on the moon.


Part 3

Not long after Malta and Nemesis have finished constructing V.S.T.F's moon base, V.S.T.F. Set out to do the first of the two step plan: capture the heroes. First what they did was set up an obvious portal around Atlas park, occasionally sending the odd bunch of lackeys to make it seem like it is an invasion. After the PPD, Longbow and many heroes defeated the lackeys they marched into the portal, not seeing the trap. V.S.T.F. then stormed into the facility, helping their lackeys take down any remaining non-heroes, along with the five heroes that remained and a longbow commander.

After the slaughter inside of the base, V.S.T.F. set out to Boom Town where sleeper agents from their many brainwashing TV spots took to hideing valuable items out in the open, instead of having to make V.S.T.F. themself go all over Paragon to collect it. This made the job much easier, despite the large amounts of longbow in the area.

The Underbelly Of The Beast

Part 1

(This is techniqually also the finale of the last event)

A week after the completion of the plan, V.S.T.F. kept working inside the still running moon base. Although strangely enough, little research was ever sent down from the base itself over the next week...But after seven days all transmissions went dead.

Kazimer sent in eight V.S.T.F. and Eon Initiative members to deal with what is going on, and to their horror and disgust...They were met with Hydra. Even stranger, there seemed to be a lack of dead bodies. As if the Hydra had been infecting the research team.

After investigateing audio logs and notes found on the non-turned corpses, it was found that the research team was secretly planning on releaseing this horrible mutagen into Paragon City, but after an accidental explosion in the labratory where the mutagen was held, an outbreak occured and the entire team was quickly overtaken and infected. The eight people sent slaughtered any of the Hydra in their path and saved two of the last remaining first response scouts, also destroying a hive and the first infected: the mother.

But once they returned, it was found that the mutagen had already infected a part of earth but not what the researchers had intended: Cap Au Diable. Although it was contained in the power plant, V.S.T.F. needed to quickly stop the massive spread. But how Kazimer planned to help? Nobody expected. Kazimer had been working on a side project, the ultimate super solider to rival the V.S.T.F. Assualt Mech. This creatures name was Boris. Standing at nearly twenty feet, he dones the heads of long dead humans and a huge brutal club. Although he still looks human he for the most part lacks the ability to speak, and the only clothing being boots, a loincloth and the iron bindings that are used when transporting the beast. Boris helped slaughter the Hydra, but he also took down quite a few of the eight sent, if only temporarily. With the threat for the most part delt with, it is only a matter of time before the infection comes back.


Part 2

Unfortunately for V.S.T.F., they discovered a second drop point of the Hydra: Mercy Island. After a week of planning they set into action to sweep the sewers and clean them clear of Hydra, nearly takeing out all of them if it weren't for Arachnos coming in at the last second. Although the second team succesfully quelled the Arachnos assualt, the primary team failed to and Arachnos made off with a sample of the Hydra.

Part 3

Thus began one of the most dangerous operations of V.S.T.F.'s existance: allying with Longbow. Although it took a ring infused with the power of suggestion given to Vadim by a princess of the second circle of hell, they found a easily corrupted Longbow Warden and got him to send forces to help them, of course first they had to prove their loyalty but it was easily done via busting some Carnies before the real fun began.

Once the Carnies and their leader were cut down, V.S.T.F. got Longbow to clear out the first floor of the Arachnos fort for them. Although no amount of longbow could take down a entire fort without being noticed, so only a few groups could be spared to help the assualt. But even with this, V.S.T.F. quickly cut through the Arachnos forces and made their way to the upper level, where a different kind of fighting could be heard...Screaming, shouting. The horrible crunch of bone, like a vegtable begin slowly twisted was suddenly heard and the squad rushed to see what was going on. Then they found out.

Arachnos lackeys were being ripped to shreds as they tried to keep the Hydra at bay, and V.S.T.F. quickly went to the aid of the wolf spiders...Only to kill them aswell.There was no time to wonder about the Wolf Spiders betraying them, it was easier to end them aswell. But as they cut even more of them down they finally found the logs of data from the testing, extracting all the possible files and shortly after thinking all was done, they heard a horrible roar, like something out of a horror movie a hulking mass of flesh barreled down a corridor at them, what looked to be a very tall hydra...Save for the more human appearence. But then the horrific truth was revealed: they were wolf spiders. It appeared as though they were trying to make a super soldier serum but the three test subjects broke out, and began infecting the scientists and guards shortly before V.S.T.F. arrived. Once that next issue was delt with, the Warden told them he was looking for revenge for what they did in that fort.

