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Empire of Atlantis
Player: @Vyxen
Empirical Standing
Division: Not Applicable
Rank: Soldier
Origin/AT: Magic/Controller
Security Level: 22
Atlantean's Personal Data
Real Name: Venuleia
Known Aliases: Ven
Species: Atlantean
Age: Appears to be 20 in human years.
Height/Weight: 5'7"/ 115 lbs.
Eye/Hair Color: BlueGreen Bangs, Ocean Wave Blue in Back.
Citizenship: Atlantean
Current Residence: The Temple
Breeding Status: Single
Known Relatives: (Grandmother) Anodrane Zosime- Deceased; (Mother) Vesnah Zosime- Deceased
Known Mutations
None Known
Training / Abilities
Ocean Tide Manipulation
Personal Items
None in specific

(Work in Progress)


Her Early Life

Venuleia was born into a very well respected sorceress only family. Sorceress only, meaning, there were no men. Ven grew up without a father, & without any father figure at all in her life. She was taught that loving anyone other then your fellow sisters was pointless. It was okay to care and protect others, but never have any sort of intimacy with them. She grew up with her mother and grandmother in a wounderful manor inside Atlantian gates. She aspired to grow up and be just like her grandmother and mother. She pushed herself very hard. She began her studies at a very young age. The type of sourcery her generations of females specilized in were the studies of the oceans tides.

The Story Behind Her Surfacing

One day, the King, himself, came into her families manor and requested a rather simple task. To go to the surface world and intercept some Circle of Thorn members. Her mother and grandmother were giving any reason as to why, or as to what for. They asked no question. They did as they were told, to the surface they went. As they came to the surface of a small lake in Atlas Park they had the CoT members in sight. With their staffs clentched tight they began their given duty... Long story short, they failed. Many were slaughtered, including her grandmother. Some were taken into captivity, and morphed into the horrible creatures that call themselves the Circle of Thorns. Her mother was one of them who were captured. When news came back about the task gone horrible, Ven wanted to get to the surface and do anything she could to avenge her grandmother and to find what was left of her mother. Yet, Venuleia was still too young to take on the CoT alone. So she waited, for many years she waited. When she finally heard of some Atlantians beggining to surface, she joined them as soon as she could.

Venuleia Today

Today, Venuleia has joined the ranks of Levi & Neredia's kingdom. She is still considered a soreceress in training, but she practices nearly everyday, still. She has yet to find the particular group of CoT her mother now commands. But, she searhes long and hard to find her lost mother...

Costume 1: Sorceress Cloak
Costume 2: Casual Atlantian Apperal



Stories & Poems

That Winter's Night

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