Although this seems like this is where it would end, there was one last string to cut. V.S.T.F. agreed to do one last raid on Arachnos, and mid-raid the doors to get in and out suddenly locked shut. That is when the slaughter began. Arachnos, Longbow, neither were safe from the squad as they slaughtered everything in their path, eventually getting to the third floor where they destroyed any security footage. As they busted open the locked door, a helicopter waited for them. Russia and a large paycheck from their leader was waiting for them.

A grand finale

After seeing that the world will very much end in the coming months, Kazimer brought together a meeting of three of his best officers...Well, there was four but he wanted three, so he killed one of them on the spot. Kazimer announced that only the best of his operatives and most trusted members would come with him to a new dimension, and after doing so he proceeded to set off a nuke in V.S.T.F., killing hundreds of lackeys and ruining all his past work. It was a new start for V.S.T.F., or just a new end.




During a meeting, the employees of V.S.T.F. came the conclusion that Port Oakes was too easily found.So, after calling in a few favors and finding a new location, V.S.T.F. moved to the barrens of Russia.

Unlike Port Oakes, the russian base is a bit dirtier and grittier and due to the russian weather they cannot have as fancy equiptment along with needing to have walls that can survive the harshest of climates.Another defence against the elements is the fact that V.S.T.F. has once again been built into a cave, the same huge metallic door in place.

The base itself is protected not only behind a delapitated cobblestone wall about twenty feet high, but also is hidden behind the entrance to a cavern. The only sign that V.S.T.F. is based here is the stolen longbow transportation equipment at the front, along with the large metallic door.The reason this is in place is because even if the wall is broken, the scientists have placed a series of teleportation fields inside the wall. This means that if anyone were to go over, under or even through the wall they would be teleported either to Etoile or Paragon City.



Originally the first and only division, they create most of the new weapons and all around technology for V.S.T.F.

They are stationed in what seems like the factory part of V.S.T.F., mostly because it also doubles as the manufactureing division.Cybernetics is a very broad term, so it is one of the most populated divisions, right under the enforcers.


Ran by one man and one woman, Harbinger Orochi and Maria Danielles. Enforcement is by far the largest division and spans many areas. Not only does it act as Kazimer's own personal army but it also acts just as it sounds like-Enforcement. They kill, beat and destroy anyone who gets in V.S.T.F.'s path and do villainy and thug work throughout the islands, getting the resources the scientists need and striking fear into the hearts of their enemies.


This division was originally led by Pitch Blende but after expansion he was relocated. Magic division for the most part is referred to as 'Hextech', and was created to make magical weapons and technology to sell.

Project Abomination:

Led by the little girl Trancy, PA is a division dedicated to creating new and horrible frankenstein-style creatures.They are created through the horrible process of removing all skin, altering the brain and attaching gruesome weapons to the subjects bodies.To nobodies surprise, there has never been a willing subject.These creatures are relentless, brutal and unpredictable. The idea was originally created by Kazimer himself, when he skinned a man alive during a interrogation gone too far that continued to go even worse.


After finally constructing the biggest possible base their current location could allow, V.S.T.F. was just too big of a corporation to not need such a division.It is ran by Satan.The Satan.He runs the accounting division as a second job, his current employees being a legion of imps, along with Greg.He is the IT guy and a good friend of Mr.Satanburg.

The Commanders


Director of V.S.T.F.

The leader of V.S.T.F., Kazimer is a cyborg from a dimension where Russia has conquered the world.

Vadim the Shadow

Cybernetics Division

Son of Kazimer, Vadim leads the cybernetics division and is almost always the one who leads V.S.T.F. on outward missions.


Magic Division

The new leader of the arcane division, not much is known about this newcomer to V.S.T.F. save for her supposedely god-like power over fire, only matched by the sheer anger-fused fire of Dragonic Rage, also the fact that she is an obvious demon.

Harbinger Orochi

Enforcer Division-Assualt
Harbringer Orochi.jpg

Leader of the assualt enforcer division, Orochi is a Harbringer of Destruction.Although he is rarely with other employees, he still for the most part slaughters people by the hundreds under the banner of V.S.T.F.

Evan Brenards

Project Abomination

Leader of Project Abomination, Evan is a small undead child, taken in by V.S.T.F. shortly after Trancy joined, the former leader of this division.

Corporate Devil


Head of accounting, Mr.Satanburg is satan himself, and although he has huge powers over hell and all things evil; he rarely uses them.

Maria Danielles

Enforcer Division-Security

Leader of the security enforcer division, it is unknown why Maria was chosen. Some think she is the 'queen' of V.S.T.F., some believe that this was planned all along. But most agree, they shouldn't say these things to her face.

Allies of V.S.T.F.

Proper Crypt


Eon Initiative

Saboteur Initative

Hidden Ace

The Eternal Darkness

The NPC'S of V.S.T.F.


I.A.T.A. are not just a forgotten chapter of Kazimer's, to this day they help in V.S.T.F., even letting them bring along large forces of soldiers to help and bring commander Nikolai to aid in V.S.T.F. itself.

These men will fight for V.S.T.F. without question, most of them being 7 feet tall and highly trained in combat. Although V.S.T.F. cant exactly muster a huge army on the spot, they can call many soliders to fight for V.S.T.F. and when they come they will fight to the death without question.

((Themesong, since Arbiter Matrix INSISTS.)) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUy8uX7thJ4&feature=player_embedded#!


Horrible, skinless creatures.These things are perfectly named, for they are indeed abominations in every sense of the word.Most not even being able to speak anymore, these horrible creatures want nothing more then to kill, and serve their creators.The process of making one of these things is to first remove the skin, then add whatever gruesome weaponery to it after useing a series of serums to keep them alive.(Company secret!) After all is said and done a gasmask is placed over their faces, keeping them in complete and total loyalty to V.S.T.F.

Faceless lackeys

The faceless lackeys are...Zealous, to say the least.They will run into a battle if a higher rank even makes a cough that sounds like 'fight'.There are many different types of these lackeys, there are the normal lackeys and then the boys.These 'boys' are all classified by the colour of their armor, the following list shows what they are and what they use.

Fire Boy = Orange

Ice Boy = Light blue

Thunder Boy = Yellow

Crasher Boy = Red

Stalker Boy = Black

Commander Boy = Black/Red

OOC Info


I really am relaxed about recruitment, infact to cut down time a interview is only optional. If you want to join our RPVG, simply send one of the Commanders or me a tell. Just try to use good english or OOC tags, because it just wont look good if you go "hi can i join ur vg?"

So yeah.Proper english.Also, make sure that you actually 'RP' before joining. I swear to god if another person is somehow blinded in their left eye by the sun glareing at them through a window, causing them to not see the 'RP' in 'RPVG', I will go insane.


Don't be a dick. Self explanatory.

Don't cause drama. Just...Dont.

Don't use emoticons/1337 speak ICly I dont CARE if you're toon is a robot. DONT.DO.IT.

Use OOC tags Please for the love of all that is holy, this is a RPVG.Use OOC tags when OOC.

Mature RP If you dont know what that means, 'mature' means ERP. I dont really care if you do it or not, just please know that other people might be near you.So try to do it in teams and places out of the way, like our base.

What the f*ck are these ranks?

Director This is the leader of V.S.T.F., who is me.Not you.Me.

Commander My most trusted people in the VG.These people can be trusted with things such as kicking, promoteing, etc. If you want to become a Commander? Be active, and be good.

Scientist/Enforcer Even though Scientist is above enforcer in-game, there really is no difference between the two.If you are this rank, you are a trusted member and are active enough to be promoted.

Henchman This promotion is quite easy to get, most of the time simply by attending one of our nearly weekly events will get you this promotion, or by being active.

Lackey You either aren't active, you are new, or im too lazy to promote you. If the last one is the case, send me a tell.

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